Asthma costs Australia $28 billion a year

Our new report on the economic cost of asthma shows its far-reaching financial impacts on the government, community, and people with asthma and their families.  

The Hidden Cost of Asthma, our joint report with Asthma Australia prepared by Deloitte Access Economics, details the financial burden of asthma including direct healthcare costs of $1.2bn and $24.7bn attributed to disability and premature death.

Target asthma triggers for a healthy Christmas

The lead up to Christmas can be stressful enough without the added concern of an asthma flare-up. Take extra care this month as even the humble Christmas tree – real and fake – can harbour hidden asthma triggers.

Asthma doesn't stay home when you go on holidays

As the holiday season approaches we are encouraging parents of children with asthma to take a prepared and vigilant approach to asthma care when travelling.

A change of environment while away from home can also trigger asthma symptoms in children. As well as packing your child’s usual medicines also think about what other problems you might encounter while travelling with allergies. It might be a good idea to take your child’s hay fever tablets or nasal spray too.

A little extra planning will help ensure holidays are low-risk and still full of fun.

School holiday madness - are you asthma ready?

School holidays are nearly upon us and for mums this means goodbye school lunches and early morning mayhem and hello sleepovers, camping trips and other fun holiday activities.

For those of you who have kids with asthma this also means making sure they are well prepared before venturing off on outings with friends or family.

Hayfever season isn't over yet

Most people believe allergies are at their peak in Spring. But for those who suffer from pollen allergies (including hayfever and conjunctivitis) the hotter months can be just as challenging.
If you are sensitive, try to reduce your pollen exposure by avoiding going outdoors on days with high pollen counts (particularly 7-9am and 4-6pm), on windy days or after thunderstorms. Our pollen factsheet has more useful tips on how to reduce your exposure. 
Ask your pharmacist about nasal sprays and other treatments. Our Sensitive Choice partner FESS has a range of non-medicated products that might help manage your allergies this summer. 

Bushfire season sparks asthma warning

For people with asthma living in high risk bushfire zones, the bushfire season is time to be on high alert for asthma symptoms. Smoke and increased air pollution from fires can trigger asthma symptoms, as can high emotions such as stress and anxiety.

It's vital for anyone with asthma living in a bushfire zone to be prepared, and include asthma management in their fire safety survival plan.

Research study for parents of children with serious illness

The Behavioural Sciences Unit of the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children's Hospital are looking to recruit parents of children with serious illness, including asthma, for a research study.

The research will investigate the educational experiences and outcomes of children and adolescents with serious illness compared with children and adolescents without serious illness.
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