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March 19-25, 2017 
We are growing as disciples of Jesus Christ,
being transformed by the Holy Spirit,
and reaching out in the love of God to our community.

    9:45 AM     Sunday School
  11:00 AM     Worship Service
  12:00 PM     Church Council
  12:00 PM     Girl Scout Appreciation Lunch
    2:00 PM     Dulcimer
    5:45 PM     Covenant Study
  12:00 PM     Al-Anon Group
    1:00 PM     No Idle Hands
7:30-9 AM     Coffee & Breakfast
3:30-5 PM     Girl Scouts
    7:00 PM     Choir
     4-9 PM      SCCC
      Mar. 21     No Idle Hands
      Mar. 26     Men’s Breakfast
   March 28     VBS Meeting
        April 2     Ann Steele’s Birthday Party
Pat Jones, March 19
Ann Medford, March 23
Ken Jones, March 25
Ron Jr. & Marissa Smith, March 21
Al & Becky Painter, March 24
  • The Church Council will meet  Sunday, March 19 immediately following Worship service.
  • Sunday is Girl Scout Appreciation Sunday. They would like to honor you with lunch after the worship service. All they want you to bring is your presence.
  • Everyone is invited to celebrate Ann Steele’s 85th birthday on April 2 after worship. Her children will offer special music during the service. There will be a light lunch and cake will be provided. Cards, pictures, memories are all welcome, but no gifts please.
  • Don't forget to get your pecans for $10 /bag. See Wilma Smith, Nancy Jones or stop by the church office
  • Sign up for free medical care through SCCC Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 -12:00 pm.  Get the details here. .
  • Al-Anon is meeting weekly at noon on Tuesdays. Join friends and families of problem drinkers as they find understanding and support. 
we offered living water
to a thirsty world?

A Cool Drink of Living Water

In this familiar story found in John 4:5-42 we see Jesus greeting the Samaritan woman at the well. The divine conversation begins with Jesus asking for a drink. As she learns more about this Jewish sojourner, she learns there is more than meets the eye. She is gazing into the eyes of the Messiah. In another story illustrated with sheep and goats, Jesus tells us that when we encounter the thirsty in our midst, we meet Jesus. Little did we know that when we meet the needy and share stories around the table, or water well, we have truly encountered Jesus.

Hymns for Sunday
Phos Hilaron
Sunday after Worship
The local Girl Scout Troop is excited to throw a party in our honor immediately after the Worship service on Sunday, March 19. They are doing all of the cooking, serving and clean-up. What a deal! They just hope that you, the congregation of Bryson City UMC, will be kind enough to join them. Come and meet some of these amazing girls and hear more about what they are up to in the sanctuary each week.
Thank you to Evan Clapsaddle for submitting a District Missional Engagement Grant for C4C. We appreciate the support from our Missions Committee!
We are grateful to see God at work through Swain County C4C as several churches in the county are joining in this initiative. For example, Janet Clapsaddle and I trained six more volunteers from Deep Creek Baptist Church. They plan to help with special activities for children in the exceptional children’s programs in the schools as well as with Special Olympics.

Also, East Alarka Baptist Church took prayer walks around all the schools last weekend. They plan to continue that the first Sunday of each month, and two other churches will be walking on other Sundays. Their thinking is that our schools need to be bathed in prayer, and they are exactly right! Whether you actually go to the schools or just remember them when you pray, we appreciate continued prayers for God’s blessings on our children, parents, faculty, staff, and administration.
Should We Care? 

This article continues the newsletter series about the Restoration House. A simple way of thinking about why we should care is that the apostles always understood why they were spreading the gospel. They knew that they were called by God to reach out in Christ’s love. That was their purpose, their calling, and their why. At the same time, they knew concretely what to do and how to do it: preach, teach, heal, feed, create communities, love each other, and do so in ways that were relevant to each kind of person. The Restoration House is example of demonstrating the Gospel in our community and an opportunity to fulfill our purpose as followers of Jesus.  
Open House

The Restoration House will open on April 25. Is it on your calendar yet?  
Construction Update

This week Rick, Ken and Pat continued to work on installing the flooring and are just getting into the prayer room. Pray that the next stages will go smoothly and we can meet our deadline for completion.  
Sunday School
  • The children weekly join the 11:00 worship service then move to the classroom for a fun filled, hands on, "Deep Blue" lesson in the children's room.
  • Stay tuned for upcoming announcements in coming weeks.
Vacation Bible School
  • We are very excited to announce that this year’s Vacation Bible School is titled “Hero Central”. This year we will be partnering with the Presbyterian church on all of our VBS activities. VBS will begin on Sunday June 18 at 5:30 in the Fellowship Hall and end on Friday June 23 with a closing celebration. VBS will be from 5:30 to 8:30 each night. Please see Michelle or Robert if you are interested in helping.
  • Pre-Register your child today for VBS by following this link:
  • You may also find the link on our website or pickup a registration form to fill out in the office. If your child attended last year and wants to attend again this year you will not need to fill out another registration form. Please contact Michelle or Robert to make sure that all information we have on your child is current and up to date as well as make sure that we have their correct T shirt size.
  • If you were unable to attend our VBS Team Meeting this past week please see Michelle or Robert immediately following worship on Sunday to pick up your Notebook
  • Our next VBS team meeting will be held on Tuesday March 28th at 6:00 in the Conference room..
Join Us For More Fun!

Stay tuned for more field trip announcements in the coming weeks!


New Prayer Requests:

David Monteith's Family – David passed away.
Jan McGregor & Family – Mac passed away.

Continue to pray for:

Soi Armanchain
Sam & Penny Brandt
Mary Bickerstaff
Trish Carnes
Cam Carson
Eddie Cihocki
Annabelle Cochran
Donna Cochran
Lynsey Conner
Tom Duvall
Bobby Jones
Jeanne Keller & Family
Kay Kile
Dennis Miller
Josh Norris
Beth Pedersen

Linda Shakar
Beth Steele
Don Stewart
Ricky Stiles' Family
Kathy Tsonas
Kim Utterback
Vergie Grant Walls
Amanda Walls
Os Waters
Natalie Warner
Bruce Welch
Patrick West


Pray for and visit in health care facilities:

Emelene Crouch - Murphy Medical Center Nursing Care, room #319 (new room!) 828-488-3561
Bernice Davis - Mountain View Manor, room #124
Wayne Garland - Mountain View Manor, room # 144
Marilyn Gray - Mountain View Manor, room #142
Ruth English - Tsali care, Memory Care
Jimmy Fisher - Tsali Care, room # (ask at desk)

  • Sunday, 9:45 am: Sunday School – Join us for learning and lively discussion each Sunday.
  • Sunday, 11:00 am: Worship Service – traditional worship services.
  • Monday, 5:45 pm: Covenant Bible Study – in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Wednesday, 7:30-9 am: Coffee and Prayer – join Pastor Wayner at Everett Street Diner
  • Wednesday, 7:00 pm: Choir Practice – sing hymns in a supportive choir. Visit the Choir Page.
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