2 Dec - Australia's richest prize & most prestigious SUP event 
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James Casey (3rd), Jake Jenson (1st), Titouan Puyo (2nd) Photo: Neng Chunthanom
3/12/17 Perth, Western Australia

Records smashed at Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut

  • King of the Cut: Jake Jenson
  • Queen of the Cut: Angela Jackson

Pro Male
Race records have been smashed at the sixth Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut with the fastest eight male competitors all beating the previous fastest time for the 24-kilometre downwind race in Mandurah, Western Australia yesterday.
Jake Jenson from the Gold Coast won with a time of 1:41:14, smashing the previous record by over seven minutes. New Caledonia’s Titouan Puyo finished second with 1:42:38 and from Sydney’s Northern Beaches James Casey finished third with 1:43:16.  The previous race record was 1:48:21 set in 2015 by Matt Nottage.
Jenson said it was amazing to beat some of the world’s best SUP racers.
“It’s amazing to finish first in a competitive field against guys like Travis [Grant], James [Casey] and Boothy [Michael Booth], and to win on my own board that our company ‘ONE’ developed is incredible,” the 22-year-old said.
“The conditions were the best, nice bumps, really fun. Anyone who’s thinking of coming to WA, do it!
“I’ve done four King of the Cut events and this is my first win - it feels great!” Jensen said.
Titouan Puyo, 26, said he took the lead about ten minutes from the finish line after Jensen fell off his board.
“I got in the lead and I was stoked, thinking I could win and then Jake just came past me and I couldn’t catch him. The same thing happened at the first race of the year in Queensland,” Puyo said.
“I’m very happy with second place, it was so much fun out there. It started off with light winds so that was hard paddling but then the wind picked up and the bumps got bigger and it was great. I even saw a dolphin and a penguin – I think it was a penguin. It was cool!”
James Casey, 26, said finishing third was an awesome result on the back of a win at The Doctor last weekend.
“It’s always good in WA and I’m stoked with third, it’s my best result at the King of the Cut,” Casey said.
“I’ve tested new boards since I’ve been here, had a foil session which was awesome, I always have a good time when I come here.”
Adopted West Australian and EuroTour champion Michael Booth finished in fourth place with a time of 1:45:18 and three-time Molokai winner Travis Grant finished in fifth with 1:46:23.
Jake Jensen Photo: Neng Chunthanom
Tutouan Puyo. Photo: Neng Chunthanom
James Casey. Photo: Neng Chunthanom
Pro Female
In the female pro class, Angela Jackson from Gold Coast smashed the race record and her personal best with 2:07:41. In second place was last year’s winner Karla Gilbert, a 7-time Ironman Champion from Queensland, crossing the line in 2:14:12.  Third place went to Olympian Belinda Stowell Brett with a time of 2:21:23 and fourth to Japanese competitor Yuka Sato.
An elated Angela Jackson said she had a ball on her board from start to finish.
“I’m stoked and I had so much fun out there catching bumps the whole way. The conditions just got better and better and I couldn’t be happier, especially winning on my ONE board,” Jackson said.
“I’d like to thank the King of the Cut organisers and congratulate them on offering equal prize money for male and female competitors, we train just as hard and I really appreciate it.”
Angela Jackson. Photo: Neng Chunthanom
Angela Jackson. Photo: Neng Chunthanom
Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut Chairman Greg Kerr said the committee introduced equal prize money and a new race professional class for unlimited boards (any size), with the stock 14-foot board racers in their own class.
“SUP is still a relatively new sport and it’s developing so fast, new board design, new paddling techniques, competitors skilled in all areas required for downwind SUP racing, as well as favourable winds, which have resulted in record times being achieved this year,” Kerr said.
“We listened to competitors and made adjustments such as introducing the unlimited class for male competitors, a separate class for the 14-footers, a 14-foot class for female professional competitors at their request as well as equal prize money for females which is an Australian first.”
In the 14-foot class, Queenslander Matt Nottage finished fastest with 1:48:08 ahead of Hawaiian and Hood River Gorge Champion Bernd Roediger with 1:48:39. In an impressive performance, New Caledonian 15-year-old Noic Garioud finished in third with 1:53:04.
In near perfect conditions, winds started at 13 knots increasing to 16 knots as the race progressed which had competitors frothing as they crossed the finished line, many saying they had fun catching the bumps in the fantastic conditions.
About 160 Stand Up Paddle athletes from Western Australia, interstate as well as New Zealand, New Caledonia, Japan, Hawaii, England, Singapore and USA from 15 years of age to 64 years of age raced 24-kilometres from Port Kennedy to Secret Harbour in Mandurah, Western Australia.
Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut race start. Photo: Neng Chunthanom
Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut race start. Photo: Neng Chunthanom
The Duke of the Cut
At the official trophy presentations, an inaugural award for embodying the spirit of SUP, named the Duke of the Cut after Duke Kahanamoku the Hawaiian legend who first demonstrated surfing in Sydney in 1915, was presented to Gordon ‘Stimo’ Stimson, President of SUPWA the sport’s governing body in Western Australia.
‘The Duke’ embodied the ‘aloha spirit’, the concept that to receive, one must also give, a perfect representation of the King of the Cut’s international community award.
Stimo never hesitates to lend a hand to SUP competitors, going out of his way to make visiting athletes feel welcome from storing their boards to letting them stay at his place and chauffeuring them to training sessions and more, always with a friendly smile. He’s also a respected athlete and SUP leader.
After presentations, competitors partied on at the Hawaiian Shirt Party celebrating the end of a terrific event and SUP season.
Gordon 'Stimo' Stimson, awarded Duke of the Cut. Photo: Neng Chunthanom
More events
Organisers of the Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut added new events to the SUP festival this year, which began on Friday.
About 40 paddlers enjoyed the social Express Two Storey Living Djeridjinap Run and SUPWA SUPer Clinic on Friday afternoon along on the protected waters of Mandurah Estuary with world champion Travis Grant giving tips on downwind technique. About half the participants were from Perth who stayed the night in Mandurah to limber up with SUP Yoga in the morning.
Two SUP Yoga classes were held Saturday morning followed by a guided SUP Canal Tour along the picturesque waterways of Mandurah.
The Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut continues to grow, attracting an impressive field in its sixth edition including elite SUP competitors as well as first time downwind racers; the youngest competitor was 15 years old and the eldest 64 years old.
SUP Yoga. Photo: Renee Durrant
Male trophy Jake Jensen, Titouan Puyo, James Casey, Michael Booth, Travis Grant, Cameron McKay from Stand Up Surf Shop. Photo: Neng Chunthanom
Female trophy Karla Gilbert, Belinda Stowell Brett, Yuka Sato, Angela Jackson. Photo: Neng Chunthanom

