In this edition: Strengthening families with the Irreplaceable Film, The Family Project, Sanctity of Human Life, and Investment in families around Ireland!
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When Do We Really Know Family is Important?

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It becomes crystal clear how important your family is – when there is a crisis. We will then devote our time and energies to what we know matters most. Our family relationships have the deepest impact upon our life – far above all other relationships. Therefore – they are worth investing in. 

Family is the place where we learn about life, where we learn to love, to forgive, to work out our differences. It is the great training ground for life and the future. It is best environment where children can have the opportunity to observe the beauty and difference of male and female living out their differences together. This is the way God Himself designed it – right from the beginning. 

Please take a few moments to discover how we're attempting to strengthen more families around Ireland; and consider how you might help us make a lasting difference!

Stephen Cardy

We are currently offering two excellent pieces of media: The "Irreplaceable Film" on DVD, and The Family Project DVD Training Course.
Both point to the significance of the family, how and why God designed them this way, and how He still at work restoring and fixing what has become broken:
Irreplaceable Trailer - Ireland
"Irreplaceable" DVDs are available through our website for purchase.

Also, check out our new video that highlights the experiences of Irish people who have already been through The Family Project and how it has benefited them:
What People in Ireland are Saying About the Family Project
The Family Project is already running, or about to start in several locations around the country. If you would like to know more, see our website, or drop me a line:
Sanctity of Human Life

In western society, even human life can become a commodity, to be disposed of at will. In support of our commitment to the sanctity of human life, next year we will be introducing another film in Ireland called "The Drop Box":
TRAILER The Drop Box Film - in 2016
"The Drop Box" film tells the story of compelling courage of a South Korean man who has been rescuing and saving the lives of many unwanted babies over the years.
Investment in Families
With your help, and thanks to the generous support of our Irish donors, we continue to serve Irish families on radio, facebook, through our website, and through seminars and events. Over 80% of our time doing so is done on a voluntary basis. We could do a great deal more if we had additional resources. Maybe you could be of help to us: in raising resources, becoming a donor, or giving of your skills and time, if you feel you have something to offer. Please let us know if you would like to become involved: We would be glad to hear from you!
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