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FEBRUARY 2016 Newsletter

Illuminating Inner Space


Sondra Barrett, PhD

Happy New Year - twice - 2016 and Chinese New Year of the Monkey.  Guess that means we can bring  more play into everything we do.  

My new year started off with some wonderful, stimulating, and fun experiences — one week presenting Secrets of Your Cells to Santa Rosa IONS community group and the next week delivering The Structure and Beauty of Wine Through the Microscope to the Institute of Masters of Wine(IMW) - 100 international wine experts passionate about wine.  

A bit about the presentation — we tasted 3 wines , which I had photographed ahead of time.  About 99% of these MW hopefuls  could match their experience to the wine’s photograph. That's a rarity.  Here’s a sample of the tasting page. 

The IMW experience was an incredible opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the last few decades about the inner wine to experts who actually received it as useful besides beautiful.  Two blogs came from that presentation (my Mastering Wine  was inspired by the blog Grape Finds by Stacy Dalton, one of the MW students. Lauren Mowery, another MW student wrote a wonderful mind-and heart-opening article for the Village Voice- Can Wine Taste Like Love. 

Their responses encourage me to explore even more wine wisdom and make it commercially viable.   Wine’s Hidden Beauty ( very few copies left) is ready for a 2nd edition so I’m looking for wineries or winemakers that would like to partner in this venture and be included in the new edition  or to explore the potential of wine signatures, is this a wine code?  Call me.  [415-827-8260]

It’s been an amazing experience for me to watch Secrets of Your Cells have a global impact.  The book is now available in 6 languages: Chinese,German, Spanish, Italian, Korean and Portuguese and almost every day someone writes me about how the book has changed their life.  In fact, I was invited to offer Awakening Your Cellular Intelligence presentations and workshops in Malta and Glasgow - pretty awesome.   I’ll b there from March 25 through mid-April. 


Also next month - March 4 - Elson Haas (my coauthor of Ultimate Immunity ) and I will be giving our first Immune Health workshop in Sacramento for Sierra Health Foundation and Evolving Health Education.  Save money if you register now.

I learned something very exciting this week - that our taste receptors have functions in our body more than for tasting food.  They have a role in fighting disease.  It turns out that we have taste receptors all over our body not just on our tongue and nasal passages.  This image is from the Scientific American article cited below. Bitter taste receptors activate rapid immune responses protecting us against microbial infections.  If you’ve come to any of my wine presentations you know how obsessed I have been about taste, so this was a huge surprise to discover this link between taste receptors and immune functions.  I first read about this in the February 2016 issue of Scientific American and then talked to one of the authors-researchers to learn more.  The useful tip for now is if you have a cold or sinus problems, inhale scents like eucalyptus.  The use of  essential oils now has some scientific perspective credibility as we begin to understand that a simple scent can activate immune responses. Whereas we have only one type of receptor for sweet or savory, we have 25 different receptors for bitter.  Bitter substances and aromas stimulate the bitter immune receptor activity.  Researchers are also looking at what can be added to saline nasal washes to stimulate those bitter receptors.  And as I write this I wonder if sniffing deeply that tannic red wine is another reason why wine is good for our health.  Bitter compounds found in food and beverages can actually be keeping us healthy in more ways than we expected.  So what bitter things can probably be good for our immune health - Green veggies like brussel sprouts and hoppy IPA beers.

As I send off this first newsletter of 2016 I wish you a heartful and healthy new year.  This wine portrait, expressing hearts and maybe soul. is Mike Benziger's 2005 Oonapais Sonoma Mountain Red at 4 years - a wonderful biodynamic red blend.     

I invite you to explore my website if you haven't already.  Buy your copy of any of my books while still available and of course be heart healthy, loving and kind.  Until next time, remember to take your cells for a walk and let them enjoy some hearty wine.  

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