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48 Innovate Fresh Forward

Innovation at a Launch party

Who says that every occasion can’t be an opportunity for innovation? We certainly would not.

Our official launch party was a huge success!

Festive beverages, amazing innovative leaders and a whacky photo contest with Vince Vaughn. #CleverCaption winner: Dr. Timm Crowder, Innovation and Technology Scout at GlaxoSmithKline, took home the bacon with this busines-as-usual caption: "We'll just run this by the Director of Status Quo and VP of No and get back to you."

No long speeches or silly network games, just some amazing professionals partying on the Google Rooftop Patio & Entrepreneurs LoungeAmerican Underground @Main in Durham to celebrate a process that delivers actionable plans in less than 48 hours.

Leaders from major brands such as IBM, Cisco, Lenovo, GSK, Quintiles, Duke Medicine, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, RTI and more came out to experience just a taste of the 48 Innovate magic.

Check out the #launchparty48 wrap up for photos and to see all the excitement and how we BRING IT with a side of innovation to help transform the world of business one 60-second speech at a time!

You can enjoy the party favors too - we have extra secret idea-reveal message pens, T-shirts and wicked offers left over. Email us to request your prize pack - Subject: 48 Prize Pack - to

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Best of The Daily Zing
The Daily Zing are quick, fun innovation exercises that 48 Innovate participants explore back at the office.

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What Clients Say

“Fast, fun and impactful is how I would describe my 2 days of 48 Innovate. It was amazing to work side-by-side with my peers and leadership...No more death by powerpoint. Smart people, quick deadlines and executive support. It's awesome. If you have a chance, do it. You won't be disappointed.”
~Walter Fuller, Partner Account Manager at Cisco

Global Innovation Events Around

Social Innovation Summit, June 10 -11 in Washington, DC.

Insight Innovation Exchange Summit North America, June 15-17, Atlanta, GA

Upcoming 48 Innovate Events

Cisco Partner Appreciation, Epcot, World Showplace, Orlando, FL - May 28

A Little Something Special

Save 15% on a 48 Innovate Session.

Instead of paying consultants to tackle challenging projects, engage and empower the talent you already have. We specialize in a 48 hour intensive innovation process where your best employees get together to create an actionable plan to achieve your biggest opportunity in just 2 days. The concept is simple - idea to executive-approved plan in hours instead of months - Smart Speed. More than $200M in actionable projects have resulted from companies like Cisco, Arby's, and Lancope.

Contact us for more details. Offer ends June 19, 2015.

Special Offer

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Fresh Forward is provided by 48 Innovate, a proven process for generating enterprise-class innovation
by empowering your talent through nimble entrepreneurial practices in just 48 hours.

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