New Living Expo August News ~ Tickets on Sale Now for October 8-10, 2021. Live, In-Person at The San Mateo Event Center: David Wilcock, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, Michael Beckwith, Kimberly Meredith, Deborah King & Many More experts in mindful living!
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Save The Dates!
New Living Expo is October 8 -10
At The San Mateo Event Center
Click For Tickets Including VIP & All Access Passes
Marianne Williamson Special Event Live on Saturday, 10/9
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith Special Event Live on Saturday 10/09
David Wilcock Special Event Live on Saturday 10/09
Kimberly Meredith Special Event Live on Saturday 10/09
Deborah King Special Event Live on Saturday 10/09
John Gray Workshop Live on Friday 10/08
What is a New Living Expo All Access Pass?

New Living Expo Example PassThe Expo 'Gold All Access Pass' provides you with unlimited access to all Special Events, workshops, panel discussions, plus 3 days of General Admission that includes the Exhibitor Hall. 

The Expo 'Platinum All Access Pass' provides you with unlimited access to all Special Events - with VIP/Preferred Seating up front, plus workshops, panel discussions, and 3 days of General Admission that includes the Exhibitor Hall. 

You can also purchase individual Special Event Tickets for your favorite speaker and add VIP Seating. All this information can be found on the official New Living Expo ticket page. 

New Living Expo is the premier New Age, culturally conscious and mindfully-produced event. Throughout California, and well beyond, it continues to joyfully share it's New-Age spirit. 

Share this message with everyone. And come celebrate with us during October 8 -10 at the San Mateo Event Center!
Join Marianne Williamson on October 9th at the San Mateo Event Center. Hear her live by purchasing tickets today. VIP seating is available. 
Marianne Williamson's message to everyone planning to attend New Living Expo: "It's time to re-think the World together."

Changing Yourself Is Easy - Changing Others... Well
by S.A. Wiatrolik, Associate Producer, New Living Expo

Here at New Living Expo we like Tools for Transformation. Getting unstuck can be as simple as creating new habits that replace old, unhealthy, unproductive habits. You know which ones they are for you.

In the book Buddha's Brain, by Rick Hanson, he posits that any new habit can be developed if you stay with it for 30 days. He also states that "if you’d like to feel more happiness, inner strength, clarity, and peace, it makes sense to learn from contemplative practitioners—both dedicated lay people and monastics—who’ve really pursued the cultivation of these qualities." 

The word Courage carved on a stoneFor this upcoming New Living Expo, we have assembled for you a diverse roster of experts who have mastered their brands of Faith, Positivity, Courage and Healing, after overcoming adversity in its many forms. There is no better time than now to look to thought leaders for insights into navigating these challenging times. 

By creating habits that include lifelong learning, contemplation and constructive action, we can face anything and everything. Try the 30 day challenge on your personal journey of Transformation. Remember to make plans to join us as we present New Living Expo this October. Be Well. Stay Strong. Be Kind. 

Thank you for Your continued engagement with New Living Expo. We look forward to being together once again. See you this October 8-10.
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