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Innovation at a Launch party

Harvard research shows that 70-90% of efforts to foster internal innovation and intrapreneurship FAIL in large companies. It's a staggering statistic when you consider that CEOs of major companies rank innovation as a top 5 strategic priority.

The answer to all this failure stems from a very human problem, NOT a technological one.

QUESTION: Why internal innovation fails in large companies?
ANSWER: Time and Resources

Not earth-shattering, but true. It’s the allocation of those finite resources that matter. Often innovation or these types of projects are an add-on to an employee's "day job". No wonder most fail.

We tackle this research-based problem, offering best practicies and action steps to help solve this BIG problem. Join us Wednesday, July 15, 2pm EST for a free webinar to discover 7 Secrets to Unleashing Internal Innovation.

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Best of The Daily Zing
The Daily Zing are quick, fun innovation exercises that 48 Innovate participants explore back at the office.

Fidget Fun

When your hands are busy you listen better. What toy would you take to your next meeting and why?

One Up It: Acquire this toy and take it to a meeting. See what happens.

What toy did you pick? Share it with @48Innovate use #fidgetfun.

What Clients Say

“The 48 Innovate experience was a well-run and very practical event for our company… with a successful surprise ending. The 48 Innovate experience accelerated our planning process, while blending new and veteran employees and creating actual revenue-generating plans…in literally 48 hours. The buy-in on all levels, the infusion of a collective passion and the assimilation of our vision throughout the team enabled the company to produce real actionable projects from this experience. I can honestly say 48 Innovate is well worth it and we look forward to participating again!”

~David Cocchiara, COO and CFO at Lancope

Global Innovation Events Around

Insight Innovation Exchange Summit North America, June 15-17, Atlanta, GA

5th Global Innovation Forum, November 18-19, London, UK

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Learn 7 Secrets to Unleashing Internal Innovation - July 15, 2015

A Little Something Special

Summer Sizzle Savings.

Book your 48 Innovate event by August 31, 2015 to receive 20% off the list price. Internal innovation just got a little cooler.

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Fresh Forward is provided by 48 Innovate, a proven process for generating enterprise-class innovation
by empowering your talent through nimble entrepreneurial practices in just 48 hours.

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