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  • Time management workshop
  • Testing testing (123!)
  • Are you communicating?
  • Dress the part
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Time Management workshop

The date is now fixed for my next Time Management workshop.

This will be held on Thursday 29 August, from 2-5pm.

This half-day workshop is packed with productivity tips as well as focusing in on planning and prioritising.

I aim to help you get clear on your business planning and how to work more effectively. 

You’ll leave with a more strategic focus, increased confidence around managing your time effectively and a plan of action. 
What will we do?

●    Confirm what you want out of your business
●    Translate this into a practical strategy
●    Assess your priorities 
●    Identify helpful hints to help you organise your time better
●    Scope out and commit to key actions

Book now to reserve your place.

Testing testing (1,2,3!)

Did you get this email at 8am or 12pm?

Either is possible, as I use A/B testing.

This means I send a small percentage of my emails out using two different headings.

And then 4 hours later, Mailchimp (my email marketing service) identifies which heading has received the most ‘opens’.

And it sends the rest of the emails out using that heading.

It’s a way of ensuring that I have the best possible chance of attracting your attention.

Do you use Mailchimp?

Or another email marketing service?

If so, have you tried A/B testing?

Yes? then does it work well for you?

No? then why not give it a go?

And let me know how you get on.

Are you communicating?

Most Tuesday evenings you’ll find me on Twitter.

I participate in #Successhour, which runs from 9-10pm.

It’s a twitter hour for business owners.

Last week our topic was communication.

We started with 'what is communication?’

And agreed that it was two way - both giving and receiving information needed to happen for it to be effective.

Another question was ‘what’s your business style of communication?'

It’s a useful question to ask.

Most of us are slightly more formal in business than personal communication.

But it depends.

It depends on your personal style and the nature of your business.

If you deal in law, high finance, or the more mature end of the market you probably need to be more formal.

If your audience is young, cool and casual then you can be more informal too.

The important thing is to be businesslike, but be yourself.

Dress the part

Last week I had the great treat of going to Glyndebourne opera with my husband and friends.

We picnicked on the lawn before and during the performance.

And along with almost everyone else, we wore full evening dress.

In most situations, this would be ridiculous.

But at Glyndebourne, you’re out of place if you don’t.

It’s a question of dressing appropriately for the circumstances.

Just as with communication, dressing right should be a combination of personal style and business-appropriate.

Too formal, and you put people off.

Too casual, and risk looking unprofessional.

If you struggle to get it right, it may be worth investing in some advice.

At first sight this may seem extravagant, but think of it as an investment in your business.

An investment that ensures you come across well to your current and potential clients.

Book in with an image consultant - and if you don’t know any, I do! 

Get in touch and I’ll arrange an intro.

Forthcoming Workshops

Details of all my workshops can always be found on my website.

My next workshop is Time Management on Thursday 29 August. We’ll cover how to manage your time more effectively to achieve better business results. 

Currently my other workshops include: 

Blogging for Business – what blogging is, why and how to do it, and where to place it

Using Newsletters for Business – why do it, what to say and who to send it to

Pricing – what to charge and how to negotiate your price with customers

Finding your Ideal Client - how to identify your 'ideal client', and then track them down

Linked In - how to get smarter on Linked In, so you have a credible presence there

If you have suggestions for others, please do let me know.
“Amanda has the ability to get you to find the solution, to work through the issues rather than dictating or telling you.

This approach has been so refreshing, rewarding and enjoyable.

Amanda has a relaxed charm, a good listener but then insightful, getting to the heart of matters quickly.

Every session has been rewarding, with purpose and at a pace which doesn’t feel pressured or rushed.”

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