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With inflation fears mounting, stocks are proving interesting this week aren't they just?

Specifically those stocks that did well last year, the high beta, bags of potential ones.

Here are a few examples: Editas, Skillz, Nano-X, the SPACs, QuantumScape and even Teladoc.

I feel a Norwegian-commentator-in-a-1980s-England-match rant coming on: "Cathie Wood, as they say in your language in the boxing bars round Madison Square Garden in New York: your boys took a hell of a beating!"

(As anyone who owns these stocks will attest, this is not a good thing.)

Who knows what will happen next? Are these inflation fears unfounded, a blip? Or will prices rise and keep spooking the stock market and we see share prices fall as the economy returns to health, just as they rose last year in the depths of recession?

Even the great "inflationary hedge" crypto's joining in as I write, on the back of Elon's latest volte-face pronouncement.

After an inexorable market rise like no other I've witnessed, it sure is felling more volatile out there. 

In other news, you may or may not that noticed that, as advised, this newsletter took a break last week.

(I have an important six-week-project-then-a-holiday to complete so this may or may not continue for the next four/eight issues.)

The good news is that, as a result, this week's issue is bumper.

I have to say, having just been through the whole lot of reading material I've read this past fourteen days to fillet it for this edition, we are living in super-exciting times. Such developments, such breadth of cracking writers.

Anyway, without further ado, on with the links. I do hope you enjoy them.


Dave @zudepr
I Fancy a 1-2-1 Consultation With This Guy, So Enthralling Are His Links
#1 The U.S. Stock Market SHOULD Be In a Bubble

Good charts from Ben Carlson.

Also re: investing, in this issue:

How after more than ten years do these guys come up with fresh takes?

You cannae go far wrong with an LS. Also on Monevator, a good one on bonds.

Why gold and bonds are rallying.

A typology of personal finance bloggers on Indeedably.

What I was talking about in the intro.

Perhaps this is the answer.

A couple of old Housels. (They do say the old ones are the best ones.)

My favourite podder, where last week Albert and Luke talked about how they manage their portfolios.

And to finish off this bit, a strange trading story.

Now for the companies:

Cloudflare, a firm with big ambitions to steal the FAANGs' cheese.

A 26-year-old influencer and Roblox.

Tata for now.

#2 Who Disrupts the Disrupters?...

More on the metaverse, DeFi and Web3 from the excellent Packy McCormick, the best long-read writer in this area just now.

Also in the section about the future but not as we know it:

Listen to Jay not Warren.

Perhaps Elon read this one yesterday morning. On which note this, as usual, and just in, from Matt Levine, is hilarious.

The one where TEA gets dingied by his bank for sending £100 to Coinbase (part 2 of an accessible series of posts by The Escape Artist re: crypto).

The NYT on the YOLO economy.

Some blockchain homework for you.

And some more (if you prefer a video).

Or how about a DeFi podcast?

On NFTs.

Bitcoin's power in aiding oppressed peoples (yes, really).

I am not making this stuff up (I must tell my father-in-law).

Some altcoins this guy thinks we should know about.

Could ethereum's market cap outstrip that of BTC?

Am I reading this right? A (US) bank account that pays eight per cent interest.

I mean, what would possess someone to "invest" $180,000 in dogecoin? 

For balance: why crypto is a giant fraud.

#3 Making a Splash: the Best – and Funniest – Guardian Headlines Over 200 years...

Also in media land this week:

Newsletter writer extraordinaire Packy McCormick on his "great online game".

The big picture on how news fits in with ads and where it's all going.

A media contacts database launches its bespoke newsletter creator database (my email address is, guys). File under signs of the times.

TEA on news.

#4 The Running Novelist...


Also in this very small running section:

You can feel the writer's love of training coming through in this one.

(Not a sentence I thought I'd ever write, but my name's David and I bought a pair of HOKAs this week. They are exceedingly boingy.)

An overwhelming eighteen bonus posts this week for your delight and delectation:

Ray's got a free personality test for us.

The ancient art of noticing.

How to get ahead in life, by someone who has done just that (BOF).

Tired of bo-lox chat?

Is grit over-rated?

She should have asked The Inspiral Carpets.

What's the secret to eternal life?

Don't read this if you have older kids. It'll make you feel bad.

Lightening the mood:

UK deploys thousands of ravers to test relaxing of covid rules.

The world's greatest jailbreak artist.

A timeline of New York's tallest buildings (fascinating).

Zoom backgrounds.

A cracking article about fonts.

Course it is.

And finally:

How cycling compares to electric vehicles in combating climate change.

A rather good commencement speech.

Brilliant piece on The Office.

And if you've got a few days...

Right, that's all folks. I'm away to do my work.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy yourself. 

Tootle pip.

Dave @zudepr
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