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Adios 2015!

Auld Lang Syne (for the sake of old times)

2015 was a great year for TheStonerMom, but things are only getting more awesome! 

Hello you! I've been doing those things that people do this time of year. You know, when we drink too much and get too sentimental. We smoke a fat joint and reflect on past goals, former resolutions, the direction of our life, and other awful, painfully adult thoughts.

Part of planning the future involves analyzing the past. I like looking over the prior years and reflecting on what changed, how we grew.

2012 was my manic year of misery, sex, travel, passion, deep depression, painful revelations and falling madly in love. Man. Glad that one's over. 

In 2013 I took a leap. I divorced and I remarried and I became a stepmother. 

2014 was all about rebirth. The new family, the new house, this new life 2.0. It was blending our children into the silly group of rapscallions we have now. 

2015 was about normalizing. In an unremarkable year we find ourselves with a very happy and secure family, a re-poured foundation stronger than the first. Life this year was easy.

2016 is going to be about growth, but mostly, about exceeding expectations. 

First and foremost, growing as a mother. Expanding my role. Relishing in the maturing love between my children and I. Focusing on their development. 

Second, excelling at love. Loving others, spreading affection, appreciation, acceptance. As I grow older I have less and less time in my life and room in my heart for negativity, complaints, gossip or judgment. 

Third, exceeding my expectations online. Huh? That refers to of course. 

I will be quiet for the rest of December. Fine tuning is going on behind the scenes to help prepare for 2016. Here is what is in store: 

Upcoming Articles:
  • Sativa, Indica, Hybrids, and why everything we thought we knew is wrong. 
  • A new series! Talking to Kids About Cannabis.
  • New Stoner Mom Reviews!
  • All about Vaping.
  • Cooking with Cannabis.
  • Stoned Cooking.
  • A parenting series written for stoners. 
  • Stay tuned for a FEZ giveaway!
Awesome affiliate relationships means more opportunities to review products you guys are interested in. Is there something you'd like to see The Stoner Mom review? All you need to do is hit "reply" to this email and tell me what it is! 
Back in the day (like, so 2009) I had a 365 photo a day blog. For a couple years actually. In 2016 I am going to dig into my appreciation for IG. They say to find your platform and stick with it. I think I'll stick with IG. #thestonermom #daily2016 #stonermom
GrowCast has gone live on iTunes. You can also listen and download here: GrowCast Episode 1 How to Grow Weed. Episode 2 is ready but my poor husband has to wait for his slow ass wife to proofread (ahem...rewrite) his show notes.

The Stoner Mom podcast is debuting in January and it's every bit as awesome as you would expect. Stay tuned. 
New shows uploaded every Friday! Finally, we've got a variety of shows ready to upload so head over to my channel and subscribe! I'm answering a TON of questions that I've been getting from followers plus featuring more of my family. 
This will likely be my last group email of 2015. Until you hear from me in January, can you do me a favor? It's really easy, I promise. Can you hit reply right now and send me a one sentence answer to the following two questions:

What is the one thing that is overwhelming you the most right now?

What would you like to see/hear on

That's it. :) Super easy. One word answers are totally cool too.

One more thing. Thank you. Thank you for finding me, for following me, for trusting me and enjoying what I'm sharing. You guys mean the world to me. 

Be safe this holiday season. Be responsible with nuts. And weed. Clearly I'm stoned right now. 
The Stoner Mom
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