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  1. Dear friends and colleagues
  2. ...for example: OPEROMANIJA
  3. What kind of work?
  4. Have you heard about the archive?
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Dear friends and colleagues,

already 250 participants from all over the world have registered for Music Theatre NOW 2015 and we are excited about more amazing and brilliant submissions to come. But the deadline for applications to this year's edition of Music Theatre NOW is approaching: there are four weeks left for submitting your projects.

If you have not registered yet, please do so in order to familiarize with the application form and collect the information that is necessary for the submission. 
The jury and we are looking forward to the evaluation of interesting works that we already received and the ones that will come in until the end of June.

In case you are not sure if you should submit, we can assure you: do it! It is a unique possibility to present your work to an experienced jury from five continents, who represent various venues and organizations in their country. 

As a winner of MTN 2015 you will be invited to the present your work at the MTN Meeting as part of the international festival Operadagen Rotterdam in May 2016 as a lecture with video-excerpts. Your audience will be festival-makers, presenters and publishers from all over the globe: a unique opportunity to expand your network, make valuable new contacts and get inspired by the work of fellow-artists. During the closing ceremony of the MTN Meeting further prizes will be awarded that include guest performances of your production in Shanghai and Rotterdam.

Wether you experience problems with the registration, the application form or you have any question concerning the competition, we are more than happy to help. Please contact us at

All the best
Christian Grammel
(for the team of Music Theatre NOW)


“All of our international presentations for PROTOTYPE have been curated from Music Theatre Now submissions and/or winners.”

Beth Morrison
(PROTOTYPE Festival, New York / member of the jury MTN 2012)


...for example: OPEROMANIJA

Have a look at previous winners of MTN and read about their success!

In the 2012 edition of Music Theatre NOW they were among the winning teams with their work „Have a nice day!“ and since then they have travelled the world, which was made possible by the awards, invitations and contacts they received at the meeting of MTN in Sweden. 

OPEROMANIJA is a production house, contemporary opera & multidisciplinary art movement of artists of the younger generation from various spheres, whose goal is to create contemporary music theatre. Since 2008, OPEROMANIJA has organized six contemporary opera festivals NOA (New Opera Action) and produced about 40 contemporary Lithuanian operas and multidisciplinary art projects OPEROMANIJA is an active promoter of music theatre and contemporary art in Lithuania.

The opera "Have a nice day!" was presented in various music, theatre and opera festivals in Lithuania and abroad (Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival ACT, Contemporary Music Theatre and Opera Festival PROTOTYPE in New York, Theatre festival GOLDEN MASK in Moscow, Baltic Theatre Festival in Riga, AUTOMNE EN NORMANDIE in Le Havre, NEXT Festival in Villeneuve d'Ascq, EXIT in Creteil). Recently they were invited to a tour through France including performances at Festival PASSAGES Metz, MC2 Grenoble, Festival HORIZON Mulhouse and festival THEATRE EN MAI in Dijon.

What kind of work?

The call for applications by Music Theatre NOW is not limited to a specific genre. You can enter works of all forms and types:
Operas or music theatre large and small, works made for large opera houses, or works created by a single person for tiny venues.
We especially want to encourage the creators of aesthetically innovative performance or dramatic works, which explore the notion of music theatre, to submit.
All kinds of works, which demonstrate a new development in the genre, be it in score, text and/or staging, should be entered. 
And also works by so-called non-academic composers and works without a written score will be taken into account.

Special attention will be given to works, whose musical and theatrical vocabulary originates outside of the Western European tradition. As a guideline, for those regions in which categories such as music theatre or opera are not defined: all interdisciplinary work will be considered, in which music plays a dominant role.

How different the works of previous winners were in style, aesthetic or general approach you can find out on our WEBSITE.

For example BLAUWBAARD by 33 1/3 Collective,
MASCHINENHALLE #1 from Austria,
or Degenerate Art Ensemble's RED SHOES.

Have you heard about the archive?

Music Theatre NOW is not only a competition and a network, but also a growing archive for contemporary music theatre.

As part of the Media Library for Dance and Theatre, the MIME CENTRE in Berlin, the recent editions of MTN are preserved for scientific research. The non-commercial archive is open to students, scholars, artists and any person interested from all over the world to provide an insight into the production of music theatre.

MTN offers the opportunity for participants of the competition to become part of this fantastic archive. Information about your work can be made accessible online - the video-material will be available only to visitors of the Mime Centre.

Your contribution to science and researching fellow artists has never been easier.


Help us promoting the call for applications in order to reach everyone in the world, who is working in the field of music theatre: Forward the newsletter, tell your friends and colleagues in person and on Twitter about Music Theatre NOW, invite others to like our profile on Facebook

 Thank you so much for your help!


Let's do it!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to participate in the competition with my opera. I see that a video should be submitted, but I don't have a video of my production. Is it mandatory to provide a video?

Unfortunately the submission of a video documentation of the work is indispensable for the application. Beside the musical aspects of the composition the jury will also consider the combination of music, staging and the overall setting.
In order to ensure a just competition among the submitted works all works have to match the requirements of the call for applications. If you cannot provide a video we are very sorry that we will not be able to accept your work. 

I downloaded the sample of the application form, but I can't fill in the information. Can you help me?

The application form can only be completed online; the section on the website can only be accessed if you are successfully logged in. You have to complete the online form in one session, as saving and re-editing is not possible after you submitted the form.
But we provide a sample of the application form as pdf in order to help you collecting the required information and preparing the application process.


I am currently preparing an application for your competition. Do I have to send in a score and where should it be uploaded?

If you are able to submit a score, this is very much appreciated. In the application form you can upload various files. Although the score is not explicitly stated there, you are invited to do so.

Further Questions?

Having trouble with the application form?
You do not know which kind of work is allowed to enter the competition?
Who were the winning teams in previous editions?

Most of your question are answered on our website.
For example visit the
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/ Visit our website for more information
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