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Hi Amanda,

This week I have two themes - efficiency and fear....

There’ll be no newsletter next week as I’m off on my holidays. See you in 2 weeks.

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  • Please Unsubscribe
  • No surprises please
  • Where’s your cave of fear? 
  • Do you have FONBE?
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Please Unsubscribe

Many of you are kind enough to tell me that you love my newsletters.

I love it when one of you takes the time to reply to a newsletter and tell me that a particular article has resonated - or helped you.

I love it when one of you comes up to me at a networking meeting and comments on an article I’ve written.

And I love it even more when someone tells me (as they did last week), that they’ve signed up to my newsletter because it was recommended by a friend (thank you Sarah and Rina!)

But if this is the first of my newsletters you’ve opened for a while, and you usually delete without opening, then please don’t feel obliged to stay on my mailing list.

You can unsubscribe!

I’m always encouraging my clients to prioritise. 

As small business owners we have multiple calls on our time.

It can be really hard to focus.

And having unwanted emails hitting our inbox is one distraction we can do without.

I’m sure that you, like me, get lots of emails from businesses that you connected with once, but are no longer interested in.

So this week, when an unwanted email newsletter hits your inbox, don’t just delete it.


No surprises please

Last week a client told me she was discounting all her invoices.

Now, this is no way to run a successful business!

The problem is, the service she offers is open-ended.

Sometimes she doesn’t know how complicated it will turn out to be, or how long it will take.

It’s difficult to agree a cost upfront.

She was finding that at the end of the month, the prospective bills were far higher than she thought her clients would pay.

And that’s why she discounted them.

Which effectively means she was working part of each month for free.

My solution? The 3 step approach:

  1. Agree a budget upfront. Agree an estimate for the work you think will be required that month, or if you charge by the hour, a fixed number of hours you will work. 
  2. Monitor and update the client mid-month. Keep track of the work you are doing. Then half-way through the month report back to the client and confirm whether the original estimate will be sufficient. If not, ask them whether they want to increase the budget or reduce the scope of work.
  3. Bill at month end, with no unpleasant surprises on either side! 

What’s your cave of fear?

A friend recently shared this quote with me:

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

It’s a quote by Carl Jung.

It particularly resonated with me because of something we did when I was training as a coach.

We spent time identifying issues that scared us.

We learned how to explore those fears.

And we learned how to guide others to explore their fears.

Why? You may ask.

Why explore your fears?

From exploring my own I learned two things:
  1. The thing that scares us is often not as bad as we ‘fear’.
  2. Finding the courage to face our fears and tackle our own ’scary monster’ often leads to an outcome that is hugely enlightening or empowering.
Guiding people to explore their fears is a more common activity for life coaches (and therapists) than business coaches.

I can do it, but it's not my preferred approach.

If you have a deep-rooted fear, I’ll probably encourage you to seek separate specialist help.

But sometimes it’s simply a case of helping you tackle your fear step by step.

For example last week I helped a client tackle her fear of writing blogs by:
  • giving her a title
  • giving her a prescribed number of words
  • suggesting a simple approach to organise the content, and
  • setting her a deadline to deliver the completed blog to me!
If you have a ’cave of fear’, do you need specialist help or just a helping hand to enter it?

Do you have FONBE?
I recently participated in a Twitter hour discussing FOMO. 

Intriguingly it was about the importance of creating FOMO around your business events.

The message was: make your event sound so interesting, and create such a buzz around it, that anyone who isn’t coming suffers from Fear Of Missing Out - and immediately books!

It made a lot of sense to me.

Then last week I worked with a client on an issue, and thought I'd invent an acronym of my own to describe it - FONBE!

FONBE stands for 'Fear Of Not Being Expert'.

It’s a phenomenon I encounter a lot. 

It means that you don’t believe you have enough learning or knowledge to get out there and shout about your business.

It often means you make excuses for not doing things:

- Not writing a blog
- Not being more visible on social media
- Not giving talks about their business

It’s very common among perfectionists. 

Last week I talked about how it's OK not to be perfect.

It’s also OK not to be the number one expert in your field!

Do you suffer from FONBE?


  • your target audience is almost certainly MUCH less knowledgeable than you.
  • anyone reading your article is interested in the topic, not in judging you
  • unless you are giving medical advice or something similar, getting it wrong is highly unlikely to be a matter of life or death!
Forthcoming Workshops

I’ll soon be planning some more workshops for late Summer / early Autumn. At the moment the likely contenders for the first two are Time Management and Linked In.

If you’d like to be added to the waiting list for these or any other workshops
let me know.

It doesn’t commit you to attending, but it does help me identify which are most popular, and so plan future ones.

My workshops include: 

Blogging for Business – what blogging is, why and how to do it, and where to place it

Using Newsletters for Business – why do it, what to say and who to send it to

Time Management – how to manage your time more effectively to achieve better business results

Pricing – what to charge and how to negotiate your price with customers

Linked In - how to get smarter on Linked In, so you have a credible presence there

Finding your Ideal Client - how to identify your 'ideal client', and then track them down

Details of all my workshops can always be found on the workshops page of my website.
“Amanda has the ability to get you to find the solution, to work through the issues rather than dictating or telling you.

This approach has been so refreshing, rewarding and enjoyable.

Amanda has a relaxed charm, a good listener but then insightful, getting to the heart of matters quickly.

Every session has been rewarding, with purpose and at a pace which doesn’t feel pressured or rushed.”

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