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Message from the President


2017 July - When the Weather Starts To Cooperate  

July 4th:
One of our community minded activities is participating in the Grand Old 4th of July where we will again sponsor an Information Booth.  Each year we have a great many folks show up and ask a great many questions.  The booth runs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  
The folks who volunteered for the booth include me and (alphabetical by last name) Jack and Anne Air, Pete Cholometes, Mark Emerson, Andrew Frank, John McMahon, Terry Mundorf, John West, Curt Winston.  I have done this every year now for four years and I find it interesting to converse with the community and to hear various opinions about the Club both pro and con.  We are always interested in civil community dialog.  
This year our booth will be a little different in that we are sponsoring four drawings.  These drawings are free and anyone can enter.  We are giving away, pistol, archery, shotgun and Fun da Mental firearm training.  I wish to thank Chris Jensen, John McMahon and Roy Clark volunteering to support these sessions. 
We are stumbling a bit in supporting the published archery public sessions.  Recently we had a family show up for a day at the archery range and we had no Range Safety Officer (RSO) to open the range for them.  I know we have a great many archery enthusiasts here on the Island and I am hoping we can reach out to them and add a few archery RSOs to our talent pool thus ensuring the doors will be open when posted.  
Membership Chair:
Our current Membership Chair, Shelley Schwartz is looking for her replacement to help out the Club.  Shelley and her husband John have taken new residency in Seattle and plan to spend a considerable amount of time in Australia as well.  That makes performing the roles of Membership Chair difficult.  
Fortunately due to Shelley‘s efforts the role is far less complicated than what she inherited.  Today it is mostly automated and requires only a small amount of work to manage.  
Principally the roll is reminding members that their membership has or will be expiring.  This is all managed by the automation but new members need be added to our growing list of members and on occasion managing one off kind of problem.  This is all small stuff.  If you have no experience in managing memberships it is pretty simple task to pick up and we could sure use your help.  
Knife Sharpening:
For the third year in a row we are lucky to have Bob Mattingly at the Club.  Bob is a world class knife and scissor sharpener so beginning around 9:00 am on Saturday, July 22nd we will have Bob in the meeting room at the front of the club house, the room with the moose in it.  
Bob is well renowned for his skill. He is the premo knife and scissor sharpener from the Cross Roads of the West gun show in 2016.  Come on down, bring dull knives or scissors that need some tender care and Bob will make them right.  

Fast Draw:
A new sport is emerging at the Club called “Fast Draw.”  Fast draw as the name implies means drawing and shooting a single action .45 Colt pistol from a “Cowboy Style Holster”.  John West is the driving force behind this sport.  It is extremely safe using only wax bullets and a primer as a propellant.  It is also a quiet sport, extremely quiet.  Actually the laughing, the hoots and the hollers will be heard over the discharge of the pistol. 
We will be having Fast Draw events every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month running between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.  Personally I have done  this exactly once.  It is a complete hoot.  I will do it again.
You don’t need equipment as John will be happy to loan you one of his rigs.  However the risk is that you may get addicted and return home talking in a Cowboy Drawl.  Y’all take care now y’hear…
As always I can be contacted at 206-842-6016 or email  


Membership News

Reposting of June.
Membership still needs a replacement.
Please see below.

A warm summer welcome to our new members to the Bainbridge Island Sportsmen's Club! The summer months are typically quieter for membership renewals, and so a good time for someone local to pick up the reins as the BISC Membership Chairperson, as our move off island will be completed mid-June. A brief outline of the role would be to have a short time online each week to review the pending renewals/newcomers, and to check the membership stats before the monthly Board Meeting in order to present the details.  If you have ideas for membership outreach to build up our base, now is the time to put a marketing plan into action! Please contact me at if you are interested, thank you!

Summer membership renewal invoices will be arriving soon in your email inbox, or perhaps your spam folder, so keep an eye out for the automated messages. Thank you to those who do renew promptly :-)  Remember, the system is set with a 30-day grace period for delinquent renewals, by responding right away you avoid a reinstatement fee! If you have a change to your membership details such as adding an annual range pass, please contact so that I can make the adjustments and send out a revised invoice for you to use.

If you prefer to mail in your payment, please be advised that there may be a delay in your renewal due to the manual process required to ensure your payment is correctly posted.

Membership numbers tend to be steady through the year, however, there is room for more!  Please invite your friends to join in, to support and expand the archery, fishing, pistol/rifle, and trap facilities, and the other programs that the Sportmen's Club provides.

If your only information from the Bainbridge Island Sportsmen's Club is coming to you via these newsletters, send an email to so that I can check your membership status and assist you in updating your personal details and expedite your renewal. 

Reminder: From our membership comes our volunteer base. Your support of Club projects and scheduled RSO times at the ranges is appreciated!

