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Goals for the year, Vaping for Beginners & more inside... 
JANUARY | 2016
My dear Stoner Friends, 


So, do you know the Myers Briggs Test? Many of you probably do, but if not, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a pretty well known self-reporting personality test. There is a high chance you have taken some form of it, whether it be at job training, or in school, and definitely if you are in the corporate world. If you want to take a swing at it you can take the test here

I hadn't taken the test in a few years so earlier this month I decided to revisit it. Turns out I'm an INTP-T, otherwise known as the Logician. My "strategy" or, how I handle myself and achieve goals, is "constant improvement". That's a personality trait I am quite fond of, and I wanted to share with you some different ways to make sure 2016 is the year for the stoner. 

As stoners, or "cannabis enthusiasts", we are held to a standard that blames our cannabis use for any personality flaw we may have. Obviously, that's not a fair presumption, so I think it's important to present yourself as positively as you can as a public stoner. 

If you happen to be one of those stoners that is long on getting high but short on achieving things in life, it may be time for a gentle nudge from Mom. Let's dive in. 

My Tips for a Stoney & Successful 2016 

  1. Choose your battles with intention: My absolute favorite tip for parents everywhere is to choose their battles with intent. As in, think upon them before beginning them. If you've got young kids especially, learn to let things go. Tension in a happy home should always be zero. This is impossible if someone is choosing to be angry about anything and everything. This goes for all of your interactions with society. Don't nag your partner if you don't need to. Don't try to yell your way over a toddler's tantrum. Be the calming force that we all need i our lives. 
  2. Don't smoke too much weed. There is no measurable "too much" because we're all beautiful unique stoner snowflakes or whatever, but there is a personal "too much". Signs you're getting there: you're broke all the time, you're never really high anymore, or you've somehow missed/spaced/forgot/was-asleep-through an important date or deadline.
  3. Improve your sex (intimacy) life. I'm not kidding you guys. Have some regular awesome sex with your partner, and watch the state of your marriage/relationship/mental-health/ability-to-sleep/physical-fitness improve. My single peeps need release too, so go get laid smartly. Remember, it's quality, not quantity. Make it good, and make it count.
  4. Watch one documentary you have not yet seen. If you're a lover of excellent quality television series', then it's time to learn about how messed up things are in the real world.  
  5. Prepare a Household Cannabis Safety Audit. Review your routines, your current state of cannabis storage, and make improvements as necessary. Our lifestyles, families and children are always changing, so remember that what worked when the kids were mere babes may not work now. 
  6. Grow your own Cannabis plant. Hands down, the smartest investment I have made thus far has been producing of my own medicine. I cannot stress enough how nice it is to have your herb supplied in house, with no rushing out the to the dispensary, or paying 30% tax on a gram of weed, or god forbid, meeting a dealer in a non-legal state. Grow your own weed you guys! I promise you won't regret it. 
  7. Learn and Understand the opposing arguments to your most passionate causes. Doing this makes your arguments smarter, and your convictions stronger. Really, it's just good manners.
  8. Stop caring, worrying, and thinking about how other people live their lives. Instead of insisting on a 45-minute long rant about how so-and-so is such a screw-up, how about just thinking to yourself, " none of this shit is my business. I'm gonna go smoke some weed and play on my iPad now". See? How easy was that? I bet you're happier and look a hell of a lot more attractive too. Not much is uglier than a complaining gossip. 
  9. Make one-on-one time available to all of your kids. Through the course of our lives it's normal to have dark thoughts about how we suck as parents. Concrete proof of times that we don't suck can help pull us out of that funk. Build these special times into your schedule and stick to them. Again, it's about quality and nothing else. Make the time count by being the most present and attentive parent you can be.
  10. Make your health a priority. Buy a vaporizer. Smoke weed high in THC. Add edibles to your routine. And for gods sakes stop holding your smoke in your lungs! It doesn't make your high any stronger! 3 seconds people. 
  11. Vote this November. Just maybe not for Trump.
  12. Get a newbie high. The older the better. Bonus points for relatives. Extreme bonus points for Trump. 
I hope these tips inspire you to jump up and take hold of the reins! This life is yours, it belongs to you, and nothing can change it as you can. I love you all dearly! 
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Vaping for Beginners

Why Vaping is a Great Choice for Parents

We can all agree that cannabis poses no threat to us medically, but breathing smoke of any kind is known to be harmful. When something is burned (combusted), it releases all sorts of harmful toxins.

Marijuana Smoke is also Completely Unfriendly to Children. Exposure to smoke can cause respiratory problems. Second Hand Marijuana smoke exposes them to cannabinoids AND toxins from burning.

  • Exposure to secondhand cannabis smoke results in absorption of cannabinoids.
  • Secondhand exposure can produce mild subjective and behavioral/cognitive effects.
  • Room ventilation ameliorates the effects of secondhand cannabis smoke exposure.


Smoke is stinky, and far from discreet. Light up a bowl of weed or a joint, and everyone knows what you are up to. And when you’ve trained your kids from birth that anyone smoking a cigarette is poisoning themselves, your children freak out if they see smoke escaping from your mouth.

All of this adds to the mountain of reasons why parents are too terrified to try cannabis. But, now we have this super popular, medically preferred, and family-friendly method: Vaporizing! 

Vaporizing Cannabis is a Game Changer. Here’s Why:

  • Vapor is Steam- NOT SMOKE.
  • Burning cannabis releases smoke with carcinogens and other toxins into your air. This is why it is not advised to do around children. Young kids especially have a greater risk of respiratory issues if they are often exposed to smoke. If your child has asthma or allergy issues, than it’s even more important to keep them away from smoke exposure.
  • Vaporizing heats cannabis below the point of combustion, meaning it never catches alight, and never produces smoke. Virtually zero toxins are released and instead of smoke you get vapor, steamy air that is full of cannabinoids- the whole reason we get high in the first place! 
  • This means you get more of your medicine, and less of the other shit.
  • Cannabis vapor has no smell, or if you have the uncanny sense of smell that I do, you’ll notice a slight burnt popcorn type odor that disappears right at exhale.
  • Vaping is discreet. No odor, no clinging smoke, no hot-boxing anything. Vaporizers look like medical equipment, as opposed to bongs and joints which look like- bongs and joints.

David and I have been having so much fun making GrowCast, our podcast about growing weed. Once a week we have a childless home, so we sit down in the basement, him with bourbon, me with a bong, get inebriated and talk about weed. It's like a built-in date night, plus we get stuff done! 

Right now each show covers a main point about growing cannabis. Future shows will feature interviews and thoughts from other home-growers, cannabis enthusiasts, and more of David's growing insight as he tries to keep up with his wife's demands. 

It's a daunting task guys. 

You can listen to GrowCast on and in the itunes store
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