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48 Innovate Fresh Forward

Innovation at a Launch party

Innovation is the key to growth and profits. But, it doesn’t happen in isolation, in a lab or in the executive suite. It comes from the people who interact with your customers and fend off your competition every day.

In other words, your employees.

This is why the employee engagement epidemic is so dire, not only for company growth, but survival. 87% of employees worldwide are disengaged or indifferent at work, reports Gallup, one of the leading organizations that measure employee engagement globally. In the US alone, active disengagement costs companies $450-$550 billion a year. And that is minor compared to the organizations that die because of their inability to ignite employee-driven innovation.

There is hope. Employees intrinsically want to make an impact. Employees hold all the information and experience to explore new markets, create new solutions, and innovate from within, but it is up to leaders to unearth the creative and lucrative potential of their talent. Read more for the four keys.

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Best of The Daily Zing
The Daily Zing are quick, fun innovation exercises that 48 Innovate participants explore back at the office.

Fight the Distraction

Distraction is the biggest killer of innovation AND productivity.

Focus challenge – Turn off your IM for the next hour. See what a difference it makes.

One Up It: Schedule time on your calendar once a week to have no IM in order to have focus time. You will find if you make time for focus it is easier to think and act innovatively.

Share your insights with @48Innovate use #fightthedistration.

What Clients Say

“Practical and fun, our 48 Innovate session helped create actionable impact. I was skeptical, bringing in 40 cross-functional peers to create a real plan to reach 20% growth for Cisco's South Area within a year? But I can delivered.”

~Dennis Richardson, Financial Solutions Manager, Cisco Systems

Global Innovation Events Around

5th Global Innovation Forum, November 18-19, London, UK

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