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There are a lot of events coming up. Be sure to mark your calendars so you don't miss out on any important dates!

MAY 5 • Mary Hope Reading Day
MAY 12 • Mother's Day Tea, 2pm
MAY 18 • Biography Ball, 2pm
MAY 18 • Board Meeting, 3:15pm
MAY 20Donor Appreciation BBQ, 6pm
MAY 29 • Memorial Day, No School
JUN 45th Annual Golf Tournament
JUN 9 • Math Night and Student Art Show, 6pm
JUN 14 • Field, Bubble, & Egg Day
JUN 16 • Spring Play, Dinner Theater, 6pm
JUN 17 • Spring Play, Afternoon Tea, 2pm
JUN 23 • Last Day of School
JUL 10-28Explore: Oregon Coast Summer Camp

Get ahead of the game! Click here to download a copy of our PROPOSED 2017-2018 calendar!


We learn through play; through creative exploration, hands-on discovery, and open-ended discussion. Learning through play is often misunderstood. It does not mean that our students play and we hope they learn something; although there are certainly times for that. It means we orchestrate opportunities designed for our students to learn about a specific concept or theme while playing, while engaging, while moving.

There are a lot of theories and studies that have proven our minds connect best when we are moving. It's the reason some teachers have taken to having their students recite spelling words while clapping or practice multiplication tables while snapping. The movement in conjunction with the recitation of facts creates a brain connection that enhances memory. How fortunate we are to be blessed with forests, streams, and miles of meadow to allow us to reinforce this same concept but through outdoor exploration and movement. We can learn that bees make perfect hexagons for their honey combs while walking through the meadow to see what flowers they might use for pollination. We can learn about edible plants and then write down what we learned in our nature journals while immersed in nature. We can discuss the benefits of composting our food scraps and then go out to the garden to make soil from the worm bins. 

The magic of this type of education is transfixing. It always sounds good but when you experience it first hand, when you see it in action, it takes on a whole new meaning. There's this realization that this is how it should be, how it should always have been, and then there's that eye-opening moment where you realize you are a part of something incredibly beautiful.

Kelly Ellis, Head of School

Spring has brought new sounds, smells, sights, and growth to the NVS campus. The Adventurers have been busy outside exploring all that the season has to offer. Nature walks lead to us on adventures full of frogs, salamanders, flowers, and mud puddles! In the classroom, we are learning about life cycles. Planting seeds and raising caterpillars have helped us learn how things grow. This month we took our nature exploration to Pacific City where we examined tide pools and explored the cape. 

Our constant exploration in nature has increased our desire to take care of it. We have been learning to reduce, reuse, and recycle as a way to protect our earth. In addition, we have learned the importance of keeping trash out of water systems and why plants are so important. 

~ Teacher Kaylie
As the year progresses, these growing Explorers are becoming great pursuers of answers.  They have been raising a mass of eggs in a jelly-like ball that came from a local pond.  Some of the eggs have hatched and the great debate has followed:  Frog or salamander?  As they have grown, we are beginning to see gills on the outside that look like a mane.  Accordingly, our great young minds have determined that the babies are salamander larva and not tadpoles.  

Last week, caterpillars arrived in our classroom and students have been reading and writing poetry about caterpillars and butterflies.  Naturally, the study of cycles has begun; the cycle of a butterfly's life compared to the cycle of a frog's life, compared to the cycle of a salamander's life.  This discussion happened naturally as these experiences followed our many days of rain and talking about the water cycle and our geology study in which we learned about earthquake and volcano cycles!  

Every day is full of questions, playing, wondering, problem-solving, laughing and searching out the great treasures that our area has to offer to all who are willing to slow down and look closely.  

~ Teacher Rhonda
"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."
Attributed to Dorothy Parker
Some of the Explorers made volcanos at home and then sent in their videos. They were so fun to watch and learn from. Thanks for sharing, Aiden!

How do we practice the skills we have added this year? Fraction Games. Research Reports. Google Classrooms and Google Drive. Group Reasoning Discussions. I invite you to stop by and ask the Voyagers questions about their ongoing projects this Spring!

