Shanghai and Rotterdam. New awards announced!
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Dear friends and participants of MTN,

we are excited. Music Theatre NOW has started and we already received a lot of great feedback and numerous people and institutions are very interested in the competition.
The first submissions have been made as well and we are looking forward to more interesting work from all over the world.
If you have not done it already: join us on Facebook or Twitter and share the information about Music Theatre NOW with your friends and colleagues.
But first of all check out the great news below...

All the best
Christian Grammel
(for the team of Music Theatre NOW)

Shanghai and Rotterdam.

New awards announced...

2016 ACT Festival “Globe Teana-Theatre Observation Award”

The celebrated playwright and Music Theatre Committee board member Nick Rongjun Yu has confirmed that one winning production will be invited to Shanghai China. The “Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival” (ACT Festival), hosted annually by the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, celebrates the best of contemporary theatre works from around the globe. The festival has become a vital channel through which the city of Shanghai informs Chinese and international audiences and theatre festival organizers about the latest theatre works of excellence. It also offers an invaluable platform for professional and amateur theatre participants to showcase their talent and unique voice.
In their announcement they write: “With theatre forms getting ever more hybrid nowadays, music has become an increasingly indispensable aspect of theatre performance. As music gets integrated creatively into the dramatic structure, it assumes a principal role and liberates theatrical expression from the boundaries previously set by verbal text. The world of theatre anticipates with eagerness the resulting innovative storytelling that will undoubtedly enrich the stage through the combination and juxtaposition of text, music, and movement.”
The ACT Festival “Globe Teana-Theatre Observation Award” represents the joint efforts of Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre and the ITI Music Theatre Committee in acknowledging music theatre works which display brilliance in seamlessly weaving music into dramatic structures and using innovative story telling techniques on stage.

2016 „Operadagen Award“

Member of the 2015 jury for MTN and artistic director of the „Operadagen Rotterdam“ Guy Coolen has announced that the festival, which is our host for the final meeting of Music Theatre NOW, will invite at least one of the winning productions to be presented in full staging at the festival in spring 2016.
Operadagen Rotterdam is an international festival with a focus on new developments in opera and music theatre. More than ever before singers, musicians, actors, directors, and designers are moulding the classical opera repertoire to their will. Whilst keeping intact the spirit of the works, they are finding new interpretations that resonate with the world of today and the future. Operadagen Rotterdam invites the audience to broaden their minds and experience the latest developments in the world of music theatre.

Have you heard about the archive?

Music Theatre NOW is not only a competition and a network, but also a growing archive for contemporary music theatre.

As part of the Media Library for Dance and Theatre, the MIME CENTRE in Berlin, the recent editions of MTN are preserved for scientific research. The non-commercial archive is open to students, scholars, artists and any person interested from all over the world to provide an insight into the production of music theatre.

MTN offers the opportunity for participants of the competition to become part of this fantastic archive. Information about your work can be made accessible online - the video-material will be available only to visitors of the Mime Centre.

Your contribution to science and researching fellow artists has never been easier.

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