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Automation IT - eNews February 2016
Welcome to our first eNews for 2016 and a very Happy New Year to all our customers and suppliers.
Whilst we say goodbye to a year of challenges we welcome a new year of opportunities and look forward to bringing you the very best in engineering services throughout 2016.
Automation IT on Youtube ®
Recently Automation IT completed a short video to highlight our skills and let our customers do the talking for us.  In a market so heavily focused on initial price and not value there is a real need for customers to be diligent with their tender evaluations and look at what are they really going to get for their money.
Consider the areas of project risk and ask your supplier key questions such as:
Corporate video
‘What project documentation will be provided?’
‘Is the work supervised by professional RPEQs?’
‘Qualifications and experience of key staff?'
'Experience with structured programming?’

‘In house backup support for work provided?’
'Can the supplier offer out of hours support?
Moving to the Energy Management Big Time
After a number of years in the energy management (EMS) space, Automation IT has finally agreed to sign on the dotted line with Schneider Electric as an EcoXpert –Critical Power Energy Management.
This agreement has provided access for Automation IT to Schneider’s critical power equipment such as power factor correction units, power meters, harmonic filters, circuit breakers and the undisputed industry best of breed software, Schneider’s Power Monitoring Expert (PME) and Power SCADA Expert (PSE).  
Automation IT is familiar with all of the well-known products on the market and in our opinion none of them are as powerful and easy to use as these.  While these products may appear on the surface a little more expensive than some on the market, it is little like comparing a Ferrari to a Lada.  Both can be referred to as cars, but which one would you want to drive?  Contact Automation IT for a demonstration today!
RPEQ & NER Update
Most companies who provide or use engineering services in QLD (other than those companies in QLD who have been living under a rock for the last few years) would be well aware of their obligations under the QLD Professional Engineering Act.
What a lot of people would not be aware of is the way this applies to the new National Engineering Register (NER). 
Currently it is a requirement for anybody who provides an engineering service in QLD or external to QLD but doing work in QLD to be either an RPEQ themselves or be directly supervised by an RPEQ.  There are a number of smaller integration companies around who simply ignore this requirement and the risks for this are large fines and potentially criminal charges.
There is a new push from Engineers Australia to have the QLD Government recognise eligible members on the NER as direct entry to the RPEQ scheme.  Engineers Australia currently has an application before the Queensland Government for approval of the NER as entry into RPEQ. The NER has two points of entry including Chartered status or by having 5+ years work experience post-graduation.
Assessment requirements for those with 5+ years work experience post-graduation include:
•           Work experience statement
•           CPD Record
•           Referee check
•           Benefit of Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)
•           Interview required to verify work experience
For more information on application guidelines please contact Automation IT or visit http://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/ner
Remember that it may look cheaper to start with, but what will it be like at the end of the project?
Pay peanuts – get Monkeys…
Electrical Engineering & Consulting Services
Due to customer demand, Automation IT has expanded its offering in the electrical design sector.  Recent projects have requested specific electrical engineering supply rather than just control system design.  To address this need, Automation IT has upskilled and invested in software to enable us to meet this requirement.  As a result of this we have been awarded several electrical design & construct projects plus performed consulting services for a rail station in WA.
Services offered in house include the entire range of low voltage electrical engineering:
HV Line Diagram
o     Power system topology
o     Fault levels and short circuit calculations
o     Protection coordination
o     Load flow
o     Max demand and voltage drop calcs
o     Earth fault loop impedance calculations
o     Touch & Step Potential calculations
o     Arc Flash study
o     Earth mat and lightning design
o     Switchroom heat calculations
CheckmAIT® Update
Work is currently underway on CheckmAIT version 2.0.  The new version will introduce an improved user interface allowing easier navigation, improved report formatting, basic trending and dashboards to show daily energy usage for the last 30 days.  Behind the scenes, the data collection engine is being optimised and hardware revisions will ensure that the product pricing remains ultra-competitive.
Automation HSEQ compliance
Automation IT's Third Party audit by QMS was completed in November 2015 with Zero Nonconformance. A credit to all staff for their continued focus on the company's Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality management practices.
Automation IT WA continues its growth
Perth Crown Generator Module
Automation IT has been continuing its WA expansion with projects completed at Gorgon’s Barrow Island and Crown Casino plus ongoing projects at BHP’s Mooka site and Queens Riverside.  This combined with various Perth based projects at the New Children’s Hospital, King Square and Public Transport Authority amongst others is helping to make 2016 look like a promising year. 
Click here to see our our project case studies.
THE LIGHTER SIDE - The Mensa Table?
Some years ago, there was a Mensa convention in San Francisco. Mensa, as you may know, is an international organisation for people who have an IQ of 140 or higher.
Several of the Mensa members went out for lunch at a local cafe.
When they sat down, one of them discovered that their salt mill contained pepper, and their pepper mill was full of salt.
How could they swap the contents of the two bottles without spilling any and using only the implements at hand?
Clearly, this was a job for Mensa minds!
The group debated the problem and presented ideas and finally, came up with a brilliant solution involving a napkin, a straw and an empty saucer.
They called the waitress over, ready to dazzle her with their solution
“Miss,” they said, “we couldn't help but notice that the pepper mill contains salt and the salt shaker contains …”
But before they could finish their sentence, the waitress interrupted, “Oh, sorry about that.”
And as she said those words, she leaned over the table, unscrewed the caps of both bottles and switched them.
All that could be heard was dead silence at the Mensa table.
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