January 2018

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We are delighted to bring you our second edition of the Evoke Telecom Newsletter. Thank you so much for your positive and useful feedback from our December newsletter. One of the changes we have made in this edition is to add the articles to our website and give you the choice to ‘Read More’. 

We were really pleased that you enjoyed the content overall and we do promise to bring you more case studies as by far the most popular area was our video case study from our lovely customer ‘One Stop Promotions’. We are working on two right now so watch this space! 

This month we are focusing on some top trending topics in our industry which we hope you find useful. This includes the very important BT ISDN Switchover programme. This change applies to businesses large and small so please take note of the key implications and actions required. 

Also covered this month, our new and exciting Evoke customer referral programme; An update on one of our main vendor partners, Avaya as they rocket out of Chapter 11 with gusto and what is Digital Transformation all about and what are our Evoke 5 key tips for a Digital Transformation ready network. 

We are always keen to take on board customer feedback so please do contact us if you have any topics you would like covered for next month. 

Best wishes from the Evoke Team. 
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What trends do we expect you to see in 2018? 

We look at five technology trends that businesses should be aware of for 2018: Superfast Broadband, Software Defined Networks, ISDN to SIP, phone system features and headsets for handsets or PCs.
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If you are looking to introduce or develop new digital systems and technology to improve your businesses performance and productivity, you could qualify for an ICT grant. You may be able to secure up to 40% funding towards the cost of your project.
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Evoke 2018 Customer Referral Programme:
Choose 1 of 3 for Free 

Well – we weren’t expecting that response! Our Christmas Customer Referral Programme was a roaring success thanks to our fabulous customers. Thank you for your recommendations and we hope you love your Google Minis. At Evoke we are always incredibly grateful to receive recommendations for other customers that we may be able to talk to and help with everything telephony related. As this programme was so popular, we are going to re-launch our Customer Referral Programme for the whole of 2018.
Our ‘Choose 1 of 3 for free’ programme gives you the choice of: -
  1. A Google Mini
  2. A £ 50.00 credit off one of your bills
  3. A £ 50.00 Amazon voucher
Simply, if you send us a recommendation for a business friend that Evoke can talk to about our telephony services. As soon as we send them their first bill – hey presto, we will reward you with your chosen gift.
The choice is yours and there are no limits to how many times you can ‘refer a business friend’ We ran this past one of our existing customers for feedback and they have worked out if they recommend enough friends that sign up with Evoke, they can get their entire annual telephony for free if they use the £50.00 bill credit option. Now there is a thought!

Keeping an eye on our customers

This section is dedicated to our customers. If any of you have an interesting article or topic that might benefit our other Evoke customers or you simply want to share some good news about your business, please send us the details by the 25th of each month and we will endeavour to include it.

Partner Feature


For our second issue we thought we would share with you the fantastic news from one of our key technology partners as they successfully emerge from Chapter 11.
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Evoke Informer

At Evoke we enjoy the fast-moving pace of the Telecommunications marketplace but we love even more to take the stuff we know and turn that into relevant topics for our customers. We will pick a handful of good content and share this each month. 

In our January edition we will be focusing on the end of ISDN and what this means and what is Digital Transformation and how can you implement this within your businesses. 

Telecommunications is becoming increasingly integrated into businesses data and application networks which makes communication a lot more capable and operationally flexible. Evoke will work with you, wherever you are on your Unified Communications journey to build a clear and effective roadmap for your business. The art is understanding the pros, cons and key learns of embracing a Unified Communications environment and at Evoke you can be sure you will receive good, honest advice without being sold to. 

ISDN Switchover to SIP

BT has announced the phasing out of the ISDN and PSTN networks with ALL businesses to migrate to IP networks by 2025. We look at what this means for the millions of businesses who will be affected and what you can do to get ready for the switch.
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Digital Transformation

In a nutshell, Digital transformation and new technology adoption are competitive differentiators for today's businesses which in turn accelerates the pace of growth. By leveraging communications in everything they do, businesses can make decisions faster and improve operational efficiency. 
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What else can Evoke help you with?

Evoke Business Energy

Evoke work with the leading energy providers to bring our customers cost effective rates for their gas and electricity bills. Location dependent, we favour ‘green and sustainable’ energy suppliers as part of our Evoke commitment to supporting environmental sustainability. Simply send us your latest energy bills and we will look for you and see if we can make you some savings.

For more information click the button below or give one of our lovely sales team a call on 01509 278278 or e-mail them
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Evoke Mobile Phone Repair

If your business is anything like the Evoke sales team, you will experience frequent occasions of mobile phone screen smashing disasters. Evoke has helped many of our customers with our mobile phone repair service.

For all iPhone products – we offer onsite repair (often same day) at your preferred place of work, home or hotel. Typically repairs only take about 30 minutes.

For all other mobile phone products – we offer a secure courier collection, repair and return service within 72 hours. For more information click the button below or speak to a member of our sales team on 01509 278278 or
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