a two minute read: Election Victory for Marijuana!
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As the female founder of, I wanted to reach out to my followers after this divisive election season.

In times of tension, we need healing and forgiveness: things moms are experts at doling out. We hold and we protect. We lift up, encourage, whisper assurances to those we love.

I encourage everyone to remember who we
 really are as a community of cannabis advocates, enthusiasts, patients, and friends. 

Much love to you all. I hope you are all having a peaceful Veterans Day weekend. Give a veteran a joint and say, thanks for putting up with our bullshit. 


The recent American presidential election has done a doozy on our collective nerves. People are doing a lot of hand-wringing, but there is plenty to be positive about, especially for marijuana legalization.
  • Montana, North Dakota, Arkansas and Florida all voted to legalize medical marijuana.
  • Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and California passed measures legalizing recreational marijuana. California represents the sixth largest economy in the WORLD. With the passing of Prop 64, the entire West Coast of the US has now legalized marijuana. 
  • Washington passed a measure that allows courts to prevent individuals exhibiting mental illness from having access to a gun. Nevada voted in favor of more stringent background checks
  • Here in Colorado, we passed an aid-in-dying measure, making us one of only six states to do so. We also passed an excellent measure that directly impacts my daughter's school - they get a new playground!

    I am just so proud of how Colorado voted. I don't feel like we're necessarily a blue state, more a state of libertarians and stoners. Which suits me just fine. ;p
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