Warm regards,
Shelley Schwinn
Membership Chairperson

Pistol Range News

Cowboy Fast Draw (CFD)

Congratulations to Club member John West (aka "Old West") who is presently ranked 5th Nationally in 2017 Top Gun Points!  Well done, John! I enjoyed shooting with John during our last CFD event at the Pistol Range in June. We will continue to hold Cowboy Fast Draw sessions the 2nd and 4th Tuesday during July and August - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  I encourage anyone interested to join us. 

Current Pistol Range Hours:
9:00 AM to Noon - Monday and Saturday
9:00 AM to Noon - First Wednesday
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM - Thursdays  

Jim Harrington
Pistol Range Manager



Results for the Inter-Club shoot at Poulsbo (B.I. hosting) - June 10th, 2017:
  • Bob Davis was the top scorer on the Bainbridge team with a 97.
  • Singles was won by John Mullins of Bremerton with a 50.
  • Handicap was won by John Mullins with a 50.
  • Doubles was won by John Mullins with a 49.
  • High Overall was John Mullins with a 100.
  • We had a total of 39 Shooters.
The remaining 2017 Olympic Interclub League Schedule:
  • July 8th at Port Townsend (JCSA)
  • August 5th at Bremerton
The shoot includes 50 singles at 16 yds and 50 handicap at 22 yds, with an optional 50 bird event at the choice of the host club.
The interclub trap program is a lot of fun. It’s simply a fun and friendly competition among the six clubs in our area. The competition aspect is very low key. If you enjoy shooting trap, I encourage you to come out and try it. All shoots start at 9:00 AM, and you can arrive any time after 8:00 AM to get signed up. 
Washington State Senior Games

The Trap Shooting event of the Washington State Senior Games will be held on July 11th at 10:00 AM at the Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club, 12736 Marksman Rd SW, Olympia, WA, 98512. The event is 100 singles (four rounds of standard trap at the 16 yard line). It is open to anyone 50 years or older, and is divided into age groups. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each age group are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals. The hosting club is one of the largest in the state, with 32 trap fields. For more information, go to where you can also see results from previous years and all of the other sports with events, including archery!
Pacific International Trapshooting Assn (PITA) Shoots 
PITA shoots coming up in WA in March include:
  • July 1-3, Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club
  • July 12-16, WA State PITA, Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club
  • July 23-29, Grand Pacific PITA, Spokane
Shoot results, information, and schedule, go to and
Some of these dates include the Doubles League. For more information on the WSPITA Doubles League, go to 
The Trap Training Session Saturdays in JULY will be on:
  • Saturday, July 15, 2017. Doubles.

The following topics have been and will be addressed in the months indicated.
  • March: Pattern Board
  • April: Stance - Gun Mount - Hold Points - Eye Hold
  • May:  Shot Geometry - Shot Delivery
  • June: "Turn & Press to the Target" Drills
  • July: Doubles
  • August: Review
  • September: HARLAN CAMPBELL, Jr. CLINICS @ BISC & Poulsbo
We are pleased to announce the  HARLAN CAMPBELL, Jr. TRAPSHOOTING CLINICS @ BISC & Poulsbo in late August and early September this year.
(*) PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  There are only a few openings left.  So even if you are mildly interested, please call David Brown (650-224-5911) for details.  We hope to have full registration for all 3 clinics in the near future.
08/29 (Tu) & 08/30 (We)
@ Poulsbo Sportsman Club
08/31 (Th)  &  09/01 (Fr)
@ Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club
09/02 (Sa) & 09/03 (Su)
@ Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club
1.  Make out a check for $200.00 per person to HARLAN CAMPBELL, JR.
2.  On the MEMO line ... please note the dates that you are registering for.
3.  Send the check(s) to:
         David B. Brown
          9761 NE Charisma Circle
          Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
         * ANY QUESTIONS:  Call David Brown at  650.224.5911.
4.  David will send the check(s) to Harlan.
     David will not deposit them into any account.
     So, you won't get a withdrawal notice from your bank until Harlan deposits them.
5.  When David receives your check, your name will go on the Student Roster for the Clinic of your choice.  David will notify you of your status (registered or waiting list) and keep you up to date on the logistics as we get closer to the Clinics.
6.  We realize that "Life Happens" ... so in the event that an emergency arises, your deposit will be fully refunded.
7.  Please visit Harlan's website ...  ... and open his Shooter's Information Packet.  Be sure to fill out the SHOOTER'S PROFILE form and bring to the Clinic.

5-Stand and Sporting Clays

Congratulations to: 
  • Jerry Perez who placed M2 at the June Bremerton shoot and tied for HOA/M1 in the afternoon pump gun event.
  • John McMahon who placed A2 in the June Bremerton shoot. He was also A2 and tied for SVCH (Senior Veteran Champion) in the afternoon pump gun event.

Drawing for Free Shotgun Lesson:

Visit the Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club booth at the July 4th celebration and enter to win a free shotgun lesson.  Bring your friends and neighbors to also enter. 
Clinic: “From Trap to 5-Stand and Sporting Clays.”

