JULY 2016
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Expanded 'how-to' video library now available

Nearly 90 per cent of Australians are not using their inhalers properly, increasing their chances of hospitalisation, side-effects and wasting or overusing their medications. And if you're thinking "that's not me, I've been using my puffer for years", be warned - poor technique is just as common in long-term inhaler users.

In a bid to address the issue, we have launched an expanded series of 'how-to' videos on our website showing many different devices and their use.

Judi Wicking, our asthma educator, understands there is confusion surrounding inhaler use and says that 'there are a large variety of inhalers and brands available on the market and each one has to be used in a particular way. The series of demonstration videos show how to properly use each type.'

The library also includes demonstation videos for the latest nasal allergy sprays.

Do kids grow out of childhood asthma?

When a child is diagnosed with asthma, parents usually have a number of questions. How serious is asthma? Will the child grow out of it? How can it be treated? It can be difficult to get clear answers, as asthma affects different children in different ways. In a piece for The Conversation, our paediatric expert Professor Adam Jaffé tackles some of these issues.

Read the article here.

Everyday Health program highlights asthma

Judi Wicking, our asthma educator, spoke to the team on Everyday Health's tv program about how prevalent asthma is in Australia and also highlighting the importance of correct device use when using your medications.

Watch Episode 22 here.  

Ground-breaking phase out of inhaler CFCs worldwide

An astounding, worldwide environmental achievement will see a complete phase-out in 2016 of CFCs used in inhaler puffers (MDIs). The 1996 Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was developed in conjunction with worldwide parties to stop the use of ozone depleting CFCs in MDIs. As a result, affordable and CFC-free alternatives are available worldwide. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our own CEO, Kristine Whorlow AM, Australia was the first country to phase out the use of most CFCs in MDIs. Kristine was one of two Australian Government representatives to the Protocol. 

Read more on this article.

Healthy Homes TV features CEO

Channel 10's program Healthy Homes recently aired a segment highlighting asthma, allergies and the benefits of using an indoor air purifier. Our CEO Kristine Whorlow AM, spoke about triggers commonly found in the home and how to manage your asthma better.

Sensitive Choice partner Homedics featured their Electrostatic Air Cleaner and are now giving two of these away ($399RRP). To find out more about the competition and the chance to win see here!
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