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                 Volume 2        October 2015
October 15. 2015
Happy Fall Stoner Friends! 

First Off, Sheepish Apologies 

So... yeah. No September issue. The bright side is, at least I don’t spam you guys constantly right? I am sorry though. September got away from me, probably because I was too stoned, too often. 
Anyway, I've been busy because it's Fall! When the leaves change life picks up speed in Casa de Stoner. Gearing up for holidays, school conferences, lots of time spent with homework, projects and tests.

Autumn is also when I typically go into full-on nesting mode. I don't pick up my computer at all and instead spend my time obsessively rearranging furniture or painting random walls in the house. I've gotten quite a few walls done in the last weeks, in this rich charcoal color that I just adore. So much better than the outdated taupey-yellow-beige the previous owners had going on. Funny how much something so small can change the atmosphere of the house. 

Changes at

In other news, my husband (The Weed-Growing Dad? He really needs a nickname. Reply to this email with suggestions if you have any), has committed to taking an active role in the running of our stoner enterprise. If I can give filming and editing work to him, I am free to produce more content, write more guides, and have more time to interact with you guys on social media or here in email. His involvement is very appreciated and so exciting for me!

Upcoming Course: The Easiest and Fastest Way to Grow Tons of Weed at Home

We are working on producing some really cool stuff early next year, like a VIP course on growing your own marijuana, in your own home, in the fastest way possible. I get so many questions from you guys asking for advice on scoring weed in non-legal states, and unfortunately I can't help with that. But I can help you take control of your own health, and to discreetly and safely grow your own marijuana, eliminating any need for conversing with dangerous strangers or putting yourself out there for law enforcement to question. 

Live streaming = Moms Gone Wild

I have discovered Periscope and I am fairly certain I will become addicted for at least a little while. There have been so many things I’ve wanted to document but have been overwhelmed with the video-making aspect. Because I’m a perfectionist, producing The Stoner Mom Show is harder than you’d think, given how it looks, haha. But really, editing your stupid face and your awful voice and your uninteresting commentary is not really very fun. For me anyway. 
Periscope is live streaming, meaning no edits. This may sound terrifying, but for me it’s freeing! There's nothing to edit or obsess over. It’s just you, sharing what you are doing, seeing, or saying at that specific moment. So it’s less about presenting a beautiful video and more about casual video chat. 
So, check out periscope in the app store and follow @thestonermom. Live streams are removed after 24 hours. I plan on being more causal and just naughtier in general there, because of it's temporary nature. 

Survey Time for The Dank Subscribers

One last thing. In the next few weeks I will be sending you a survey. I am trying to hone in on the specific type of content you guys want, and I would be ever so grateful if you could fill out the survey for me. I promise to make it a really short one, and your answers will go a long way in helping shape in the immediate future. So, when that email survey hits your inbox, please take a minute to give me some feedback. 
Until next time, 
The Stoner Mom 

That Moment When You're Expected to Perform a Bong Hit in Front of People and You Realize How Old and Uncool you are

The Summer of 2012 I found myself in a parking garage in Boulder, Colorado, holding a huge bong in my hands and getting ready to attempt my first “rip”. Ever self-conscious, I insisted my companions not watch me. While of course also requesting they light the bowl for me and pull it out at the proper time. I was 29, a mother of two, and convinced I looked like an absolute fool trying to use this ridiculous gadget.

There is something about a bong that can be intimidating for the uninitiated. Big and fragile, relics of the cool kids, your lack of experience shines through and you feel 16 again, not wanting to show how ignorant you are. If you’re a woman it’s made doubly awkward by the phallic nature of the bong, the clearly sexual act of putting your lips on this long… tube. But really guys, we’re adults now. It’s okay to not know how to do these things. The Stoner Mom is going to walk you through it anyhow, because that’s what moms do.

This guide will show you: 

  • The basics of bong types
  • Proper terms for the bong pieces
  • How to prepare the bong for use- water level and filling the bowl
  • How to take a proper hit
  • What to look for when in the market for a bong
  • A short explainer of bong accessories
  • And the proper care and storage of bongs
The best part is this post is live early for subscribers only, so click that button and get to learning! 
Password: bongalong
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