New Living Expo News ~ Live, In-Person at The San Mateo Event Center: David Wilcock, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, Michael Beckwith, Kimberly Meredith, Deborah King & Many More experts in mindful living! Tickets on Sale Now for October 8 -10, 2021
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'Tools For Transformation'
Announcing New Fall Dates for
New Living Expo at the
San Mateo Event Center

Tickets on Sale Now
Limited Seating for Special Events

Marianne Williamson Special Event Live on Saturday, 10/9
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith Special Event Live on Saturday 10/09
David Wilcock Special Event Live on Saturday 10/09
Kimberly Meredith Special Event Live on Saturday 10/09
Deborah King Special Event Live on Saturday 10/09
John Gray Workshop Live on Friday 10/08
New Living Expo's origins as a new-age, alternative-lifestyle, natural-products "Expo," can be traced back to the early 1970s and the days of the Whole Earth Catalog, a widely popular alternative mail order catalog. The Whole Earth Company began the first Whole Earth Expo.

New Living Expo logo vintageBy 1975, Whole Earth Expo was an established tradition in the counter culture of the time. Other shows arose with the Whole Earth Expo’s success. Whole Life Expos expanded into cities across the country, bringing the Expo’s new-age ideas to a wider public, and helping to establish a Nationwide Community focused on integrative health and cutting edge ideas. 

Today, New Living Expo is the premier New Age, culturally conscious and mindfully-produced event. Throughout California, and well beyond, it continues to joyfully share it's New-Age spirit. Beloved by thousands of loyal fans, the NLE Community continues to grow.

We're happy you're a part of it. Please consider yourself one of the family. Please let us know your thoughts as a reply to this email. Have a great Summer! Share this message with everyone. And come celebrate with us during October 8 -10 at the San Mateo Event Center!

For schedule information and for tickets.

Keeping Your Cool - Literally & Figuratively

by S.A. Wiatrolik, Associate Producer, New Living Expo
We love Summer, but ... we all need ways to beat the heat - and right now! Here are some healthy tips and ideas from New Living Expo

The Popsicle Effect 
Stock your freezer with healthy frozen treats. If you have time, make your own. Fresh fruit is ideal as an ingredient. Get Recipes here. It's quite easy to DIY. Get popsicle molds here.

Keep in mind that consuming frozen food fruit popsicleand abundant ice water may feel good, but it can hamper digestion, as your GI tract uses heat to break down food, so try to eat frozen foods between main meals. Many cultures drink hot beverages to offset warm climates. It's not as counter-intuitive as you think and you may have that habit in your background. Read more here. Concurrently, eating spicy foods, which causes perspiration, also can reduce your body temperature.  

The Ingredients Matter
Sunscreens have been called out lately, Sunscreen application on childand for good reason. When you venture out and want topical protection, first read the ingredients list on your sunscreen label. In fact, this writer recommends tossing out those sunscreens that contain any toxic and cancer-causing ingredients. Benzene has recently been reported in numerous sunscreens, including Banana Boat and Neutrogena. Read more here. Some 'clean' brands are listed here, and there are others found elsewhere.

Cool Thoughts from Being Still
woman by palm treeAs many readers know, we're big on meditation at New Living Expo. When temperatures rise, it can provoke short tempers. A regular meditation practice can slow down our reactions to anger and prepare us for better responses. Here is an example of a guided video meditation to release anger. 

Keep cool with these simple techniques. 1. Stop and think. Why am I reacting this way? What is the trigger that keeps coming up for me? Journaling can help. 2. Attend to your breathing. We often unconsciously hold our breath. Taking deep, sustained breaths can be effective. It helps to close your eyes, unless you're driving of course. 3. Find another outlet. Intense physical activity can offset reactive tendencies. If not the heavy bag at the gym, find a pillow to punch. Talk a brisk walk or run. Avoid the hottest part of the day of course. 

The Warning Signs
Do you know the warning signs of heatstroke? Your core body temperature, when it reaches 104 degrees, is deadly. Dizziness and nausea are on the complete list found here. Are you keeping your pets cool? Check their water bowl often. Put some ice in it too. 

Bring On The Light
Lastly, from New Living Expo Special Events Speaker Deborah King: "Joy is often overlooked in our fast-paced, work-driven culture, but it is one of the most important catalysts for bringing light into your life. Take a fun break! Even if you have to schedule it in, make time to read a good book or watch an entertaining movie or take a bubble bath, play games with friends or your dog or cat."

"Whatever makes you smile, laugh, and feel uplifted—do that as often as possible. Really let yourself have fun the way you did as a child, totally free and uninhibited. Think about how good it feels to let go. Joy is healing."


Thank you for Your continued engagement with New Living Expo. We look forward to being together once again. See you this October 8-10.
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