Due to interest two clinics are already scheduled. Additional clinics will be scheduled whenever 2 or 3 trap shooters express interest. This is a 3 hour clinic for experienced trap shooters who want to learn the basic shooting techniques for shooting 5-stand and sporting clays target trajectories. We will assess your gun fit and vision. Topics include visual technique and discipline, 3 fundamental “points” for each trajectory, pre-shot planning, how to mount from low gun position and 5 ways to acquire the correct lead. Approximately 2 hours will be spent shooting at BISC 5-Stand and Break-em-All targets. This clinic is limited to 2 or 3 experienced trap shooters to allow personal coaching. Cost is $50 per person. Shooters are responsible for their own ammo and target fees.. Instructor is John McMahon. John is a certified NSCA Level 1 Instructor and Referee. He shoots in “A” class and recently registered his 40,000th sporting clays target. To sign up, contact John McMahon at 
Local 5-stand options:
  1. BISC 5-stand opens at 5:00 PM on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings of each month. Join us for fun shooting this game or just to practice specific targets. Our activities are flexible on these nights to accommodate the interest of those who show up. We can also set it up on demand. If you have a few shooters who want to try 5-stand, contact John McMahon at to make arrangements.
  2. Poulsbo 5-stand is open on Thursdays from 4:00 PM and most Saturdays from 10:00 AM. Their 5-stand targets differ from the BISC 5-stand targets and they change them regularly. They also have continental trap available a few days each week. Check their full shotgun schedule at 
  3. Bremerton 5-stand is open every Wednesday starting about 5:00 PM and on Sundays starting at 10:00 AM when there are no scheduled shoots that day. Their targets differ from Poulsbo and BISC.
Sporting Clays: If you are interested in applying what you are learning about 5-Stand and Break-em-All to a slightly different game -- and/or just want to shoot different targets (e.g., midi, mini, rabbit, battue) -- and/or just want to have more fun shooting than trap provides . . .  this is the game for you!   The closest monthly shoot is at the Bremerton club.  Their practice 5-stand opens at 9:00 AM and you have to be on your sporting clays station by 10:00 AM. Come join the BISC crew at their next shoot on Sunday, June 11th.  This month -- in the afternoon after the sporting clays shoot -- they will have a special Ken Main Memorial 50 target pump gun shoot.   All targets will be true pairs of course!  A full schedule for all sporting clays shoots statewide is at:  
Sunnydell Trip Report: A handful of BISC members started out by fueling up with breakfast at the Oak Table in Sequim on June 25th.  Even with that massive amount of fuel, they somehow managed to get to the range in time to shoot!  At Sunnydell, 11 BISC members matched a hot day with their hot shooting.  We took our shots at the “Fur and Feather,” Penthouse,”  “Podium,” “T-dock,” “Bus Stop,” “Bunker,” “Lemming” and other games around the pond as well as skeet and doubles skeet. A few hard core shooters even repeated some games!  The next trip is on August 27th.  Keep your calendars open.  Keep tuned for more info to come in the August newsletter.

Online videos of a competition similar to our Break-em-All game are at  If you missed the television coverage of the top sporting clays shooters competing at night and with flash targets, you can find them here.

Archery News

Summer Programs

Open Range - Regular hours are Wednesdays 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM and Sundays 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Rental equipment is available. 

Adult Archery - RSO orientation/archery class opportunity upon request, please contact Brian Kemkes for more information. 

Private Events - the Archery range and rental equipment is available for private events.  Please contact the BISC Archery RSO team for information and scheduling.

Youth Archery - The Explore Archery program is offered as a weekend camp, upon request! Explore Archery camp is a basic skill-building class for those who are new to the sport or archers who may have been shooting for a while but would like some formal training, for kids age 8 to 18. The program will include instruction on safety, range etiquette, shot execution, scoring, and equipment knowledge. For a registration form or more information please drop Coach Scott a note or visit our website: Keep an eye out for additional Explore Archery camps being scheduled, if you have an aspiring archer who would like to participate in this fun program. 

Island Archers JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) - this Club is for archers age 8 through 20 who want train for the competitive environment. For more information about all archery programs please contact Coach Scott at or visit the Northwest Archers website at: 

Coach Scott has implemented an adult version of our very popular Junior Olympic Archery Development club. As with the junior version this one is sanctioned by and chartered through Team USA. They will be training to improve our archery skills and shooting to earn achievement awards periodically. They will also be preparing for local, regional and nations competitions (for those who wish to participate in them). They meet on Wednesdays from around 6:00 - 8:00.  It does not matter what your archery interests are be they hunting, competition, recreation or just something new to try. Both compound and recurve archers are welcome. Please contact Coach Scott at

Thanks to the Volunteer Archery RSOs for your generous donation of time opening the range! 

Brian Kemkes 
Archery Range Manager

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