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Hello stoner friends! 

To my fellow American Stoners, happy 4th of July! For many of us, this is a day of family, fellowship, and national pride. Here at Casa de la Stoner, it's about being home with the family, grilling out back, and watching the annual fireworks show from our back deck. I, of course, have also incorporated a couple discreet smoke sessions into my day. 

In the last week, I have been busy with kids and housework, but the most exciting thing going on has been our living room painting project. The idea of painting it ourselves had intimidated us because of the high vaulted ceilings, but last week we finally said f*** it and bought a ton of warm, gray paint. On our one kidless Saturday we painted the entire space together and happily toked on the bong all the while. 

And that is the best thing about being a productive stoner. When you check things off your list while also getting high, you feel like the holder of the secret to a long and happy life. 

Love you guys! Have a wonderful rest of your week! 
5 Things | 6.27-7.4 2017

1 | Game of Thrones

It's coming back this month and David and I have been ramping up our research in anticipation. I'm listening to a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms right now, have been listening to lots of my favorite GOT podcasts, and of course, rewatching the series. And the best part, we recorded the first of our two-part GOT recap episode of our podcast, Mom & Dad are Stoned
2 | Living Room Reassignment

Our house has two living room type areas on the main floor. Previously we had the TV, couch, and my office all in one space, and the other living space was kinda just used for the pets. It was an entire wasted room, and meanwhile, I was doing my stoner mom work in the same room that the kids watch movies. It was a pain in the ass from a vlogging standpoint, because I had to set up/tear down my lights every time I wanted to shoot a video or do photography.

This weekend David and I began the project of reassigning the living room and consolidating all our office and stoner mom stuff into the other living area. I call it my Stoner Studio. 

3 | Stoner Studio

Now that we've consolidated our family space, I have the ability to set up my camera, tripods, lights and to leave them that way. It means videos are quick and easy to make, I don't need to change settings, and everything is ready to go. 
We also moved David's desk to the stoner studio, and he is so happy to have the space to work without lurking in the basement. 
4 | The ROI of Cut Flowers

I bought four bunches of alstroemerias for $7 a bunch from the grocery store and they are blooming up my home considerably. I love alstroemerias because they're inexpensive and have a long life after being cut. They don't have any horrible, overwhelming odor, and they go so far in dressing up any space in the house.  Flowers of any kind make me so happy that they have become part of my self-care routine. 
5 | Independence Day Traditions

When we moved into this house we were delighted to learn that the cities fireworks displays take place right behind our subdivision. Ever since then it has been our very easy and low key family tradition to watch the show from our back deck. I've still got a couple hours left before this year's show begins, and I'm happy to have the girls and David here with me as my watching buddies. :) 
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