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Monthly News Update - February 2016
Please pray for us
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This month:
  • Prayer Spaces - A new one launching
  • Prayer in South Woodham Ferrers - what did the Regional Baptist Leader say?
  • sanctuary - Youth Prayer Event at the Cathedral
  • Prayers on Air - BBC Essex Breakfast Show
  • Passion Play 2016 - updated Prayer Pointers
  • Local Christian Events  - some new ones added
  • Stoking the Boilers - Thoughts from David Gilbey
Prayer Spaces - a new one launching
On Friday 5 February we have a new monthly Prayer Space starting at St. Mary's Church, High Street, Great Baddow, 11 am to 2 pm.

This is in conjunction with their weekly 'Open Church'. Drinks are available and as with all our Prayer Spaces, everyone is very welcome.
Please come along and encourage others from your churches to do so. Prayer Sapces are where the Light of Jesus shines out - strategic places to pray over our City, our Nation and World, to encounter God and be energized for mission.

Since the beginning of 2016, there have been approximately 100 people in and out of our Prayer Spaces, but there is still plenty of room!

Click here to print and distribute the above as a leaflet

For more details go to our website: click here
Prayer in South Woodham Ferrers - what did the Regional Baptist Leader say?

On the last day of their Week of Prayer 18-22 January, we set up our Portable Prayer Space within South Woodham Evangelical Church, (a Baptist Church), for a whole twelve hours. The Church too, provided a number of prayer stations.

Approximately 30 people, almost all church members, came in and out and it proved to be a wonderful day of prayer and encounter. Communion was also shared 3 times during the day.

You can find more photos and information on our website by clicking here.

We were also pleased to welcome Rev. Nick Lear, Baptist Regional Leader and to find that he later wrote very favorably of his experience on his Blog.

Read Nick's Blog post by clicking here.

Not only Nick Lear, but the vice-Principal of Spurgeon's Theological College, (the Baptist denominations Bible school), Dr. Peter Morden, also came for the afternoon and was equally very enthusiastic about the whole concept of Prayer Spaces
sanctuary - Youth Prayer Event at the Cathedral
We are excited to be partnering with others to put on a brand new inter-denominational Youth Prayer Event called sanctuary, to be held at Chelmsford Cathedral on Sunday evening, 28 February, from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

sanctuary is open to all young people from mid/late-teens to early 20's, from all denominations or traditions or none. It will involve prayer stations being set up in the body of the Cathedral. We are providing a 50 meter 'river' - complete ,we hope, with fish!

We do need 2 or 3 people to help on the evening. Please get in touch if you believe you can do so.

It is expected that many young people will come along as part of a youth group otherwise with friends. Please tell your youth minister or leader in your church and invite as many as possible.

Full details, including links to Facebook & Twitter can be found on our website.
Prayers on Air - BBC Essex Breakfast Show
On Thursday 7 January, at our Prayer Space at Chelmsford Community Church, an unexpected visit was received from Andrew Merchant, producer and roving reporter for the BBC Essex (radio), Sunday Breakfast Show.
David Gilbey spoke about Prayer Spaces and after this, pastor Peter Balls was interviewed together with young mum and Christian, Kelly-Marie, who goes to the church and who was at the adjacent coffee morning. She was prayed over for a serious problem with her knees and she then gave a testimony of how God previously healed one of her son's.

All of this was broadcast the following Sunday Morning 10 January. You can hear what was transmitted by checking out the two clips at the bottom of the 'What the Media have Said' page on our website. Click here.

Not least, you will also be delighted to hear that Kelly-Marie was spoken to last week and her knees are now almost totally healed.
Passion Play 2016 - updated prayer pointers

As mentioned previously, Chelmsford 24-7 is promoting and organising the prayer support for the City's first Passion Play, which will take place on Good Friday next year. 
We want as many Christians as possible, throughout our City, to be involved in praying.

Here are the latest Prayer Requests and some Praise Reports:

Praise Reports!

  • The Cast are working together well and things are really coming together.
  • For a great stage management team.
  • For the adjacent Saracen’s Head Pub who have given the free use of a room from 9 am on the morning for use by the cast and crew.
General Prayer Requests
  • Health and wellbeing of cast and crew.
  • For each Saturday rehearsal – lines and songs to be learned.
  • Technicalities and logistics all work out.
  • Liaison with City Council, for positive relationships.
  • For a fine rain free day on Good Friday.
  • That public who come to watch the production will ‘get it!’ and as a result will find or be moved closer to a faith in Jesus
  • That the interplay between the traditional Procession of Witness beforehand and the Passion Play works well.

More Specific Requests (as at 26 January)

  • Urgent: Soldiers are still needed!
  • Urgent: Stewards also need to be identified to help on the day.
  • The Play is being promoted to schools by Andrea Dalton, who is offering them a play, ‘The Mystery of the Empty Tomb' – pray for more bookings. (details on this webpage).
  • For a suitable rehearsal date for the technicalities involved in operating and placing the large wooden cross in position which will have ‘Jesus’ on it.
  • Funds are required – £5000 is needed to cover all costs.
For more details about the Play, go to the chelmsford 24-7 website or check out: or their Facebook page.

Please spread the word and feel free to pass these prayer requests on. 
Local Christian Events  - some new ones added
Via our website and on social media, we seek to promote as well as pray for local Christian organisations, groups and meetings.

We have an on-line Calendar that can be linked to a Google Calendar or similar, (if you understand such things!).

If you know of any meetings or events coming up in the City or District, which are open to all, please let us know and they will gladly be considered for promotion and circulation.
Also, click here for more details on our website
Stoking the Boilers - Thoughts from David Gilbey
During a time of lively prayer at our recent Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer Support Team Meeting, I was suddenly reminded of the great preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, who, back in the nineteenth century, saw many thousands come to Christ through his preaching at the London Metropolitan Tabernacle.
Spurgeon did not take the credit for the fruit of his ministry, instead he would take those who inquired to the basement of the church, where often hundreds were on their knees in fervent prayer, before and even during services. He called these gatherings the church's 'boiler room'.

Steam was the source of all power in Spurgeon's day and boiler rooms in vast factories drove machinery, and boilers in offices and homes gave heat. But Boiler Rooms were not pleasant places to be, dirty, often tucked away, and hot!

Prayer is not always easy, it requires effort, a determination put other things aside, often to find a place apart from others and to press in, but prayer is always fruitful.

Chelmsford 24-7 is all about bringing transformation and Christian revival to our City through unified prayer. That's what God told me right at the start and everything that I have heard since from many people and sources has confirmed it.

One year ago, Chelmsford 24-7 only existed in name, we have since increasingly become a catalyst to Christians of every denomination and tradition to come together in prayer, either in our now frequent Prayer Spaces, or, and this is still developing, by encouraging or standing alongside other prayer initiatives within individual churches.

Our Prayer Spaces are in a real sense Boiler Rooms. We try to make them pleasant places come to, but every time people gather and pray in them, the weight of prayer over our City increases. The pressure builds. God IS responding. Revival is surely on it's way.

2016 has got off to a most encouraging start. About 100 people have come along to our Prayer Spaces so far this year, but they have certainly not been packed out. There is plenty of room for you too.

Let us not be complacent. Don't read this and leave it to others. Your City needs YOU to come out to pray! 

Spurgeon told his fellow pastors, “Brethren, we shall never see much change for the better in our churches in general till the prayer meeting occupies a higher place in the esteem of Christians.”

Let's stoke the fire and let the pressure build and let's see Chelmsford blaze for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Blessings to you all
Leader, Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer
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