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48 Innovate Fresh Forward

Innovation at a Launch party

This series of articles will compare common team building offsite activities to our 48 Innovate experience.

There are usually 2 goals when companies do team offsites:

  1. To build a stronger bond among teammates in order to be more productive and successful
  2. To share information and collaborate toward some plan or outcome with maybe the side benefits of the listed above number one goal - team spirit

We would put our 48 Innovate experience up against any team offsite exercise in order to accomplish both of the goals above and offer measureable results too.

Golf Outing

Goal: Build team spirit, let loose a little and relax

Time: 1 day – 8 to 10 hours

Outcome: A fun time, personal connections and a hefty bar tab.


48 Innovate

Goal: Build an actionable plan to solve a key organizational challenge, infuse entrepreneurial mindset and practices, build team bonds and confidence, actively engage employees in impacting the business, and have a little fun too.

Time: 2 days – 48 hours

Outcome: 30-40 flash ideas and 5-7 business cases to solve a REAL department challenge, empowered employees with new knowledge of lean startup methodologies, stronger functional team bonds and a fun, high energy experience that offers bottom-line impacting results.

You decide the winner…

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Best of The Daily Zing
The Daily Zing are quick, fun innovation exercises that 48 Innovate participants explore back at the office.

Keep Swinging

Idea rejection happens. It’s tough. You passionately throw out your latest idea and it hits the wall.

Here is a 4-part process to deal with it.

  • Accept it. It happens.
  • Listen to the reasons why not.
  • Take 15 – don’t respond immediately. Your ego is a bit bruised and you aren’t thinking clearly. Take at least 15 minutes to respond, or better yet sleep on it.
  • Make a come back – incorporate feedback and pitch again, or come up with something new. The important part is to keep swinging. Good ideas are NOT only children…more are waiting in the wings.

Share your insights with @48Innovate use #keepswinging.

What Clients Say

“Planning meetings will never be the same. Killer process and mini-innovation exercises that inspire after the event and scale far beyond the session attendees. Fast, fun and effective. 48 Innovate transformed our management meeting into a startup accelerator.!”

~Chris Rodriguez, Systems Engineering Manager, Pacific Select Region at Cisco Systems

Global Innovation Events Around

Open Innovation Summit, October 28-29, Boston, MA

Fast Company Innovation Festival, November 9-12, New York City

5th Global Innovation Forum, November 18-19, London, UK

A Little Something Special

Now Offering 90-minute Virtual or In-Person Workshops

You no longer have to reserve 48 hours to give your team a Startup Shot in the arm. We are now offering quick, productive workshops to influse the best entreprenurial practices into your team.

Try the very popular:
Idea to Action: An INTRApreneurs Guide to Thriving in the Enterprise or Leading through Pivots - Best Practices from the Startup Trenches

Keep up with the latest offerings here.

Contact us for more details.

Special Offer

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Fresh Forward is provided by 48 Innovate, a proven process for generating enterprise-class innovation
by empowering your talent through nimble entrepreneurial practices in just 48 hours.

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