THE FIRST FULL MOON of the summer (or winter) is Thursday June 24.

Full moons are powerful cosmic bodies in our cycles of time.  

They shine the most light in the night sky, making visible what is not usually seen.  Take a look at nature.  There may seem to be bigger shadows from the trees yet you become  more aware of what is surrounding the trees with the contrasting light and dark. Moonlight on the ocean sparkles, making the water seem alive.  

Full and new moons create the highest and lowest tides each month.  And this full moon may be pulling on your inner tides more than other full moons.  

This full moon in Capricorn is asking us to embody our emotions, feel what we are feeling, no hiding this time.  The Cancer Sun takes us into the depths of our emotions, our stillness, our Soul. This dance of Sun and Moon takes us into a cycle of grounding and making tangible our soul’s deepest desires.  

What is being illuminated for you? 

Simple Full Moon Ritual

Find a few quiet moments to be in the moonlight. 
Take a few deep breaths to center yourself.
When you're ready, ask what is being illuminated tonight? 
What needs illumination?
What message does this full moon have for you? 

Allow yourself to sit in the light of the moon reflecting on these questions.  Listen and receive.  Do you need to take an action to make this illumination tangible and real? If you are so inclined you may even pull a tarot card to help illuminate your way.  

Draw or write what comes to you,This ritual is inviting you to connect with your deeper self, what may be hidden, even from you.

Receive the moon’s energy to wake you up. 

You may be hiding but the wisdom is there for you, to enlighten and enliven yourself a little bit more

The full moon has the power to illuminate things for us, and she helps us see things we don't usually see. That makes this a particularly potent time to do this kind of soul work. 

Take some time to “feel” into what you wish to manifest during this full moon.  Full moon is also a time for GRATITUDE, FULFILLMENT AND REFLECTION

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Have a fabulous week, growing roots, ideas and connections.
With love,

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