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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

what is true for sports, is true for MTN as well: after the match is before the match.
While we are recovering a little after the wonderful
MTN Meeting in May at the Operadagen Rotterdam, our heads are buzzing with many ideas for the future of the competition.

MTN will take place again in 2018 and we are of course reviewing, evaluating and questioning the whole process in order to create a better and more promising edition for everyone involved. So if you have some critique or feedback to share, we are always interested in your opinion: please contact us at

For this newsletter we have put together some images from the MTN meeting and started to create a calendar of upcoming shows of the MTN Selected Productions. Although we will not be there in person, please feel warmly invited from the teams and us.

Let's keep in touch!
Christian Grammel
(for the team of Music Theatre NOW)

MTN @Operadagen Rotterdam

It was a wonderful experience to meet so many of you in person and being able to share ideas, discuss the core of Music Theatre or just have a good time.

The MTN Meeting 2016 can claim to have been the largest event since the first competition in 2008 and with 180 guests from all over the world it was an amazing closure of the recent competition.

We hope to improve the concept even further for 2019 and hope to meet as many from you again as possible.

And if you have some snapshots on your smartphone from remarkable moments in Rotterdam: please feel free to share these with us...

MTN Selected Productions - on Tour

You did not have a chance to meet us in Rotterdam or rather want to experience the MTN Selected Productions live? 
From now on we want to keep you updated on upcoming performances of the recent winners of MTN. During the next months you get a chance on most continents to watch the one or other show.

Paradise Interrupted

July 13th - 15th, Lincoln Centre Festival (New York, USA)

August 31st - September 3rd, Singapore International Festival of Arts (Singapore)

Composer / Text: Huang Ruo (China)
Director / Visual Designer / Text: Jennifer Wen Ma (China)
Lead Role / Kunqu Performer / Text: Qian Yi (China)
Text: Ji Chao (China)
Paradise Interrupted is an arresting new installation opera that poetically weaves the myths of the Garden of Eden and Peony Pavilion with composition that merges 600-year-old Kun opera with contemporary Western opera. The narrative follows a woman searching for an unattainable ideal in a world activated by her singing voice as she attempts to return to the Garden. Interactive technology enables a vast garden and a host of digital characters to interact with the protagonist and respond to her voice. 

Coup Fatal

July 16th & 17th, Festival de la Marseille (France)

Counter Tenor: Serge Kakudji (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Conductor: Rodriguez Vangama (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Artistic Direction: Alain Platel (Belgium)
Musical Direction: Fabrizio Cassol (Belgium)
Producing Organisation: les ballets C de la B & KVS
In Coup Fatal 13 musicians from Kinshasa, conducted by Rodriguez Vangama, are engaged with the repertoire of various baroque composers.
It is inspired by the grand gestures of the perky ‘sapeurs’, the dandies of Kinshasa. No need to be ironical, the exuberance doesn’t have to be reduced. Against a background of cartridge cases, movements have to be loud and big, the rawness provoking. Rather than a tribute to baroque music, Coup Fatal is a tribute to the unrelenting elegance of the Congolese.

You are my Loneliness / 你是我的孤独

September 29th Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre (China)
October 22nd Henan Elephant Theatre  (China)
October 29th - 30th Xi'an Sofitel Theatre  (China)
November 5h Chengdu Jincheng Palace of Fine Arts  (China)
Several additional performances throughout China.

Text: 喻荣军 (Nick Rongjun YU, China)
Director: 周小倩 (Xiaoqian Zhou, China)
Composer: 王洛宾 (Luobin Wang, China)

Wang Luobin was one of the most prestigious Chinese national composers in the 20th century. Since 1937, he was engaged in collecting folk songs of ethnic groups in Northwest regions of China. In all, he had edited and published over 1000 songs. He was thus honored as "The King of Folk Singer in Western Regions". As a musical theatre, this play sketched out his remarkable musical career and rich emotional world, including the persons or incidents which have inspired him in composing songs, especially his emotional life. 


November 9th National Arts Centre Ottawa (Canada)
November 15th, Les Coups de Théâtre Montréal (Canada)

Several performances in Europe coming up starting December 2016:

Direction / Video: Nathalie Teirlinck (Belgium)
Music: An Piere (Belgium) / Fulco Ottervanger (Belgium)

Slumberland is a breathtaking film-like musical journey into the world of the night. The point at which everything is overturned and the dream outstrips reality. It is the children themselves who with their astonishing imagination take you to a fascinating world.

Past and Future

Some of you have been in contact with MTN for a while now and might even have participated in the precedessing event "Music Theatre Workshop". We are happy to have found some old program books and scheduled some archive work for the autumn. In case you have any photo-material from those times, please help us editing the past and share your material. We'd be very happy explore the visual side of these days.

Get in touch with us!

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We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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