Spring fever Graduated into Action Steps in my Garden ! 
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Did you know that your landscape can support you in reaching your life goals?  Call me slow, but I didn't. 

Please Click on the videos to watch as we add "The Pickery" to Dovecote's public gardens.

Are you in a quandry of how to create your vegetable garden ? You are not alone. We were, too.

Sun only for 4 hours? Not a garden area conducive to tomatoes, eggplant and corn! Hugh and I scratched our heads and wondered how to overcome this mountain without removing 20 large pines (on our neighbor's property).  

Divine providence intervened...I kid you not.

Our neighbor offered to let us "adopt-a-barn" (his) and the pasture next to our Dovecote. 3 weeks later, we created the funny garden you see above; it is perfect for a cutting garden and raised vegetable beds. We have VERY large rabbits.

Our organic garden guru, John McCarley, arrived right as we were sizing up the joint... click above to see his comment on us as RUMPS (rural upwardly mobile people). Go figure. I guess it is a compliment! 

The men were there the next day and the beds began to take shape!  We did not have as much room as we had hoped, so settled for (6) raised 4 x 8' beds and (6) ground level picking beds 3 x 8' with paths between.

Wow! March 7 we began and by March 23 it was done..., well done enough! Endless thanks to Wayne Miller for his amazing, tireless "Saturday only" crew for clearing the underbrush  & tree trunks and building & filling the boxes.

Our mission is to Heal the Earth, One Garden at a Time.

You, too, can encourage native bees and butterflies to ravage colorful blossoms this summer, pollinate crops and procreate....and  have nourishing vegetables to support your busy life, so you can reach your highest purpose.

I hope this has been inspirational...there is nothing like unabashedly authentic home videos! 

Join me for a seed-starting class on Saturday, April 4th at Dovecote. You will go home with baby plants ready to sprout and plant in 6 weeks once the threat of frost is past.

Get a jump start on your garden!

For more details and to register click below:

Dovecote seed starting workshop 10-1pm. lunch. $25. April 4.
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I look forward to "seeing" you in the future.
All the best, 

Mary Palmer Dargan, rla
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