We are thankful for those who give to our day bringing concerts, Earth Day activities, recycled art, mixing soil, planting native edibles, and encouraging the students to keep the water clean.

The low tide finally cooperated with the weather and school hours! The students were thrilled to discover, up close, the species that they have been studying. Jameson was able to give a short report on his Chiton - while looking at a Black Chiton! A few of our students had not visited a low tide before. Pacific City is a perfect spot to talk about tidal zones while observing the subtidal zones which lie below the level of the mean low water during spring tides.

We invite you to join us for our Biography Ball on May 18th at 2pm. Our students will be in full costume representing people who have made a contribution to the United States.

~ Teacher Angie

Wait . . . who? Next year our middle school class, The Navigators, are going to be claiming this space. For now, let me introduce to you our new teacher, Kyla Palmer!
Teaching has been one of the most exciting and meaningful experiences in my life so far. I consider myself lucky to help children learn and grow. Education is such a critical part of a thriving community, and kids from all backgrounds deserve the chance to prosper.
I came to Neskowin Valley School from Arizona, from the Grand Canyon, and Sedona. I graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2013, where I developed a multi-age, human-first teaching philosophy. STEAM is a huge part of my classroom, as well as bringing current events into a diverse curriculum. Integration is a key word in my teaching, as I utilize units designed to align not only with academic expectations but student culture and interests as well.
I believe that facilitating learning should bring safety and stability to children's lives, while also fostering creativity and innovation. We are faced with inspiring the leaders of tomorrow, which means we need to be loud, messy, and take some chances. There is so much to explore, create, and improve in our world, and I am so thrilled to be able to help students learn about it!
Planning for the 5th Annual NVS Golf Tournament is underway. We are anticipating 70+ golfers to hit the green with us on June 4th at the beautiful Salishan Golf Course. NEW THIS YEAR ~ our awards banquet will be held at the Side Door Cafe/Eden Hall (just up the road from the course). We are so excited to take our tournament to the next level with an after-game happy hour, incredible food catered by Side Door Cafe, and live music. You will not want to miss this event! 

Sign up to golf, become an event sponsor, or donate to our raffle! Not a golfer but still want to participate? Join us for the banquet!

Visit our website for more information!
Enrollment for 2017-2018 is now open. If you are interested in enrolling your child in the type of educational environment dreams are made of, please contact Kelly Ellis to set up a tour. Scholarships are available. 

New in 2017-2018, we are enrolling middle school! To learn more, please contact the school office 503.392.3124.

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner which means Summer Camp is just around the corner too! We are so excited for our summer camp this year. If you are looking for an engaging, educational, fun learning environment for your child this summer, check out our summer camp options. We have something for every interest and schedule. Registration is now open!
JOIN THE TEACHER APPRECIATION COMMITTEE! Board member, Patti Soens, is organizing some great ways to love on our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. We are planning to celebrate during the week of May 15th. If you would like to help her with these efforts, please contact Patti by email
NVS GARDEN VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! If you love to be outside getting your hands dirty, we have just the space for you to play. We are in the throws of refacing our school garden. It is a great, big, joyous project that could use some more hands. Please contact Kelly if you have some time to donate to our school garden. 

The Slab Creek Music+Gathering (formerly Music Festival) is celebrating its 15th year! Mark August 25-27th on your calendar and plan to attend one of the best music gatherings of the summer. Designed for the expert and the novice, there is something for everyone to enjoy. New registration options include day passes for those who are not planning to camp onsite. Registration is now open!

The Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition is holding a special beach walk and talk this Mother's Day, May 14th, to commemorate the famous Mother's Day March led by Bob Straub, which played a key role in galvanizing opposition to the Highway Department's scheme to re-route 101 right down the Nestucca Spit and Winema Beach. Visit their website for more information.
We would like to thank everyone that participated in this year's raffle! What a great response we had! We sold all but 6 tickets ~ woohoo! We are so appreciative of your support.

A big thank you to the parents that worked hard to sell tickets to friends and family. Without you, we wouldn't have seen near the success.

Congratulations to Sophia Lambert {and parents} for selling the most tickets. Sophia was rewarded with the chance to throw a pie in our Head of School's face. I think the picture shows just how excited she was about this incredible opportunity! 
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