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Dear music-theatre-lovers,

while nature is in full bloom everyone is starting once more to travel back and forth from one festival to the next and to make plans for the upcoming weeks: it is May again.

We will hopefully catch up with you at the one-and-only OPERADAGEN ROTTERDAM, when our meeting will conclude the 2018 edition of the competition and bring together, winners, jury, board, presenters, festival makers, researchers, composers, directors, stage designers, many many more and of course YOU!
You probably have the date already in your agenda and booked your flight in order to be there May 18-20th. 

No?! You can catch up with us (or more important with our winners) at numerous events during the upcoming months. Have a look, which show will be near your place soon.

CU soon and all the best
(for the team of Music Theatre NOW)

MTNow Meeting 2019 @ Operadagen

The next meeting of winners within the Music Theatre NOW network will be hosted by the Dutch festival once more

May 2019 May 18th - 20th 

Operadagen Rotterdam is a worldwide opera and music theatre festival featuring contemporary, innovative, and ground-breaking productions by established international makers as well as young and adventurous talent. The festival presents stories about pushing back frontiers and the search for a new identity under the central festival theme Lost & Found from 2017 through 2020. Operadagen Rotterdam lets the audience rediscover classic operas from days long gone in brand-new arrangements as it leaves the beaten tracks with new music theatre performances, and points to exciting and unknown horizons.

Wanna look at the schedule? CLICK HERE!!!

MTN Selected Productions - on Tour


You don't have a chance to meet us in Rotterdam or want to experience the MTNnow winners live?
Well… Here is your chance!



July 13th: Valletta, Malta

Nov 19th & 20th: Leeuwarden, Netherlands / Explore the North Festival

Five performers submerge themselves in glass water tanks to play custom made instruments and sing entirely underwater. 
AquaSonic is created out of the desire to investigate an element that is essential for all humans and shaped by a continuous flow of questions emerging from a space in-between; between genres, between art/science, between the old comfort zone and possible new answers. 
The artists conducted countless experiments in collaboration with divers, instrument makers and scientists to develop new, specialized subaqueous instruments. 
The result is a concert experience completely out of the ordinary; a deep dive into a spellbinding universe.

Artistic director, composer, vocals, hydraulophone: Laila Skovmand (Denmark)
Innovative director, violin, crystallophone: Robert Karlsson (Sweden)
Vocals, rotacorda: Nanna Bech (Denmark)
Percussion: Moran Le Bars
Drums: Morten Poulsen (Denmark)
Sound designer and engineer: Roman Komar (Poland)
Light designer and light engineer: Rune Halken Tønnes (Denmark)
Technical director and stage manager: Claus Madsen (Denmark)
International Manager: Sigrid Aakvik


May 19th: Rotterdam, Netherlands / Operadagen Festival

A digital re-calibration of the symbolic potency of Plato’s Cave allegory which aims squarely at fake news, social networks, virtual reality, allowing audiences to reflect on the walls and shadows around us. It’s a mash up cyberpunk opera where music, cinema, digital and visual technology collide; a living experience where everything is created in real time. ODC Ensemble is led by Athens based Elli Papakonstantinou and their work embraces the bewilderment of the audience in the face of persistent dislocation.

Concept / Libretto / Directing:
Ελλη Παπακωνσταντίνου (Elli Papakonstantinou, Greece)
Musical composition / Orchestration:
Τηλέμαχος Μουσας (Tilemachos Mousas, Greece)
Video Design / Real-time video / Set and Costumes Design:
Παντελής Μάκκας (Pantelis Makkas, Greece)


May 11th: Elmau, Germany
May 30th & June 2nd: Heerenveen, Netherlands
July 27th:  Neubrandenburg, Germany

"Our performances are notable for the absence of a conductor and sheet music on the stage; the notated music is played entirely from memory. In addition, we combine interpretation of classical music with improvisation informed by the original material.
To realise this, we take the original composition as a basis for a new work, rearranging material, presenting themes from the original in a kaleidoscope of musical influences, and leaving space for personal, soloistic statements. Freed from the confines of the traditional orchestral setup, we are able to present the work with choreography tailored to each room, designed to strengthen the experience and break the barrier between audience and orchestra"

Choreographer: Ela Baumann (Luxemburg)
Artistic & Musical Director: Juri de Marco (Deutschland)
Co-Composer: Alistair Duncan (Scotland) & Wolf Kerschek
STEGREIF.orchester - The improvising symphony orchestra


June 11th: Amsterdam / Hollandfestival

Following the cry for help from his Iranian colleague Mitra Kadivar, psychoanalyst Jacques-Alain Miller tries to free her from a psychiatric hospital in Teheran by means of e-mail correspondence. On the crossroads between opera, film and installation is this a genuine cry from the depths of imprisonment and isolation. Mitra attests of the resistance of our humanity, which is vulnerable and stands up against everything that destroys it. Besides this on-stage version Jorge León also made the film 'Mitra' which will be shown in selected international cinemas from autumn 2018.

Concept | director: Jorge León (Belgium)
Composition: Eva Reiter (Austria)


وَ/یا/پُرو/ ِمتِه


new version: PROMETHE/PLAGUE
May 17th & 18th: Rotterdam, Netherlands / Operadagen Festival

Promethe/Plague investigates (co-)humanity in 2019. What makes us human, as we become more and more entangled in a maze of violence, torture, struggles, ruins and decay? The main character in this story can be seen from several angles: sometimes she is a young woman who uses all her pent-up anger to free herself from her oppressed position. Another time she is a lonely woman who seeks peace, security and well-being, but never finds it. Contradictions play a central role in the performance: those between resistance and surrender, screaming and silence, love and hatred, past and future.

Director: مهدی آگاهی کشه (Mehdi Agahikeshe, Iran)
Music Director: نوید گوهری (Navid Gohari, Iran)

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