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MAY 31, 2016 Newsletter

Illuminating Life


Sondra Barrett, PhD


The last few weeks have been very exciting. First I received a copy of Secrets of Your Cells in Korean, now the book is in 6 languages,  I am so grateful to Sounds True for making this happen.

I also received an iPhone case with one of my photographs on it.  The story - in 2008 I entered Olympus microscope’s Bioscapes competition - got an honorable mention, and that photo became part of their museums tour.  Eight years later, this year the employees at Olympus selected my honorable photomicrograph as their favorite to carry around on their iPhones.  Notice that is the same image that graces Wine’s Hidden Beauty - Heidi Barrett’s 2002 Moscato Azul, an image I call Heidi’s Angels.   

 My workshop experiences in Glasgow and Malta were heart opening and powerful, life changing.  Many in the workshops were challenging cancer, which brings me full circle to where I started my career - cancer research.  And so to expand my teaching locally I’ve scheduled a short 3 session program focused on healing right here in Santa Rosa - educating about the strategies and tools.  Naturally I’ll enhance the practical experience with science and the mystical.  I’ve never offered the work in this format - 4 hours on consecutive Saturdays - June 18, 25 and July 9.  My intention is to blend the intimacy of a group with the content of a course in digestible pieces.  That way we build community and enhance learning.  I’m discovering  a lot about communities with the  soyc private FACEBOOK group - folks from the 2 european workshops sharing heart, knowledge and support - we can be global, we are global.  Learn more and REGISTER FOR ACCESSING YOUR INNER HEALER, THE CELL SHAMAN.  

My other persona, the illuminator of wine is offering a new presentation - Tasting Stars on July 24 at Vineyard Vista in Napa.  We’ll be tasting and seeing some stars and angels in wine as well as exploring what shapes our taste and our intuitive knowledge.  We will be enjoying wines from David Freed, co-founder of WineSpirit.   

Also I’ve just purchased a Coravin system which will allow me to take samples from those rare and treasured wines to photograph without damaging the cork or wine inside.  Below image is of 1941 Inglenook Cask Cab. 

Do you have a bottle you’ve collected whose portrait you would like?   Are you putting your wines into an auction, why not add  its portrait for your future customers. Call me.  415-827-8260.Put this date on your calendar to join us on July 24 to explore more jewels of wine

My friend and pioneer in preventive and integrative medicine Elson Haas MD has just released his new book - NEW MEDICINE.  I have known Elson Haas MD for about 40 years and have witnessed his passion for educating people about health and preventing disease.  We met when he was writing his first book STAYING HEALTHY WITH THE SEASONS, a ground-breaking book bridging mainstream medicine and Chinese medicine.  Now his 11th book STAYING HEALTHY WITH NEW MEDICINE is written from his passion to heal healthcare and educate what we each can do to improve our health. The book explores and compares the Natural, Chinese and Western Medicine empowering an individual with information about our choices and resources to make the wise choices for their health caring.  I was also part of the team developing this book so am very happy to know that is wisdom is now available for you to read.  To learn more about Elson, here’s his website.  I encourage you to purchase the book HERE.  

Wishing you a wonderful summer ahead and may all our cells remain healthy and in tune and may our vineyards flourish.

Wee cuddles sent from Sondra, still got my Scottish up.

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