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March 2015 Newsletter

Illuminating Inner Space


Sondra Barrett, PhD

Have you ever had a challenge that required you to live life differently, to show up in a whole new way?  


Well,the last 6 months brought me several major challenges.


First, in September a silent stroke changed my voice - you could say it silenced me.  Fortunately I had no other symptoms or physical problems. I simply woke up one morning with a different voice, it was slowed down and not sounding like me.  Ultimately it led me to getting brain scans and a diagnosis of a right hemisphere stroke.  It also led me into major fear - what would I do if I never sounded right again, or what if another one struck, what work could I do if I couldn't teach or talk.  I was in limbo and worry.  


As one who believes that any illness or challenge can be an opportunity or lesson I had to ask what was my lesson, what did I have to learn.  Besides to open my heart, surrender to what was going on and try to stay out of fear and trust divine timing, to not push ahead when I wasn’t ready. I got some speech therapy and learned to exercise my lips and tongue in ways I didn't think possible, not for eating, speaking or kissing.   I looked pretty weird doing these in my car. And after many months my voice improved.


Just as I began to sound like me and my energy was returning, I was given another medical challenge,  the possibility of liver cancer.  Needless to say this was another major shock.  After all, how can I, a health educator, have both a stroke and cancer, where had I failed to do the right things.  Yes, I blamed myself at first, yet what this challenge made me do- was to call upon every aspect of healing I had ever known or known about. 

I asked myself a few questions -

  • is there a possibility that its not cancer?
  • If it is cancer can I turn it around?
  • If it is a disease condition I can’t change ,what do I have to heal while I still can? 


I asked for help, for prayers, for guidance and inner guidance and found myself diving deep inside to those emotional and spiritual  issues I never wanted to look at but I knew needed healing.  I knew from my past work with people with life-threatening illnesses, that healing is always possible even if physical cure is not.  I reread in my cells book what I had written about cancer.  I engaged in a number of healing rituals and did a lot more meditation than usual. I even practiced some imagery, something not done for years. Fortunately this story has  a happy ending - the diagnosis of a benign tumor not cancer.  A big sigh of relief, mostly.  


What I didn’t do throughout this process was google liver cancer or ask experts my odds.  Just  naming a disease can be stress-provoking.  As much as I could, I let go of the fear and held to the possibility of it not being cancer. And a few good friends helped me stay with the possibility.


To me any challenge can be met with the gift or lesson of it.  When looking at the possibility of life shortened unexpectedly, we may ask what’s left to do or how do i want to live  - besides love my children and grandchildren more and be more loving, kind and joyful, I am recommitting to my life intention from many years ago - to bridge science and healing offering new possibilities for adults and children.

to that end, I am giving my first workshop of 2015 in April - ROMANCING YOUR CELLS: Embodying Their Healing Wisdom. This is my first day long workshop in more than a year.   I am excited to be moving forward sharing the inner world of the miraculous mysteries of our cells and molecules.


I hesitated sharing my vulnerability with you but am learning that when we do sometimes doors are opened for others.  I discovered when I asked for prayers and support, people told me that they were afraid to do the same thing. Who knew that asking for help requires courage.  


So please share this information about my next workshop April 18 in Petaluma. The focus will be on healing - the biology and the psychology shaped by the sacred.  This will be an experiential day.   The space is limited so if you want to join us, please sign up early. Later this year I will also be offering a year-long training program and a 6-session webinar.  Plus I am revisiting the work I used to do with children with cancer 


What have I been doing when not health-challenged?  Last year I completed writing a book with Elson Haas MD - Ultimate Immunity released as a hardback by Rodale October 2014.It will be released as a trade paperback book Augsut 2015

Also I began developing a webinar series based on my book Secrets of Your Cells.and completed a Logging On Qigong instructional video with Petaluma Pictures 
  What is it you want to heal?
Let your cells show you a way.
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