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Learn 4 Real-Live-No-Jive Ways to Create An Innovative Corporate Culture

It’s tacked on the office wall in virtually every company in America. Or maybe it’s in that thick employee handbook that HR gave out at orientation. The Mission Statement. Typically, it’s a collection of carefully crafted sentences meant to convey a purpose-driven ethos in the workplace. It’s inviolable. It’s sacrosanct..

It’s BORING and sometimes…meaningless.

That mission statement hanging on the wall is also a reflection of corporate culture, which Inc. magazine defines as the shared values, attitudes, standards and beliefs that characterize members of an organization and define its nature. The mission statement may codify corporate culture, but the unwritten rules are part of that culture as well. Don’t buck the boss’ ideas. Don’t oversell to the client. Don’t wear open-toed shoes. Often, companies get so caught up in their corporate culture that what once served as a guiding principle becomes a straitjacket that stifles innovation.

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Vision Board

Having a vision is a great way to stay focused on your long-term goals when the chaos of every day emerges.

Create a vision board to print and post at your desk.

  • Use Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote or Google Presentation.
  • Search for images here that represent your goals, like learning a new skill, getting a good review, pitching more ideas, working with a new team, etc.
  • Put your images together in a collage on your slide.
  • Print.
  • Post in your cube or office, or make it your lock screen on your smartphone.
  • Check in to make sure you are aligning your actions with your vision.

One Up It: Set a calendar appointment quarterly to make sure you are in alignment.

Share your vision board with @48Innovate use #visionboard.

What Clients Say

“48 Innovate founder, Melissa Kennedy is a progressive thinker that can turn vision into reality.”

~Lincoln Havens, The Channel Company

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