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"Peace is your basic state of being. It exists prior to worrying thoughts and turbulent emotions. You can access this tranquillity anytime. It is always there in the background. To experience it, withdraw your attention from outward spectacle and rest in your inner stillness." - The Ancient Sage

Hello Everyone! 

Things are moving quickly in these interesting times of corona-virus. I'm currently in France and we are pretty much in lock-down, so please be aware that my schedule for April is changing. I will be offering consultations only remotely for the time being so if you have booked an appointment for either of my clinics in London or Tunbridge Wells, please get in touch with me to book a video/telephone consultation instead.

In addition, for your herbal prescriptions please let's get ahead of things as soon as possible because I will need to have them made up by a locum dispensary with either my governing body, the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, or a colleague, and the opportunity to continue with this may change if the UK adopts restrictive measures like those on the Continent. Please send me an email with your needs sooner rather than later. In this respect also note that prices on your prescriptions may be impacted by locum charges. I will do my best to keep them as low as possible. 

I will also try to update my January Corona-virus post as soon as I can since clearly certain things have moved on from that post, though note that the herbal advice is still generally valid. In addition, though the UK has not yet adopted restrictive measures, please do not wait for your government to give you additional guidelines before taking measures to distance socially. This article explains what has happened in Italy and Spain and why the best way to manage the inability of the public health systems to cope is to "flatten the curve" through social distancing. In France we are just beginning to see first hand how quickly the virus is moving.  Apparently for instance, a big factor for the recent spike in Spain was allowing the Women's Day Marches to go ahead. Thankfully, we have had a bit more time here to prepare than Italy and Spain but barely. The UK's NHS is less prepared and even more underfunded than here, so please act accordingly. This isn't simply about protecting yourselves and your loved ones because actually the virus will likely have little or no serious consequence on the majority of people, but please think about protecting those who are most vulnerable to being hospitalised from the virus. In a country whose government is actually willing to let those people die on the concept, amongst other things, of herd immunity (an excuse for continued greed via culling of the weakest really) we all need to do our part. 

That being said, please remember that stress and fear negatively impact on your immune system so please temper fear with reason, panic with patience and uncertainty with education. Like many situations which seem negative on the surface, there is always an opportunity for growth and change. It's all in the perspective and perception. This virus is opening our eyes to the things that are wrong in the societal model we have created and is giving us the opportunity to re-think those models. Let's meet this challenge together in the spirit of compassion for others, community-building, patience, and why not inner-growth. Stay safe and stay active, breathe, rest, check in with loved ones (social distancing must not give rise to isolation, especially for those who are isolated and alone) and take advantage of the down-time to do all the things you have put off. The time is now. 


Sabrina Biscardi, MNIMH 
Medical Herbalist, Endobiogenic Medicine Practitioner, Systemic Constellations Facilitator

I'm happy to help!

For any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact me at or on +44(0)7816650275

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