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Fortune Freestyle - Sport Update

We hope everyone is doing well as we approach the end of this school year. This is a brief update with the information we have today. Our board members and coaches are working hard making and setting plans in place so when the rules change we can pull the trigger on initiating our program as soon as we can.


On Wednesday June 10, 2020 Freestyle Ontario (FO) held a video conference call with the clubs leaders. There were two topics covered during this meeting “Freestyle Ontario Covid-19 Return to Activity Protocols” and “Freestyle Ontario Water Ramp & Trampoline Facility Covid-19 Reopening Protocols”.  Both of these documents are on the FO website in the policy page at the following link: scroll down to CoVID 19. Alternatively, and
The second topic was a review of the Safe Sport Policy.

A few items discussed that stood out, but please for full comprehensive information please visit FO website.

Freestyle Skiing abides by Provincial Law and Federal, Provincial and Local Heath Authorities.
Our sport insurer requires any activities undertaken to be sanctioned must follow FO’s Rules & Guidelines to be legal.

  1. Leaders must educate themselves
  2. Leaders will need to screen participants before training and keep records
  3. FO Members cannot participate if you have any CoVID 19 symptoms
  4. Determine if any member are @ risk group
  5. Must assess facility before booking training or attending competitions
  6. Meetings held virtually are preferred. Consult guidelines as they are changing often
  7. Currently, not allowed to meet in person
  8. Avoid contact w/ people who live in different households i.e. no car pooling
  9. No pool activity allowed
  10. At facilities, physical distancing during training, avoid touching shared surfaces and 5 people groups is the maximum, this includes coaches, athletes, facility operators (can remove the operator but then need to assume the cleaning) etc. This will change in time but remains in effect until FO’s policy changes.
  11. No sharing of personal equipment
  12. Change rooms are closed
Response Planning:
  1. Maintain detailed records of attendance to be made available to the public health office as needed
  2. If occurrence happens contact local health office, if travelling, contact your local health office upon return. Contact Fortune Freestyle and Freestyle Ontario.
Water Ramp & Trampoline Facility – Specific to FO’s Ramp located at Horseshoe Resort
  1. Have an emergency action plan on hand for any face to face activity
  2. 2 people on the platform at any one time. Others on the ground, not on stairs
  3. Must exit water on own at the beach, not the dock, without the ring buoy except in emergency
  4. Bring your own chair (athletes and coaches) no leaning/sitting on railings or mats
  5. Max 5 persons allowed. Eg. 3 athletes, 1 coach and 1 facility operator
  6. Trampoline bed it to be disinfected after every use, then dry
  7. Change rooms off limits
  8. No spectators allowed within facility
  9. Required to report any CoVID 19 symptoms

Currently activities outside the province of Ontario are not sanctioned and prohibited. This is being worked on knowing Ontario club athletes train and some live in Quebec (in particular). Until the travel advisories change this will remain the case.
Safe Sport Review
Reviewed the rule of 2. Always include for groups of 3 in all activities. 1 coach, 2 athletes; 2 coaches, 1 athlete; 1 coach, 1 athlete, 1 parent. 1 parent, 2 athletes etc.
Safe Sport:

For detailed information on all policies, please refer to and Freestyle Ontario’s website
Yours truly,
Jay Moore
Fortune Freestyle

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