RESULTS - 2017 Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut

1st: Jake Jensen – 1:41:14 (ONE), Gold Coast
2nd: Titouan Puyo – 1:42:38 (NSP), New Caledonia
3rd: James Casey – 1:43:16 (Sunova), Sydney Northern Beaches
4th: Michael Booth – 1:45:18 (Starboard), Perth
5th: Travis Grant – 1:46:23 (NSP), Hawaii
6th: Beau O’Brian – 1:47:24 (Starboard), Queensland
7th: Marcus Tardrew – 1:47:34 (Sunova), Perth
8th: Matt Nottage – 1:48:08 (Starboard 14), Queensland
9th: Bernd Roediger – 1:48:39 (Naish 14), Hawaii
10th: James Knowles – 1:48:54 (Sunova), Perth
11th: Ben Tardrew – 1:50:22 (ONE), Queensland
12th: Paul Jackson – 1:51:36 (ONE), Gold Coast
13th: Noic Garioud – 1:53:04 (Sunova 14), New Caledonia
14th: Dave Kissane – 1:53:04 (SIC)
15th: Ty Judson – 1:58:39 (Blue Planet)
16th: Sam McCullough – 1:58:44 (Starboard 14), Perth
2016 Results
1st Tituon Puyo (1:48:28)
2nd Clements Colmas (1:49:09)
3rd Matt Nottage (1:49:39)
2015 Results
1st: Matt Nottage (1:48:21)
2nd: David Kissane (1:48:25) *Unlimited
3rd: Marcus Tardrew (1:49:53) *Unlimited
1st: Angie Jackson – 2:07:41 (ONE), Gold Coast
2nd: Karla Gilbert – 2:14:12 (Naish), Queensland
3rd: Belinda Stowell-Brett – 2:21:23 (Starboard), Perth
4th: Yuka Sato – 2:24:20 (Starboard), Japan
2016 Results
1st Karla Gilbert (2:14:47)
2nd Marie Buchanan (2:18:45)
3rd Angela Jackson (2:18:49)
2015 Results
1st: Angie Jackson (2:11:18)
2nd: Terrene Black (2:15:50)
3rd: Belinda Stowell-Brett (2:27:12)
Full results of all classes available at
Michael Booth. Photo: Neng Chunthanom
Travis Grant. Photo: Neng Chunthanom


