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What is this email?

Probably quite some time ago you subscribed to some mailing list. My mailing list. What is a mailing list without mails? Well, pretty much mine, until now.

It has been a while since I last wrote anything to this mailing list. I should probably let you know exactly who I am and what it is you've gotten yourself into.

Hi! My name is Niels and I am a software developer from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

I finished my BSc in 2014 and have just now returned to do a MSc all the while working at Planday, a shift-planning SaaS. I previously worked in a telecommunications startup and various other startups.

What are you going to get for being on this mailing list? Updates when I write and maybe an invitation to chat about interesting (hopefully!) things.

In fact, go ahead and reply to the email and introduce yourself — I'd love to get to know you a bit!

Emails to this list will generally be light and fairly quickly written, so sorry in advance if I slip up!

This email in particular has two stories in it:
- I met Woody Zuill and it was amazing
- I wrote a quick new blog post


Woody Zuill is a pretty cool guy

Late night twitter. "In Copenhagen for a few days". From Woody Zuill. He's asking if anyone would like to meet up. Hell yes! So I replied. I was thinking I could pop out of the office for an hour to meet up for coffee or something.

Woody is an Agile coach. In recent times he talks a lot about NoEstimates and MobProgramming, the latter being basically pair programming on steroids: having a whole team work on a single problem at a time. It turns out it can be pretty effective.

I wrote about MobProgramming and the concept of Group Flow, a dynamic that might explain some of the value, a while back.

I asked around the office, and a couple of people were interested in meeting Woody as well (in fact, a few were already following him on twitter and knew who he was). So I agreed with him to meet at the office instead.

Before I knew it we were in the middle of a MobProgramming talk with an audience of around 15 people, including one joining remotely. It was a great talk! We had an amazing time, and Woody is such a nice guy. You should seriously look into having him drop by, if you can!

We even had some time to try out some MobProgramming, which already from the beginning seemed to work, revealing some uneven spread of knowledge, as well as different opinions on how to approach certain problems.

We are currently a fairly newly assembled bunch of teams, many new hires coming from many different places, so it makes sense that we would have these differences. MobProgramming gave us at least one way to surface and deal with these.

This was a weird story of the kinds of things twitter enables, but it also says something about the kind of place Planday is. That this kind of impromptu let's-stop-working-for-a-bit-and-hear-this-talk was not only allowed but actively encouraged from many sides. That's a great attitude!


Remember the value of new hires!

You probably found this mailing list because of my blog. Cool! I wrote a new blog post, which I'll briefly introduce here. If you have an idea for a cool topic, let me know. Just reply to this email.

This is a brief memo about the value of new hires, which I think is easily (and for very understandable reasons) overlooked. Remember to get the full value of new hires by recognizing that they have experience and histories of their own, which provide unique, new perspectives to your situation.

Basically, new hires are an opportunity to reevaluate.


Get your friends in here!

Assuming you like what I occasionally write, you probably know some people who would also enjoy it!

At the time of writing there are literally nine people on my mailing list. That's not a lot! This whole endeavor makes a lot more sense if more people are at the other end of this.

You can help up that number by inviting potentially interested friends to join at this link:
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