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photo by The Willinghams
Hi friends, 

This week our life took a big turn. It's a time of major transition for us, both as a family and a business. With no preamble, we are officially going full time with The Stoner Mom. Both of us. Husband and Wife. 

In the interest of stability and security we have been playing things very safe, but this week it became clear that nothing is ever secure, not unless you control it, and even then there are things that will always be out of your hands. And while we've been playing it safe on the home front, The Stoner Mom has quietly gained traction since 2014, without a team and without full-time hours being put into it. 

After the decision was made and we couldn't go back, maybe it did feel a little like being pushed off a building, a la Don Draper in the opening animation of Mad Men. 
But when the butterflies were back in my stomach, it occurred to me that this feels a lot like those unsure days back when I was falling, falling for David. He was something I wanted, something I wasn't supposed to want, but I closed my eyes and jumped anyway.

And well, the point of this is that sometimes fear and excitement feel very, very similar, and you can't beat yourself up for not always knowing the difference between the two. The Stoner Mom means everything to me, so it's easy to feel scared by what is at hand, but it's also too exciting to run away from.

So instead, I close my eyes, I grab his hand, and we leap together. 
*        *        *
Over the weekend I discovered a new favorite past time, sitting in the back yard smoking blunts while working and obsessively listening to Gladys Knight and the Pips. While listening to Midnight Train to Georgia <-- (to listen) I was struck by the sweetness of some phrases and they've definitely gotten me excited to be on this entrepreneurial journey with him. 
Whenever he takes that ride, guess who's gonna be right by his side
I'll be with him
On that midnight train to Georgia,
I'd rather live in his world
Than live without him in mine

My world, his world, my man, his girl
photo by The Willinghams
5 Things | 7-7.11 2017

1 | 30k on YouTube
Welp. Somehow a thirty-something stoner mom has gotten thirty thousand people to subscribe to a channel where she smokes pot on the reg. I am not one to care about numbers but it does feel a little special to know that so many people have liked the channel enough to keep tabs on it.

To celebrate this milestone, I'm planning a special stoner vlog with Jax, the BFF and of course the now always home (!) David. We are going to set up the camera and do our very best to get stoned like the good old days. The challenge? Fifteen bong rips and 15 dabs? I'm not entirely sure, but it will be an epic stoner sesh, regardless. 

2 | Out-of-Town Company that Gets High

Some people get stressed when company comes from out of town. But man, when those people smoke pot with you? Stress-free family time right there. I spruced up the back deck, dubbed it the Stoner Sanctuary, and now we're enjoying summer the way we're meant to; extended family, beer, smoking pot, and listening to Motown.

3 | Peppermint

In an effort to preserve the legs he loves (mine), my sweet husband put this peppermint plant out back where I like to get high and write. I get eaten alive by mosquitos this time of year, but with peppermint and a traditional citronella candle, I've finally got adequate protection. 

4 | New Chairs for the Stoner Studio

I am still making improvements to the main floor and this week my chairs from Zulily arrived. Hurray for new chairs to do stoner sesh's in! 

5 | a Plethora of Blunts

iChief Cheeba is a new subscription box that I sampled over the weekend. My boxes were packed with wraps and papers galore and as a result, I spent the weekend learning how to finally, at age 34, roll a blunt.

This, of course, means that I've been smoking blunts all weekend long, and I can't tell you how much I have been enjoying it. In fact, I'm pretty sure I smoked a month worth of blunts in two days. My favorite of the several flavored, organic, or otherwise fancy wraps that came in the iRoll box, was this King Palm hand-rolled leaf. I feel like a tropical queen puffing on this thing, so yeah. I guess I'm into blunts now.
   P I C K S  F R O M  L A S T  W E E K  

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