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Dec 18-Jan 8 - Winter Break
Jan 6-8 - NVS Ski Trip to Sisters, OR 
Jan 18 - Martin Luther King Day ~ No School
Jan 21 - BINGO NIGHT at the Pelican Pub {time TBA}
Feb 10 - Valentine's Day Party 2pm
Feb 12 - No School Day
Feb 15 - President's Day ~ No School
Feb 25 - BINGO NIGHT at the Pelican Pub {time TBA}


2015 is coming to a close and we are anticipating great things for 2016. Our year has been full to brimming with exploring, creating, and discovering. We've hiked through meadows and waded in creeks, foraged for mushrooms and readied our garden for the winter. We've read new books, made new friends, and studied new countries. It's magical, the learning that takes place in this old school house.

As adults, we often wish time would slow down but looking at the world from the eyes of a child, it is no wonder they want the race to continue. Each day offers new discoveries. Each experience opens a door to unknown territory. It's easy, as an adult, to take for granted what we know and to be satisfied with our scope of knowledge. But a child approaches each day with an eagerness; a curiosity that brims with excitement. They might not know what comes next but they can't wait to find out! I hope that in my journey as Head of School at Neskowin Valley School, what I will learn most is how to be more child-like in my wonder. To stop and appreciate all that is around me, to be challenged to learn daily, and to anticipate with excitement what might come next!

~ Kelly Ellis, Head of School

The Adventurers class was very excited about fall. They loved playing in leaves, gathering pine cones, and exploring the changing colors outdoors. We learned about forest animals and the importance of trees. As the weather got colder, we switched into hibernation mode, studying how animals survive the winter with a big focus on bears. We finished our study of bears by going on our very own bear hunt!

As the holidays grew closer, excitement in the classroom rose. Arts and crafts became very popular as we made presents to take home for our families. We created a hot cocoa stand in our classroom and made drinks for everyone.  On the last day of school, the Adventurers worked hard to make and decorate cardboard guitars that they used to rock out to “Run Run Rudolph” in front of their peers, friends, and families. 
~ Teacher Kaylie

December is a thrilling month for our young Explorers.  We enjoyed crafting a house for the Gingerbread Baby, reading holiday stories, and singing holiday songs . . . especially caroling for the sweet residents of Lakeview Senior Living and Hillside Place.  With plans to return and “buddy read” with these new Grand-friends, the spirit of giving will continue to grow throughout the new year!  Our Explorers wholeheartedly embraced the magic of the season by creating an amazing number of hand-made, holiday cards, filled with generous amounts of love, gratitude . . . glue and glitter! 

Familiar stories are perfect for practicing the form and function of writing, for identifying rhyme and discussing themes, and for comparing/contrasting different versions of the same story.  Explorers shared and wrote about favorite holiday traditions and practiced prepositions with a detailed map and description for Santa’s prompt arrival Christmas Eve.  Our Holiday Potluck was a wonderful way to share the joy of belonging to a special community of friends and family . . . and the surprise visit/performance by Santa’s reindeer, was truly memorable!

~ Teacher Sandy

After getting into the swing of things and some hard work by our Voyagers, we
can say we've earned our break.  We completed our cursive handwriting unit and will be moving into it typing skills. We didn't let the extreme weather get us down and used it as an opportunity to explore weather data and maps. I'm proud of all we're learning each week and look forward to having a strong remainder of the year.  
For the Voyagers, Math has been geometrically focused lately, and we culminated our symmetry lesson by creating Christmas Tree ornaments. The Explorers also spruced up the tree (although it was a fir) with mathematically themed decor.  Many of our Explorers have made a great deal of progress and have worked well, learning many new skills. Being able to work 1-on-1 and give children the time and attention needed to help them move swiftly, comprehensively, and confidently through their work is a teacher's dream come true; a rare experience we're able to easily create at NVS!
In Science, the Explorers and Voyagers have been learning about Physics, and more specifically, Simple Machines.  We've experimented with pendulums, scavenged for household levers and above all, asked really great questions!  The Voyagers are beginning to understand the importance of following sound scientific process, complete with meticulous and accurate data collection.  After break the Voyagers will be studying an inventor, and then creating their own inventions for our Invention Convention (date TBD).  We will also be learning about Electricity and Magnetism as we transition into our Chemistry unit.
~ Teacher Mike
Caroling was a tremendous gift for all of us this Christmas season!
Thank you to Lakeview Senior Living and Hillside Place for allowing us to visit. We look forward to visiting again for "buddy reading" with our new friends.
Neskowin Valley School operates on a year round schedule and offers open enrollment year round as well. If you think your child could benefit from an NVS education, please contact Kelly for more information. 

Get involved in the day to day activities at NVS by becoming a volunteer. We are looking specifically for someone to take the recycling to the depot twice a month, someone that knows their way around an axe to split kindling for our fires, as well as a super organized individual to get down and dirty in the costume closet and help us get organized. Of course, other opportunities are available so please let us know if you have a specific area of interest. Talk to Kelly if you would like to help out.

A special NVS benefit concert is being planned for April 30th. Join us at Eden Hall for a great night of music
from Tucker, Thompson and Platt! Check our Facebook page and upcoming emails for more details.
Often when we talk with folks about supporting our school they feel like it takes big dollars to make a difference. In reality, we are so blessed to receive smaller, regular monthly donations from many friends of NVS. Together these donations amount to big dollars and by supporting our school monthly, these donors are providing our students with the ongoing gift of an NVS education. Would you consider making a monthly contribution? Every $25, $50  or $100 donation makes a big difference!
  • $25 per month provides necessary school supplies for a classroom.
  • $50 per month provides for special art classes, music instruction, field trips, and more. 
  • $100 per month helps subsidize one student's tuition.
Set up recurring monthly payments quickly and easily by using our online payment option. Click here for more details. Thank you for supporting the students at NVS!
Of special thanks...
We would like to thank our wonderful volunteers who come each week to share their talents with us. Thank you to Linda Link and Shannon Bacon, our librarians, Katie Miesle, our Gardens & Grounds teacher, Renee Miller, our Art Literacy teacher, and Doreen Thorusen, our Handbells instructor.  We are so blessed by your involvement in the lives of our students!
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