How did we get here?

We each have a story, many stories to tell about our journey until now.  Here is one of mine.  I was trained as a biomedical scientist and on the faculty of the University of California Medical School I researched the cellular and biochemical problems of human disease. I also began exploring what is healing and different avenues for getting there -shamanism, qigong, expressive arts, and imagery.

When I began working with patients using guided imagery, I was always surprised that the images that came to me made sense to the client. When I began drawing images for my own healing I gained a certain insight into this imaginal almost magical realm.  Soon I was guiding children and adults with cancer to draw their illness or how they felt, my amazement grew at the relief many seemed to experience, even if temporary.  My years in this realm of the imagination and symbols showed me how this approach can be healing  Yet as a “hard core scientist,” since I had no idea where the images and information were coming from, I stopped offering this healing path.

Instead, I went back to my microscope for images. Photographing more than cells, I photographed vitamins, minerals, hormones, drugs, mind-altering substances, wine and even the making of soup.  I used these images to show people the hidden beauty within themselves and in nature plus to teach how our cells worked.  Given the assignment to photograph mineral salts that had some kind of connection to astrology, I did so reluctantly.  

What a surprise to discover/uncover geometric shapes of the mineral salts that aligned perfectly with the four elements of earth, air, water and fire.  How was this possible, that simple photomicrographs of minerals could reveal any kind of symbolic information?  I couldn’t have been making it up or influencing what I saw since my goal was to capture beauty.  Plus I knew nothing about astrology, except my sign.  

This brings us to today, a journey that started 40 years ago.  I began using the photographs of the minerals to decipher astrological charts in terms of the elements to discover if there was any personal usefulness of these images.  Did the shapes of the molecules tell me anything about me, or about people I began doing readings for?  A big surprising YES.  

Doing readings was not a comfortable place to be for this scientist who likes facts.  I had to rely on my inner wisdom/intuition and what I’ve called spiritual guidance.  Where was the information coming from? A reverberation of  those early days with guided imagery. Yet as I got feedback from the people I was reading for, my trust in this new sacred process began to grow. 

The elemental guidance readings are grounded in the birth chart and the visual display of the symbols and photos of the minerals of the birth chart.  The images speak to me — did I really say that?  And they may speak to you, too.

At the moment the best way you can begin your journey into your magical elemental wisdom is by a personal reading. Gain a deeper perspective into your divine nature and to support you in your adventure in life.   I have 4 appointments still open in July.  Claim your time now

My first product - a magic caffeine cup.


Have a fabulous week, growing love, ideas and connections.
Sandy aka Sondra

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