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 Hello Stoner Friends! 

Well it looks like I haven't sent a newsletter since the summer. Lame. So I guess we've got a lot of catching up to do! In my usual brain dump style, here's what's been going on it the stoner mom world.
  • Getting to the end of the year never fails to get me in a panic. I've been working my butt off, refining my hustle and making big plans for the future. This mindset usually means I get quiet on social media and the internet in general.

    However, I am hosting a sick giveaway on my Instagram account to celebrate hitting 5k subscribers on the platform! I'm giving away eight bundles of stoner goodies, including two dr. dabber vape pens, really great torches from and lots of erbanna bags (a sneak peek from this years holiday gift guide). If you like free stuff be sure you've entered! The gram is my favorite form of social media right now and I try to get on there at least once a day.
  • I've been blogging again! Ok, only two blog posts about nothing, but I'm really trying to hold myself accountable and keep journaling. I'm trying to go back to the good old days when my blog was my main means of communication with my followers. 
  • Also, there are links galore in this newsletter, because I've put out a lot of content since the last time I wrote ya'll. 
  • I've got some fun content to round out the year! Stay tuned for my annual holiday gift guide, this is the best one yet! It'll be out December 1st, and will make it into your inbox via me. I'll also be doing a video on cooking with cannabis (a frequent request!). On the grow front, David is in the process of documenting the entire process of our current grow, from seed to harvest. Soon he'll be posting weekly so you can check out the process of safely growing cannabis on your own. 
  • Lastly, The Stoner Mom Essentials Box is now available for preorder. Quantities are limited so get those orders in! Use code TSMFREESHIP for free shipping!

    I stocked this box with so many lux goodies, from CBD lotion to my favorite high-end vape pen. Carefully curated by myself and SensiBox, this is a no-fail gifting opportunity for any responsible stoner in your life. 
Okay, that's all for now. In the rest of this newsletter you'll find plenty of podcasts, blog posts and videos to check out. I hope every one of you is having success and good times on your cannabis journey. Thanks so much for your friendship and community! 
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