Feb 6 • TWO Parent Fundraising Meetings | 8:45 AM & 6:00 PM (Pick one to attend!)
Feb 12 • Open Mic Night | 3:30-5:00 PM  (Open to the public - come join us!)
Feb 13 • Valentine's Day Party and School Dance | 2:00-4:00 PM
Feb 14 • No School | Teacher Work Day
Feb 17 • No School | Presidents Day
Feb 19 • French Club with Miss Tracey | 3:15-5:00 PM (4th grade & older)
Feb 24 • No School | Parent-Teacher Conferences
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What if I told you that there was a magical place where learning was fun! Imagine being greeted in the morning with a crackling fire, the aroma of coffee and a cacophony of children singing campfire songs. In this day and age of negative news coverage, it’s hard to believe that such a school could exist, but it does.

Rather than sitting in desks all day, our students are able to explore the world around them - jumping in puddles, examining bugs and asking questions. As an educator, I have been overwhelmed with joy to see young learners thriving in a healthy environment. In my first weeks here, the students asked me to jump in the creek and swim with them. The next day I brought my swimsuit and was baptized in the cool, playful waters of Slab Creek. 

Since then I have been touched by just how dedicated our community members are. I quickly realized that a spirit of service has been the bedrock of our school from the beginning. From cooking tacos and painting signs to making last-minute trips to the store to by more marshmallows, our parents are constantly amazing me. What’s more is we have several of the original teachers, Board members, and Heads of School, who are still actively involved. Many of our families count parents and grandparents as alumni. Working at NVS, I have discovered, is far more than just a job - it is a lifestyle. I look forward to many more days full of future fun!


Jon “JPax” Paxman
Head of School

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The Trackers are back in school for the new year, and it’s been very wet so far!  Despite the wet weather, we still joyfully play and explore our surroundings. We’ve noticed that after so much rainfall and storms, the creek that we once played in is roaring to life and we can now only observe the changes from the creek bank.  We dream of days that we will be able to go into that creek once again. There are signs all around us that the day to play in the creek is coming - we notice that the daffodils are growing near the big tree and the shrubs are budding all around the playground.  

While the rain and wind continue outside, the Trackers have been exploring the physical properties of ice and snow inside. We’ve measured snowflakes and ice, discovered how snowflakes form, melted snowmen, rescued frozen animals out of the ice, and made arctic slime.  It was delightful to discover the many activities we could do with the slime and what temperature the water needed to be to best melt the ice so that we could rescue our animals. We can’t wait to continue exploring the changing seasons together!

~ Teacher Tina
A new calendar year means that there are many new discoveries here at NVS. As we adventure outside we discover mud puddles, ice in the bog, ice castles, mushrooms, rushing water, and animal tracks. We are emersed in our observations.

Each day we observe, compare, contrast, wonder, question, and share a great sense of curiosity about our surroundings. We are sounding out letters, learning words, and building our vocabulary. From how to build number trains, making addition facts using rods, and connecting math concepts both indoors and outdoors, our class loves learning. 

"Do you hear that sound? It sounds like the water is moving really fast. Do you see a new waterfall? That was not here before. I wonder if it is because of all the rain. We have had a lot of rain today." These are just some of the conversations I hear on our nature walks together. The students love sharing what they see on our outdoor adventures. They are curious and joyful! It is delightful to have nature as part of our learning space.

Our students thrive at NVS and take hold of the many learning opportunities available. They are delightful!

- Teacher Nícole 
A new year. A new decade. A new set of skills.

Our adorable Explorers are playing games and competing with both themselves and others to improve their math facts. They are reading a plethora of books, including many about space and volcanoes. Their writing skills are practically exploding as they expand their ability to write a how-to, a summary, a letter, and an informative paragraph. Growth. They are constantly growing and showing off what a true education consists of. It's not long worksheets nor a bundle of packets. It's passion. It's curiosity. It's risk. It's relationship. It's sharing. It's rising to each new challenge. 

As we study Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream, we each chose words and goals to push forward our own dreams. What I love the most about their dreams is that they are learning to dream about who they want to be and how they want to be, and not just what career they want to achieve. 

Happy 2020. Come see us. Come see the dreams in process!

~ Teacher Rhonda

Music is Math!

This month, the Voyagers focused on fractions and division while learning to read sheet music. We started with the basics of line signature, staff, bars, notes, and rests. We used cut-outs of the whole, quarter, half, eighth, sixteen notes, and rests. Students arranged their notes to create rhythm patterns that we shared using our 5-gallon buckets and drum sticks. Next, we arranged the music to play on our glockenspiels. Our integrated goal is to compose music for our Music Class with Ms. Crystal. 

Next, we used our fraction tiles to visualize the values that fit into a whole measure. Students found that it was easier to create a 4/4 whole measure on paper if they used tiles as a visual check. We are using our Google Classroom to create full bar measures by dragging different notes to make a whole while paying attention to the line signature. 

It has been a delight to have parents check-in and say that their math weary child is enjoying the class. As we moved forward to practicing fraction problems using our Math in Focus textbooks, it was a bit surprising that the students completed four days of work in one day.  Math centers are a key component to number sense and the daily practice of key concepts.

I am thankful that at Neskowin Valley School I am able to craft centers to develop the individual goals of each of my students.

~ Teacher Angie


The Navigator class has had a strong start to the new year as the rain comes in, and everyone settles back into our school routine. NVS has faced many changes this year, and our middle school students are showing how to handle new things with grace and joy. They are truly stepping up to exemplify to their peers and friends what role models they can be as they include students of all ages in their exploratory play, and help their peers learn to make considerate and smart choices. 

In class, we have been learning about the Revolutionary War and the importance of having a voice in your community. We are analyzing statistics, and utilizing math in context to see how we can apply what we learn to shopping and budgeting. Finally, our students are trying out more independent skills as they learn to manage and complete weekly tasks. 

The Navigators are ready for an excellent 2020! It is always so amazing to see the creativity and kindness that students demonstrate at our school. I can't wait to see what the coming months bring!

~ Teacher Kyla


We would like to thank our donors and supporters. We've had a record year of giving so far and we are so grateful for your continued investment in the lives of our students. You are making a huge difference by saying yes to independent education on the Oregon Coast.

We appreciate YOU!
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