Let's make 2016 The Year of the Art Journal! 
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Set Your Intentions
Next year Caylee and I, Lauren, are committing to working in our art journals everyday during 2016. We would love to invite you to join us on this art journaling journey or to walk alongside us in any creative journey you would like to take. Here is how I, Lauren, plan to accomplish this and how you can too. 

When I looked around and took inventory of my creative journey and habits and realized that my interest was waxing and waning on the many different crafts that I do. But, I realized that art journaling always kept me inspired because it was limitless and did not box me in the way other crafts did. But, this does not mean I consistently open my journal and work. I found that every time I did sit down to work in my art journal, I was excited and was ready to make. It was just the getting myself into the chair that was the problem. Art journaling is a craft that I love, which is why I co-created Get Messy with Caylee. We created Get Messy to find accountability in creating consistently. We started out creating once a week. But now, after some deep craft soul searching, I have realized that I want to open my art journal everyday in 2016. 

What do you want to do?
Build A Habit
Last year I participated in the 365 Crafting Time Challenge and it was amazing. It changed my crafting life. I created a habit by setting two things: an amount of time and a way of tracking my progress. Last year, I set my intentions to do something, anything craft related for 15 minutes a day. I would generally work after dinner. It was an understanding in my house that this was what I would do and eventually it became a routine that my husband and I both would separate after dinner to work in our offices. It became such a natural part of our day that I would sometimes wander into my office and look up and think 'how did I get in here?'. 

When, where and how long will you work?
Find A Community
Having a community to support, encourage and interact with you is vital to keep habits, resolutions, goals and dreams alive. Get Messy gave me that exact thing when I started art journaling. There was an expected date that I would have pages posted on my blog each week and then there was always a group of people ready and waiting to comment on my pages. Then, when I was running short on ideas and inspiration, there was an archive of pages my friends were making to inspire me and give me direction and new ideas. At first we had community through commenting on blogs, then it grew to an instagram hashtag and now includes a private facebook group for art journal related chatter. 

Who is your community?
Make Something Everyday
The most important part of any goal is to show up everyday. If you noticed in my intentions, my goal is not to 'make a finished page everyday' but to work in my journal everyday. Some days may be a simple painting on gesso kind of day, quick, easy and requires no real thought. But the point is to walk to your creative space, sit, focus your mind and move your hands. There are no expectations beyond that because I know if I show up everyday something great will come out of it...eventually. So, lower the pressure and just show up.

What is the simplest thing you can do every single day? 
Track Your Habit
Tracking your habit is one of the most important parts. It is how you know if you are making progress, but everyone tracks differently. During my 365 Crafting Time project I used the Collect App to capture a photo of whatever I was working on each day. It wasn't a fancy well lit photo. It was just something to show that I showed up. To track my art journal each day this year I am using the daily tracker (shown above) from Elise Joy to color each day when I finishing working. This way, whenever I need a reminder, I can see how far I have come and be encouraged to fill up as many circles as I can. Another reason I love this tracker is its words: Miss a day? Let it go. Shoot for progress - not perfection. No one is perfect. So find a tool that works for you and let it help you and encourage you, not punish and trap you. 

How will you track your habit?
Get Messy 2016
In mid-January we will be launching Get Messy 3.0! If you are receiving this newsletters it means that you are a lifetime member and will have access to the all new program. You do not need to register again. 

We hope that as you set your intentions for 2016 that you will consider joining us, if not daily, then weekly to delve deeper into this amazing craft of art journaling. 

In 2016, Get Messy will have even more inspiration, prompts, tutorials, link ups, accountability, groups, projects and fun to help you stick to your habit of creating consistently. 

Caylee and I will be opening our art journals every day in 2016. What will you do? There will be a thread in the facebook group for you to share your crafty resolutions. So share them there with us all, because we are a community of creators here to help hold you accountable to your goals.

(If you are not a member of the facebook group please respond to this email with your facebook email address and we will add you.) 

Until then, happy holidays and lots of crafty love, 

L & C 
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