Photos can be downloaded from dropbox here 

Broadcast quality footage available - contact or 0439 997 075

Media Contact: Dianne Bortoletto, 0439 997 075, 

Full results of all classes available at

Website:  or

About Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut
The Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut has a two-day window for the best conditions - Saturday 2 December and Sunday 4 December. The Half Cut will move from the Sunday to the Saturday if the main event is held on Sunday.
Spectators are invited to watch competitors start the race at Dawesville Cut and to cheer them across the finishing line at Secret Harbour. Entry is free.
Date:              Saturday, 2 December (or 3 December)
Location:        Start at The Dawesville Cut at Port Boulevard, finish at Secret Harbour
Time:              1.30pm approx. – finish time expected to be from 3.15pm
Competitors:  160 approx.
Craft:              Stand Up Paddle Boards and outrigger canoes
Distance:        24km
More info: or
Competing for world tour points or state representation, the Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut competitors will paddle 24 kilometres starting at The Dawesville Cut at Port Boulevard and finishing at Secret Harbour. The King or Queen of the Cut title will be awarded to the first paddler across the line, regardless of board class or age, however, only competitors paddling 14-foot boards are eligible for prize money.
The optimal weather conditions namely the powerful and consistent ‘Fremantle Doctor’ sea breeze makes this fast event a favourite with SUP racers.
In its sixth year, the 2017 King of the Cut has some exciting additions:
1. The Express Two Storey Living Jeridjinap Run – a short 5km paddle to Central Mandurah down the Estuary. It’s a great opportunity for novice paddlers to gain experience while being chaperoned along the course by professional paddlers. Finishing with a sundowner and dinner in Mandurah as a prelude to the KOTC. Exclusive clinics run by World champs Terrene Black and Travis Grant.
2. The Starboard Half Cut - a shorter 10km race. This event will be held on the Sunday, the day after the main race. This is a great opportunity for a downwind paddler of medium level to participate and experience the thrill of Western Australian Downwinding. The Oceanside run is the first half of the famous KotC run, fantastic medium to large runners to propel paddles down the Peel Coast.
3. Open Board Class For Prize Money - With the popularity of the Unlimited Class and listening to feedback from the Pro Riders, there is now a Male and Female Open Board division* for the Pro Class - the first 5 male paddlers across the line and first 3 female paddlers, regardless of board length (14' or UL) will take out the prize money. An Unlimited board has yet to win the KotC, the technical nature of the course seems to even out the board lengths.
4. Foiling Class - the KotC will open up a foiling division as a demonstration class for 2017. Whilst this division won't compete the Open Prize money (or the line honours KotC trophy), Enviroplumb has kindly sponsored a $500 cash prize for first Foiling Board across the line.
5. New Age Divisions – Female under 40 14'; Open Female Unlimited (not Pro Class); Male over 60.
6. Outriggers For The Cut - Last year, Outriggers (OC1) were invited to compete in the King of the Cut. The Outrigger community shares similar values to the SUP community and having this traditional craft involved in Australia's Premier SUP Downwind Event is a great addition. Welcome onboard Outriggers!
First prize is $4,500 second prize is $2,200 and third prize is $1,500 for male and female professional classes, as well as a first-across-the-line bonus of $500. In the male pro class, fourth and fifth placed racers will receive $1,000 and $750 respectively, bringing the total prize pool to $18,300, making it the largest prize purse for an SUP event in the country.

Only select events in the USA offer an equal prize purse for male and female paddlers, namely the Paddle Pacific Games, Hood River, Carolina Cup and Pier Paddle.
SUPWA SUPer Clinic with World Champ Michael Booth
Michael Booth, current EuroTour champion will hold a clinic on Saturday 26th November to help new SUP competitors with stroke technique.
$50 for SUPWA members, $60 non-members. Limited availability.
Express Two Storey Living Djeridjinap Run
The Express Two Storey Living Djeridjinap Run and SUPWA SUPer Clinic is a social downwind run held on Friday 1st December from 4.00pm on the protected waters of Mandurah Estuary. Two world champions Travis Grant and Terrene Black will be on hand to help intermediate paddlers with downwind technique. It’s a free event for SUPWA members, and membership to SUPWA is just $25.
SUP Yoga and SUPWA SUP Canal Tour
Prepare for the day with a morning SUP Yoga. Supported by the Stand Up Surf Shop, specialised Yoga SUP boards will be available and an instructor will lead participants through blissful postures in nature and in balance. After SUP Yoga, take a guided tour along the picturesque canals of Mandurah learning SUP technique.
Free event for SUPWA members, and membership to SUPWA is just $25.
West Oz Downwind Week is a series of five races within a week
  1. 25 November - The Doctor, a combined 28km SUP/surf ski race attracting about 400 elite, professional amateur and novice competitors from Rottnest Island to Sorrento Beach.
  2. 26 November – The Super SUP Clinic, the biggest gathering of SUP paddlers in Australia and an opportunity to lean from the best SUP athletes in the world.
  3. 29 November - Triple SSS, a mid-week 11km SUP race downwind from Port Beach to City Beach alongside top paddlers from around the world, followed by a social get together at the City Beach Clubhouse
  4. 2 December - Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut, (or Sunday 3 Dec) – the biggest and most prestigious SUP downwind race in Australia that attracts the world’s best to race 24km from The Dawesville Cut to Secret Harbour
  5. 3 December - Stand Up Surf Shop Half Cut & Sea Rescue Gratitude Run, (or Saturday 2 Dec), 10km downwind race, the first half of the King of the Cut course from the Dawesville Cut to Mandurah.
Female SUP competitors. Photo: Neng Chunthanom
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