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Spring 2015 Newsletter

Inner Illuminations


Sondra Barrett, PhD

A result of the insights from my healing journey and all my years exploring our cells is that it became clear that I had to put together a workshop that merges what I know about how our cells work with practical healing strategies.  I used to think that giving the scientific information was enough to motivate change and inspire wonder.  Yet in reality, I know its not easy to change our thoughts, feelings or bodies without a personal experience. A big question I have - do we have to have a threat of a life-threatening event to make positive changes in our life?  In this new workshop, my intent is to provide participants with a "medicine bag" of tools or strategies to test out for themselves making the day practical, grounded and enjoyable.  

Someone recently asked me what one thing I learned from my recent health challenge - I answered "to let go of fear." It's so easy to get caught into fear, either your own or that of people who love you. Consider what the label of an illness can do to your psyche.  How do we step out of that to recognize that there's also a healing peaceful place inside?

What we know about being resilient is that when we realize that we can manage our mind (at least some of the time) and not disappear into the rabbit hole of helplessness, we are in a healing mode.  All I was really sure of during my journey, that I couldn't get anchored  into fear (so easy to do) I wanted to stay in the possibility that anything was possible.  That doesn't mean I didn't get afraid sometimes, just that I could move out of it, which was indeed a surprise.  After all, being in fear turns on the stress response which does not help our healing.  

In this workshop we will explore practical skills based on the wisdom of our cells and our hearts.  And we will hold ourselves in sacred space as we discover how we and our cells repair themselves and connect.   


 ROMANCING YOUR CELLS: Embodying Their Healing Wisdom is my first workshop with a focus on healing.  I want you to fall in love with your cells, your self.  This will be an experiential day held in the heart of Petaluma.   The space is limited so if you want to join us, please sign up early.


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