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July/August Newsletter

Hello! Atkins and all those who reside therein:

I am waxing poetic since I have been to the hinterlands of Italy this past month. Maybe the day will come when we can do a "Beam me up Scotty" kind of command and avoid the miserably long, exhausting, no sleep airplane ride.  You can figure about 20 hours of no sleep and then when you are able,  it is like someone pulled a wire and neither your brain nor body will shut down.  The good side however is that everyone waits on you.  No cooking, no cleaning, no grocery shopping!
The food was exquisite.  We had things like( and this is straight from the dinner menu) ,(1) "Petals of marinated swordfish scalop and artichokes salad", (2)"Risotto with gurnard and pumpkin flowers", (3)Milleglie di Melanzana e Pomodoro", (4) Risotto allo zafferano e punte di asparagi." Those are just a few.

In English,(1)Little hunks of swordfish cut to look like scallops with some artichoke slivers,(2) Creamy rice,( Gurnard is a bottom dwelling fish, catfish?) with pumpkin flowers,(3) eggplant with tomatoes which looked sort of like a lasagna layering and (4) creamy rice, risotto, with saffron and asparagus. Risotto was served frequently in various forms instead of pasta.  I was actually hungry for spaghetti and went looking for it on one of our meals. About the 6th time the risotto came out we stood and clapped.  These were meals from different places so it was purely a coincidence.  To add insult to injury, they served it as choice on the flight home. Since it was the best selection, we had risotto for our last meal of the trip.

To think though that we walked in the paths of Leonardo de Vinci, Michelangelo, and Machiavelli to name a few that I remember from school days.  We were in the cradle of the Renasissance. It was also the sight of terrific battles over the ages with WWII taking its toll.  On a side trip we waited two hours in a hot line and got in to view the Shroud of Turin. To refresh your memory it is purported to contain the image of Jesus since it is believed by some to be the shroud he was wrapped in . There are as many scholars saying it is a hoax and others who say it is for real.  All I know that it is not easy to see since the shroud is encased in a Plexiglas box sort of thing and elevated maybe 15 feet above you.  It is not for view very often. This is the first in five years and will only be available for viewing for about two months.  I do not know what the charge was since the tour people took care of that.  Maybe it was free admission however, I doubt it since we all had a ticket.  There was a free will offering at the end since it is on display in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and there would be expenses you know. I would rather have been shopping.

All in all, the most memorable for me was the carrera marble quarries we visited.  That is where Michelangelo got the marble 5 ton chunk to carve his statue of David.  Beautiful old towns, lots of cathedrals and museums to see, lots of greenery and the jasmines and gardenias were in bloom.  Gardens aplenty and restaurants menus were geared toward what was ripe.  I do not know where they found the rice since rice patties are not seen in this area.  Would highly recommend a visit to the Tuscany area and save your money to fly first class, take a sleeping pill and snuggle in for the 8 hour flight across the Atlantic.  That is what the rich old broad who was on the trip told me to do.  Just passing it on.

So back to Atkins.  Some personnel changes happening at City Hall I hear.  And I see on the weather channel that you guys are getting spanked with rain and weather.  Here in California, we are dry.  Back to showering with the friends or neighbors.

I do have another bee in my bonnet though.  I watch the price of eggs in California since everyone seems to be on the organic, gluten free, vegetarian kick and it is interesting to see the stuff that is supposed to keep you healthy and good looking. Eggs however are ridiculous.   A dozen eggs in a card board carton, large, start at somewhere around the $3.00 range.  Now if you have free range or the new term pasture raised or cage free the price will go up to $5.00 range.  Not enough choices? There are more.  Let's go for organic and locally grown.  Pick a locally grown, organic, pasture raised and it was $9.49. a dozen.  Those chickens are raised in condos with regular massages and plucked daily. No more going down to the chicken coop and tossing some grain and feed to the chickens.  My mother's best advice, "Don't drop your gum in the chicken coop ,kid."
This diatribe as gone on too long but you have not heard from me for a while.  I heard rumors that I may have died or moved or got married and or just left.  None are true.

Until next time,
Happy productive summer,

P.S The gardeners out here are swamped with zucchini.

Chest Freezers Needed

The Atkins Community Club is looking for two large chest freezers in working order. If you would like to donate one or have any questions please contact Mike Wagner (446-7138) or Kevin Korsmo (446-7013).




The City of Atkins is changing to cart-based solid waste (trash) and recycle collection beginning July 1st. All solid waste and recyclables will be collected from wheeled carts provided by Waste Management. These carts will be dropped off at your residence by June 26th.

The Standard Service will be the default level of service. If you did not select a different level of service previously or if you would like to change your current level of service, Waste Management is giving a 60 day grace period from July 1st to make changes. After July 1st to change your recycle cart size, please call Waste Management at (319) 362-9916. After July 1st to change your solid waste (trash) cart size, please call City Hall at (319) 446-7870.

As part of this change, recycling will be collected every other week. A calendar for recycle collection days is enclosed, and can be found on the City of Atkins website.

The yard waste pick up will be weekly from March 1st through November 30th. Yard waste needs to be placed in a 32-gallon garbage can or in a paper lawn bag (no plastic bags) and cannot weigh more than 40 lbs per container/bag. No sticker will be required after July 1, 2015 for yard waste pick up.

If any damage occurs to your cart (i.e. the wheel falls off, lid breaks), please call Waste Management at (319) 362-9916 to have your cart repaired or replaced.

Any stickers that have already purchased are still valid for solid waste (trash) beyond the contents of the cart. Unused stickers may be returned to Atkins Savings Bank, The Depot Express, or City Hall for a full face value refund. Returns must be completed by July 31, 2015.

Blue recycling bins are yours to keep. If you do not wish to keep the bin, you can drop it off at the Old City Hall (111 1st Street) on Monday through Friday until July 31, 2015.

Town Hall Meeting

July 27th at 7:00 PM
Atkins Elementary Gym

Atkins officials are asking the city's residents "Are You In?" to help provide input related to the city's growth and development. The city will be hosting a town hall meeting on Monday, July 27th at 7:00 p.m. at the Elementary School Gymnasium to gather resident input, which will be put into the Atkins 2015 Comprehensive Plan. 

Watermelon Days

July 31st and August 1st

Flyer with details to come out in July.

For our calendar of events visit
To view City Council minutes visit

The Summer Reading Program will resume June 24th at 2:00.

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