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Are you ready for back-to-school asthma?

Every February, there is a big spike in asthma flare-ups and hospitalisations in children with asthma just after school goes back.

To help kids enjoy healthy and asthma symptom-free days, we are urging parents and carers to plan ahead with our back-to-school asthma checklist for home and school.

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Remain vigilant and asthma ready this bushfire season

Our thoughts are with those families who have been affected by recent bushfires around Australia. For those people with asthma living in high risk bushfire zones, it's essential to be on high alert for asthma symptoms. Smoke and increased air pollution from fires can trigger asthma symptoms, as can high emotions such as stress and anxiety.

If you have asthma and live in a bushfire zone it is vital to be prepared and include asthma management in your fire safety survival plan.

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National patient support pilot for asthma

The Asthma Foundation NSW has launched a pilot program to improve adherence to asthma preventer medicines.

Aimed at adults over 18 years old, the initiative is intended for people who have a current asthma diagnosis and a prescribed preventer, but don't use it regularly.

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Win great prizes in the Sensitive Choice colouring competition

I'm bored... is a common cry heard by nearly all parents or carers at some point during the school holidays. Want to beat the holiday boredom? Why not get your kids to enter our Sensitive Choice colour/decorate the butterfly competition. We have Smiggle and Typo gift cards up for grabs and you might even get a quiet few minutes with a cuppa while they are busy getting creative.

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Free Pregnancy, Birth and Baby national service

Do you know anyone who could benefit from free pregnancy, birth or baby advice? Brought to you by Healthdirect Australia, the service has been expanded to include maternal child health nurses who are available for advice or support 7 days a week as part of its national service.

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Asthma and sleepovers

Our article on dealing with asthma and sleepovers was one of our most popular Facebook posts last month. If you missed it, check out our factsheet for helpful advice on how to keep this experience fun and stress-free for everyone.

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How is your air-conditioner coping?

As the temperature soars our cooling systems work hard to keep up with demand. How is yours coping? Is your air-conditioner producing clean, sanitised air? Sensitive Choice partner Hydrokleen specialises in cleaning all types of split-system, ceiling cassette and ducted air-conditioners, removing mould, bacteria and fungi, which can trigger asthma symptoms, and improves operating efficiency.

If you need a split system air-conditioner, check out Sensitive Choice partner Daikin's range.

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