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When Anxiety Crosses Intuition

Sometimes, when we try to use intuition and divination to find answers and guidance, anxiety can take center stage, shutting down the intuitive process.

I saw two examples of this at a recent tarot workshop. Both times, tarot students, in an effort to intuitively interpret a tarot card, let their interpretations be influenced by their fear.

In one case, the card the student had drawn was, by any tarotists’ estimation, completely innocuous. Nonetheless, the image quickly led the student to a place of fear and sorrow.

 In the other case, the card was indeed a challenging one, and the student let her fear take her to the worst possible place.

Non-diviners are often guilty of the same thing; of asking for intuitive guidance in prayer and meditation but then letting their fear supply false and unhelpful answers.

When we try to make room for intuitive guidance but then let fear take over, we often convince ourselves that the answers we received in that state of fear were actually spiritually derived, intuitive answers.

Nothing could be further from the truth, because anxiety and intuition can’t usually exist in the same space.

Sometimes we are guided to do a hard and dangerous right thing. When soldiers push forward in battle, they may legitimately fear what is to come, but also intuitively know they must face whatever it is.

There’s a difference, however, between a battlefield and the tarot table; between the meditation room and the war room.

When we are in a peaceful place consulting with the Divine, we may indeed be contemplating things we fear. We can use divination, prayer and meditation to process our fears, to understand them, to work with them and to find the ways our fears both empower and disempower us. We can use these processes to release the fears that don’t serve us, and to quiet the nagging voice of anxiety.

None of that is the same as letting anxiety drive our divination.

To check in for guidance, we must, for a moment, check out of attachment.

We must trust the Universe to provide answers. We must trust that, whatever we want or don’t want, whatever happens will be the right thing.

In that place of detachment we receive the rich, valuable spiritual guidance of intuition. 

In that moment, there becomes no room for fear, doubt or anxiety.

Anxiety and Intuition Two-Card Spread

After writing this week’s newsletter title, I realized the title very clearly created a two-card tarot spread!

Card One: Your Intuition.

Card Two: Your Anxiety.

Lay this spread out with Card Two crossing Card One.

This short spread can invite magick after divination. After you interpret the cards, try consciously removing the anxiety card, with intention, and breathing and manifesting with the intuition card.

The cards you receive may beg further questions and divination, as well as suggest magick. Allow intuition to guide your process, and let these two cards take you wherever you need to go.

Interpret Card One as your intuition. That could be your psychic gifts, the way you access your intuition, or specifically what your intuition is telling you right now.

Interpret Card Two as your anxiety. That could be something that you are fearing right now, it could be insight on how anxiety affects you, it could be the way anxiety is influencing your intuition.

Look at how the two cards work together. You may learn something about a specific current situation, or about ways to release your anxiety and nurture your intuition in general.

The Week in Review

New on my website are free downloadable PDFs of some study materials from classes I’ve taught over the past few years. Enjoy!

You might also enjoy a new blog post on my Community Blog, “Tarot: When the Answer is the Question”.


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Fortune Stellar was published in 2010, and went out of print this past August when Jupiter Gardens Press went out of business.

A lot has changed in the world of professional tarot in seven years, included the advent of self-publishing and crowd-funding. I’m using both to create the Second Edition of Fortune Stellar.

Until March 18, you have the opportunity to pre-order your copy of the Second Edition of Fortune Stellar, and to help me bring this project into being.

Please check out my funding campaign to learn about the ways you can help, and the great opportunities to receive exciting perks at the same time!

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Your One-Card Weekly Reading

This week, your card is Justice, Major Arcana 11.

Prediction: You may find yourself involved in a legal matter, or a matter of fairness or balance.

Advice: Do the thing that feels right and just. Seek to treat others, and yourself, fairly.

Affirmation: I trust myself to know and do what is right, and to be a survivor rather than a victim.

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