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Innovation at a Launch party

There were free pens and t-shirts--the usual conference swag. A booth down the way was even giving away a $350 drone. But I'm proud to say the 48 Innovate booth trumped them all with our attention getting prize.

What made us so popular at the recent Central Florida Cisco Partner Appreciation Event? In a word, BACON. That's right, at 48 Innovate we give away bacon. And people line up to sign up for it.

Why the bacon prize? Because it's original--just like 48 Innovate which is all about generating original ideas to solve problems.

And bacon resonates across the board. Senior VP or rank and file -- don't we all work to "bring home the bacon".

Also bacon cuts through the clutter. At 48 innovate, we believe in skipping the corporate dance. No celebrity speakers or laser light shows needed for our employee innovation and problem solving platform. Our program is inclusive and generates empowering, actionable plans that transform businesses using the talent they have.

Which is why 48 Innovate works with sophisticated companies like Cisco, Arbys and Landcope.

But back to the bacon for the Cisco Partner event last week at Disney's Epcot. It was pre-cooked, Boars Head brand. And our give away left the drone in the dust.

So chalk up another win for 48 INNOVATE as we continue to shake up the world of consulting, training, strategic planning, and corporate events-- using a lot of flare and a little bacon.

Congratulations to grand prize winners of 3 months of Bacon of the Month Club -- Jim McGrath of Veytec and Butch Goldi of QTS. You brought it home!

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Less is More

Try doing your next presentations in 25 words.

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What Clients Say

“Fast, action-oriented and effective — 48 Innovate helped transform my team into impact machines. The process creates focus and constraints that create more than just a bunch of ideas, but actual revenue-generating plans ready to activate. It cut the red tape, vetted ideas in hours instead of weeks and worth every minute my quota-carrying sales team was taken out of the field”

~Bryan Davis, Director, Sales-Southeast Select Operation at Cisco

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