Last week, I announced the launch of the 2022 Business Growth for Creative Entrepreneurs Program. And at the end of the week, I received a thoughtful email from the Center for Humane Tech that reinforced to me the impact that this program can have on companies.  If you're not familiar, The Center for Human Tech brought you The Social Dilemma and also the podcast Your Undivided Attention. Their latest email was in reaction to the Facebook Files and how we go about changing complex systems. They borrowed from Donella Meadows' work 12 points to intervene in a system. If you're not familiar with her work, her book, Thinking in Systems is a classic resource.

The Center came up with its own framework to show the impact that certain changes can have. 

To quote the Center for Human Tech, "The Leverage Points Framework shows that change happens at multiple levels with different degrees of impact. Importantly, it demonstrates why pushes for immediate design tweaks at major platforms must be paired with longer-term systemic reform, like changing the fundamental business models. Generally, leverage increases from left to right on the framework. However, so does the difficulty of implementing changes. Because of this, multiple efforts at multiple points of leverage are important."

What I love about this graphic, is it so closely resembles the trajectory most business owners take when trying to make a change. First, we often see a rebrand (literally Facebook's first move). We get concerned about our brand strategy and our positioning. Only, as this graphic suggests, those changes have the least leverage of all and must be complemented with shifts further up the teeter-totter if we are actually going to create impact and sustain the change we seek. [If you haven't read my distinction between design and brand, now is a good time to do that.

On the very opposite end of the t-totter is culture change. Culture has the most leverage of all of the interventions and it is also the most difficult to initiate and sustain. Per the CHT, "Paradigm changes are the highest leverage point and most difficult to shift. They occur when there is widespread change in our core beliefs, values, behaviors, and operating norms."

Shifting our values & operating norms are the most difficult of all, and that is why the Business Growth for Creative Entrepreneurs program focuses on exactly that. I like difficult things and I like to teach them. Ushering entrepreneurs through difficult shifts is where, as a teacher, I shine. And where this program, is unlike any other business growth program out there. It starts at the very opposite end of the t-totter and speaks to how we redefine culture and use that to change our business models for growth. 

This program will teach you how to define core values that can be operationalized for growth. From your visioning to your financial planning, in your marketing & sales plan, and especially within your standard operating procedures and your personnel infrastructure. See more for yourself with this little infomercial that introduces you to the core concepts behind this program. (Think TV Party meets Bob Ross with a heavy dash of The Comeback.) 

This program requires a serious level of commitment and organization to succeed. It is an intensive, inspiring, and very personal journey that will take you out of the day to day of your business and enable you to see the bigger picture. You’ll dig deep to reflect on your own motivations and where you need to adjust in order to align your vision with your values. You’ll look at what’s not working within your business and you’ll identify new opportunities for future growth. You’ll finish with new tools, boosted by the confidence to grow your business and embrace your role as a leader. You’ll reap the benefits of peer-to-peer learning and create lasting and motivating relationships that will drive you to succeed for the lifetime of your business.


For more details about the course including a bit of history, the philosophy of the program, feedback on who should attend,  Syllabus, Calendar, FAQs and much more, check out the full Program Manual here. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

When you're ready to register, email Holly ( by responding to this email. Please indicate:

  • Which cohort group you would like (Monday or Tuesday)
  • If you have additional team members that would like to attend
  • Payment option: Early Bird or Full Fee Payment Plan

We'll save your spot and we look forward to working with you in 2022!


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