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Fungimap Inc. is a not-for-profit citizen science organisation dedicated to raising the profile of Australia's incredible fungal diversity. Our emphasis is on enjoying and learning about fungi, with a focus on macrofungi in the natural environment.

Fungimap eNews 28 - December 2019

Best seasons greetings

This is the last Fungimap eNews for 2019 - a sincere thanks to all who've contributed to our project in any way in the past 12 months, be it as a volunteer, an observer in the field, member or donor or even by supporting the Fungimap shop with a purchase. Please note the Fungimap office will be unattended from Friday December 20 until Thursday January 2 and that our next eNews will be in February 2020 - until then, have a safe and restful festive season.

Golden Icicle Fungi (Mucronella sp., Ray Palmer).

Focus on the rare

Lost Fungi goes Australia wide

Fungimap is currently completing a Victorian Government-funded project 'Putting Victoria’s fungal biodiversity on the map'. We have updated the project so that it now includes all of mainland Australia, including Tasmania and larger continental islands.

By raising the profile of a rare fungi and providing tools to help record both observations and absence records we are improving our understanding of these likely threatened fungi. Read more about the details of these tools for the Lost Fungi. Including tips for using our Biocollect project – Lost fungi Australia.

This data collection project will improve our understanding of these fungi and enable conservation assessments to be carried out as part of global IUCN Red Listing efforts.

Lost Lichens

To increase the profile of less common lichens we have the first three profiles with brief descriptions and links to Atlas of Living Australia maps online here for:

  • Black-beard Lichen - Usnea acromelana
  • Underdark Shield - Xanthoparmelia suberadicata
  • Victoria's Shield - Xanthoparmelia victoriana

Image: Black-beard Lichen (Usnea acromelana, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria).

Other Lost Fungi

Fungi come in many shapes and sizes. The gilled fungi or Agarics, widely known as 'mushrooms and toadstools' are very common. Listed here are the lost fungi of other shapes – including the Corals, Toothed fungi, Truffle-like fungi, Polypores,  Pins and Morels.

Green-staining Coral - Phaeoclavulina abietina

Toothed fungi:
Beenak Long Tooth - Beenakia dacostae
Stemless Earpick - Auriscalpium sp. ‘Blackwood’

There are more lost fungi profiles to come. We hope you will check these out now here.

Image: Beenak Long Tooth (Beenakia dacostae, Geoff Lay).

Be merry! Green-staining Coral spotted

The lost fungus the Green-staining Coral (Phaeoclavulina abietina) has been seen in two new locations in 2019 in Ballarat and Westgate Park in Melbourne. Read more here as it is also known from the ACT and Tasmania so fungi folk should keep their eagle eyes open as this coral is hard to spot. 

Image: Green-staining Coral - (Phaeoclavulina abietina, © Stan Blanks).

Australian fungi included on IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Earlier this month, 51 species of fungi were formally added to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, as a result of assessments carried out at the Australasian Fungi Red List Workshop held in Melbourne in July.

This is a significant increase in the number of species assessed for the region taking the total species in the Red List that occur in Oceania to 71. Read more online here

Image: Entoloma ravinense, © David Catcheside.

Fungimap Newsletter 60

We hope Fungimap members will be delighted with the news that they have some light summer reading in this year's Fungimap Newsletter, the 60th edition. Most who receive the Newsletter via email will have it soon; for the few who still get it by mail, expect it as Australia Post recovers from the festive season glut.

Read about:
  • the Poison Fire Coral that has popped up in the tropics
  • hear the latest about native Australian Hedgehog fungi
  • read about fungi in Scotland
The Fungimap Newsletter is one of the benefits of being a Fungimap member - to receive your copy sign up as a member now by hitting the button below.

Fleshtooth (Sarcodon sp. 'Wombat', John Walter).

Fungi Events

Tell us about it in 2020

If you have fungi events anywhere in Australia that you want shared amongst our fungal community, please let us know by email and we will share it here and on the Fungimap website. Three weeks notice or more is appreciated.

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